Where was Outside the Wire filmed? The City, the House & ALL the Filming Locations

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The new Netflix sci-fi movie Outside the Wire was filmed in and around Budapest in Hungary.

Most of the action is set in Ukraine; a new civil war has erupted in Eastern Europe where U.S. troops, equipped with a sort of Boston Dynamics robotic soldiers called Gumps, are deployed as peacekeepers to fight against the crazy Krazny pro-Russian invaders.

Anthony Mackie and Damson Idris

Snowfall's Damson Idris plays Lt. Thomas Harp, a drone pilot who gets assigned to the command of Anthony Mackie (the star of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Altered Carbon, and Synchronic) playing a kind of Terminator super-powered android.

The movie features several cool but for many years neglected or abandoned places in the wondrous city of Budapest - Welcome to the best guide to the filming locations of Outside the Wire that you can find:

Outside the Wire room
Thomas first meets Leo in the awesome control room of the Kelenföld Power Plant Station in Budapest. After its construction in 1912, the complex became the largest electrical generation plant in the world.

This room was build later on between 1927 and 1929 in Art Deco style. The little house on the left is actually a bunker where the workers could hide during WW2 raids.

Kelenföld was abandoned in 2006, but has since become a tourist attraction and part-time filming location for productions like Secret Invasion.
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  Image courtesy of Andreas - Map

Power Plant Kelenfold
The Power Plant Kelenföld also served as the exterior of the American military base.

The control room was also featured in Michael Bay's movie 6 Underground, Chernobyl Diaries, and Hanna series.
Image courtesy of Netflix

Soviet airbase Kiskunlachaza
The aid truck scene was filmed at the former Soviet airbase in the village of Kiskunlacháza, located on the outskirts of Budapest.

This cold war era complex that hosted three special nuclear squadrons, served as a film location for some more productions including Bruce Willis's A Good Day to Die Hard (2013).

Today the area is used as a racing circuit.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Zajza - Map

Red Star Istvantelek Train Yard
The Damsk encampment (a refuge shelter run by the Resistance) is the Red Star (or Istvántelek) Train Graveyard.

Located in a northern neighborhood of Budapest, it is part of the National Railway Museum.

The warehouse, containing century-old locomotives, is falling apart, but there is no money to restore it.
Image courtesy of Urbex Hungary - Map

Outside the Wire house
Leo and Harp meet refugee camp leader Sofiya (Emily Beecham) in the Zichy Mansion (Zichy-kastély) in Soponya, located a few miles away from the popular Lake Balaton.
Image courtesy of Civertan - Map

Outside the Wire drehorte
Google Street View captured an image of the set of the vault sequence in Kyiv, filmed in August 2019.

The gates of the fictional Dnipro Investment building were erected at the intersection of Marek József Street and Murányi Street in Budapest's 7th District.
Image courtesy of Google Maps

Halálos harcmező helyszínek
However, the interior hall and the roof is the old Budapest Stock Exchange Palace in Liberty Square, Budapest.

The monumental building, which has been empty since 2009, served as the casino in Las Vegas in Blade Runner 2049 and was also featured in the Shadow and Bone series.
Image courtesy of Fred Romero - Map

Halálos harcmező helyszínek
The building where Leo meets Gopnik leader Victor Koval (played by Pilou Asbæk, Euron Greyjoy from Game of Thrones), is the Hungarian Holy Land Church (Budapesti Magyar Szentföld Templom).

This Bauhaus and Byzantine-style temple began to be built between 1940 and 1949. However, for a number of reasons including the outbreak of WW2, the works were never completed.

Thank you, Márton, for your help finding this one!
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Old soviet missile launch complex
The old Soviet missile launch complex is the Mátra Power Plant near Visonta.

This large plant operated by coal can be visited to see the spectacular cooling tower from inside.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

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  1. Leo meets with Viktor Koval scene was captured in "Budapesti Magyar Szentföld templom" which is an unfinished church. Construction was not finished due to beginning of WW2.

  2. The bridge by the US military camp can be familiar to the visitors of Sziget festival. It's the K-Bridge, the entry of the Hajógyári Island.

  3. The missile launch complex is at Visonta. It's an old power plant.


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