Serenity's Plymouth Island Location: The real tropical paradise where the 2019 movie was filmed

Where was Serenity filmed
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Serenity is the story of a man, a fishing boat captain, confronted with his past on an unknown island. The cast is headed by Interstellar stars Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway.

Serenity was filmed in the island of Mauritius, doubling as the fictional Plymouth Island, in the movie located in the middle of nowhere. The small Indian Ocean nation in East Africa is trying to promote itself as a shooting destination, with a film tax incentive program to attract international productions.

This dark thriller is an excellent opportunity to have a look and to explore a bit better the wonders of this rare and exotic filming location:

Serenity Island
A few facts: Port Louis is the capital of a country of more than a million inhabitants, living in an area slightly bigger that Hawaii's Maui island. The picturesque nation is located east of Madagascar, around 200 miles of the overseas French department island of Réunion. Pictured, a spectacular aerial view of the 'underwater waterfall' of Mauritius Island.
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Serenity location
According to local newspaper Le Mauricien, most of the movie was filmed in a small harbour built for the occasion in the northern town of Trou-aux-Biches. The village hosts one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. The houses of the set were painted in bright colours to create a 'contemporary fictional world, not in the Caribbean nor in the Indian Ocean'. Image courtesy of Aviron Pictures - Map

Où a été filmée Serenity
The colorful church is the Notre-Dame Auxiliatrice located in Cap Malheureux.
Image courtesy of Aviron Pictures and Dave Chapman - Map

Serenity lieux tournage
The magnificent Albion lighthouse (or Pointe aux Caves lighthouse) stands in the top of a cliff in the North West coast of Mauritius. Image courtesy of Carrotmadman6 - Map

Serenity beach
Pictured, the iconic shape of Rempart Mountain located near Tamarin in the west coast.
Image courtesy of Aviron Pictures - Map

Serenity Film location
Filming in a exotic paradise location wasn't as smooth as it may look. The cast commented in an interview for Bustle that working on the sea, they had to repeat some scenes multiple times due to the difficulty of recording the sound in this environment. There could be like 20 people working on board the small cabin of the Serenity boat, and it could get extremely hot. Also most of the filming equipment had to be shipped from South Africa.
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Serenity movie island
There are two World Heritage Sites in Mauritius inscribed to the prestigious UNESCO list. Le Morne Cultural Landscape (pictured) is the peninsula near the underwater fall, pictured above in the second image of this report. The other one is the historical site of Aapravasi Ghat, old Immigration Depot.
Image courtesy of Ashtanga 2004 - Map

Serenity drehort
Mauritius is not only home of blue turquoise waters and world-class sandy beaches. The Seven Coloured Earths is a scenic landscape formed by several colorful layers of volcanic ash.
Image courtesy of Sofitel So Mauritius - Map

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