Erie Harbor, Washington: Where was Home Before Dark filmed? Filming Locations Guide

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The Apple TV+ series is inspired by the real-life reporting of a nine-year-old journalist who in 2016 exposed a local murder story in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania.

Home Before Dark was primarily filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia. The show revolves around the new findings that a detective little girl makes on a cold case after moving with her family from New York to Erie Harbor, a tiny fictional town in Washington state.

The series actors

Brooklynn Prince stars in the show as Hilde Lisko, the junior reporter of the Magic Hour Chronicle.

Brooklynn played one of the creepy children in The Turning film, released in 2020. Also, she was featured in the acclaimed 2017 film The Florida Project. Jim Sturgess plays her father, Matthew (21, The Way Back).

 Home Before Dark Logo

The Erie Harbor town in Holmes County is an amalgam of locations in and around the city of Vancouver. Here is our guide to the filming locations of Home Before Dark.

Stay tuned for season 2 locations updates on this page. Contains no spoilers!

Erie Harbor sign
Shooting got underway in November 2018. The heritage buildings of the historic Fort Langley village provided the backdrop for exterior shots.

The 'Welcome to Erie Harbor' sign was filmed in the bridge over the Fraser River on Glover Rd. The red tower is the Fort Pub and Grill and the Rail and River Bistro Restaurant. The Canadian flag is on the top of the tower.
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Image courtesy of Apple TV+ and Google Maps

Town scenery
The scenes in the harbor were filmed in the Steveston Village in Richmond. This beautiful fishing town has been featured in multiple productions shot in the Vancouver area including Once Upon a Time, Siren, The Crossing, or Virgin River, just to name a few.

Constructed in 1894, the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site (pictured below), and the Fisherman's Wharf pier is perfect to film scenes set in a seaport.

According to a film notice shared on Facebook, scenes for the third episode were also recorded in the Steveston Cafe and Hotel.
Image courtesy of Apple TV+ / Town Location

The Home Before Dark house

Home Before Dark house
The Lisko family lives in a very special home. The Home Before Dark house is the London Heritage Farm, an 1880s historical site with a small park overlooking the south arm of the Fraser River.
Image courtesy of Apple TV+ / Google Maps

Academy scene
We recognized immediately the Erie Harbor School: The Lord Byng Secondary School is the location of the Riverdale series High School in the West Point Grey neighborhood of Vancouver.
Image courtesy of Apple TV+ and Google Maps

Police station Steveston Harbour
The Holmes County Sheriff Department building is the offices of the Steveston Harbour Authority.
Image courtesy of Apple TV+ - Google Maps

Funfair and oceanside park
The Happyland amusement park from episode 4 featuring the Crazy Beach Party rollercoaster, the Glass House, and the Haunted Mansion was shot in Playland (Pacific National Exhibition in Hastings Park, Vancouver).

The Karate Kid scene pictured below was shot at Garry Point Viewpoint in Richmond.
Image courtesy of Apple TV+ / Playland Map / Garry Point Viewpoint

New Season 2 Locations

Catherine Woodruff Mansion
In episode one, "I Knew You'd Find Me", the fancy mansion right next door to the Johnson farm, called in the series Catherine Woodruff Mansion, is the Cecil Green Park House in Vancouver.

Bordering Howe Sound in the University Endowment Lands, this Tudor-style heritage manor is a very popular filming location in Vancouver. You may have seen it in other productions recorded in the city including Riverdale, The Order, Upload, The Haunting of Bly Manor, or Nancy Drew.
Image courtesy of Apple TV+ - Google Maps

Home Before Dark farm
The sheriff’s dad’s farm is the Kent Farm from Smallville series located in Langley.
Image courtesy of Apple TV+ - Google Maps

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1- Anonymous - June 11, 2021 at 8:22 PM
Does anyone know which area ice cream parlor is featured in the show?

2- Peter - July 23, 2021 at 6:13 PM
The sheriff’s dad’s farm/home is the Kent family farm from Smallville.

3- Anonymous - Nov 25, 2023, 11:27 AM
This is very interesting! Now I understand why the storyline came so alive because of the real life places that connected the locations to the characters that the actors portrayed for the TV series Home Before Dark.


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