Where was Fantasy Island filmed? The House Filming Location of the 2020 Movie

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The new Fantasy Island movie is a horror film adaptation based upon the 1970s ABC TV series of the same name. The original series was not a horror story but included supernatural elements.

Fantasy Island was filmed in Taveuni, a wondrous filming location consisting of a small lush island situated in the Northern part of Fiji.

Where was Fantasy Island filmed

The original series opening scene was shot in the awesome Na Pali coast in Kauai (Hawaii), with most of the studio work filmed in Burbank, California.

The popular 1970s show starred Ricardo Montalbán as Mr. Roarke and Hervé Villechaize as Tattoo.

The cast in Fiji

The plot revolves around the mysterious Mr. Roarke who makes the secret fantasies of his guests come true at an opulent and luxurious tropical resort on a mysterious island.

Located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, this strange place has a lot in common with Serenity's Plymouth Island.

However, there's a catch for the naif guests: when the dreamy stay turns into a nightmare, they have to solve the island’s enigma in order to escape with their lives.

Directed by Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2, Truth or Dare), the producers of this 2020 remake are the same guys behind the acclaimed horror films Get Out and Halloween.

The Fantasy Island House

Fantasy Island house location The cast and crew spent two months filming in the small Taveuni island, but very little is known about the exact location of the house and the resort.

We reckon that this place is just a CGI creation, as there are no mansions like this one on the island.
Image courtesy of Blumhouse Productions

The design of the house is loosely inspired by the original Fantasy Island opening series house, the Queen Anne Cottage in the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden in Arcadia (California).
Image courtesy of Mark Mauno

Fantasy Island drehort
"The plane! The plane!" - Taveuni, the third largest island in Fiji's archipelago, inhabited by only about 12,000 souls, is also known as the Garden Island.

Fantasy Island was filmed in the dense jungle and rainforests that cover most of the rugged and pristine landscapes of Taveuni.

The Bouma National Heritage Park is a protected forest reserve featuring a fine array of birdlife.
Image courtesy of Blumhouse Productions - Island Map Location

Waterfall Taveuni Fiji Islands
There are plenty of waterfalls on the island, including Wanibau Falls (pictured) and Tavoro Waterfalls.

The Lavena Coastal Walk is a scenic coastline track, also great for swimming and snorkeling on the beach.

The Veaux Peak and the Vidhwa Rainforest Hike are two challenging treks into the heart of the island.
Image courtesy of Vlad Karpinsky

Fantasy Island cabin house
Diving the Rainbow Reef, a colorful and extremely rich ecosystem, is one of the most stunning experiences that Fiji offers, something like what you can enjoy at Las Playas Resort in Cabos.

The Cast Away island from the 2000 classic movie with Tom Hanks was filmed in a real paradise-like islet called Monuriki, also situated in Fiji.

Michael Peña (Narcos: Mexico, Ant-Man) plays obscure Mr. Roarke. The cast includes Lucy Hale as Melanie Cole (Pretty Little Liars, Katy Keene), Maggie Q as Gwen Olsen (Designated Survivor, Divergent), Austin Stowell as Patrick Sullivan (Dolphin Tale, Bridge of Spies), Portia Doubleday as Sloane Maddison (Mr. Robot, Carrie), Michael Rooker as Damon (The Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy), and Jimmy O. Yang as Brax (Silicon Valley).

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