Where is Nancy Drew filmed? The Claw restaurant location in Horseshoe Bay

Nancy Drew filming location
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The Nancy Drew series is a new adaptation based on the stories of the adventurous character created by Edward Stratemeyer in 1930. The CW Network production develops the story of a murder mystery, that 18-year-old Nancy (played by young actress Kennedy McMann) will try to solve.

Nancy Drew was filmed in Horseshoe Bay, British Columbia, and Vancouver. This updated version of the detective girl is not set in the fictional anywhere town of River Heights (although Nancy's house street is called River Heights Dr). On this occasion, the series is happening in the atmospheric village of Horseshoe Bay in Maine. The show was influenced by the universe and the filming locations where Riverdale is filmed.

The Claw Restaurant Location
The lobster shack The Claw was filmed in an empty restaurant at Sunset Marina, located on the Sea to Sky Highway. The small lighthouse was added to the set. This gorgeous road, going all the way from Vancouver to Whistler, is a scenic drive with stunning views over the spectacular Howe Sound.
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Image courtesy of The CW and Google Maps

Where is Horseshoe Bay located?

Horseshoe Bay Location
Horseshoe Bay is a small village in the district municipality of West Vancouver. The aerial footage was also filmed in this community located at the Sea-to-Sky Highway southern end. Image courtesy of The CW and Brad-514 - Map

Horseshoe Bay Nancy Drew
The real Horseshoe Bay has a small pier and a busy ferry terminal from where you can explore the fjords and wildlife around Vancouver. This scene pictured from the pilot episode was filmed near Sewell's Marina lookout. Image courtesy of The CW and Google Maps

TV series Location
The building pictured is the local Starbucks, located opposite the seafront in Royal Ave.
Image courtesy of The CW and Google Maps

Police Department Shooting Location
The Horseshoe Bay Police Department exterior was filmed in Port Coquitlam City Hall.
Image courtesy of The CW and Google Maps

Nancy Drew Vancouver
The Seawater Festival from the second episode was filmed at Garry Point Park in Steveston, near the Kuno Garden. The AppleTV show Home Before Dark was also filmed here in Steveston, appearing in the series as the fictional town of Erie Harbor. You can find all the locations in our post: Where was Home Before Dark filmed? Image courtesy of The CW and Google Maps

Nancy Drew drehort
The mansion of Owen Marvin's charity gala from episode 5 'The Case of the Wayward Spirit', is the Cecil Green Park House from the University of British Columbia. The Lakeview Upload Hotel of the 2020 Amazon series and a house of the Netflix drama Bly Manor were also recorded here on location. Image courtesy of The CW and Google Maps

Velvet Masque club
The staircase of the Velvet Masque Club, where the auction of episode 6 'The Mystery of Blackwood Lodge' takes place, is Riverview Mental Hospital in Coquitlam. The Larkspur Lane Sanitarium was also filmed in one of the buildings of this large complex. Image courtesy of The CW and Google Maps

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  1. Is The Claw restaurant from the Nancy Drew 2019 tv series the same location as Boathouse Grill from The Secret Circle 2011 tv series?

    1. Good catch. There are some differences but it looks like it is. I couldn't find an exact address other than both are listed as properties in Sunset Marina.

    2. I thought that too!! And found this article trying to confirm it...

    3. Binging Nancy Drew now and thought the same thing!

  2. I have been wondering if they were the same location for the past few episodes and I found a page with some pictures of it. https://thesecretcircle.fandom.com/wiki/Boathouse_Bar_and_Grill

  3. It is the same location. I’ve been to this marina many times and watched the circle but didn’t even realized until I saw these pictures

  4. I am Security for Sunset Marina, the Film Location of The Bayside Claw. Let it be known, this is PRIVATE PROPERTY. So if anyone assumes that they are going to come down and take pictures of the film location, think again.. The owners of the marina do not allow it.

    1. why not make this a revenue stream potential. Charge to visit this location...nominal fee for tourists to visit and tour, take pics. Don't be so adversarial. Embellish this opportunity

  5. Why pretend they are in Maine & really in Canada?

  6. The larkspur mental institution is the same location used for sisters of quiet mercy from riverdale and used on supernatural as a mental institution (I cant remember the name off the top of my head im sorry). Also, same location used on the tv show Psych the musical episode! 😁😁.....if I'm wrongly informed please by all means correct my comment! But yeah I looked it up a few weeks ago when I rewatched riverdale again and noticed the building lol!

  7. Does anyone know where the exterior of the Drew's house is?

  8. Excelent show love it so so scary and just great!!!


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