Filming Locations Guide: Where is Outer Banks filmed? The real Kildare County Island location

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The Outer Banks (aka OBX) are barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina, and also the name of the Netflix sun-kissed adventure thriller. However, all the filming took place in and around Charleston in South Carolina.

The action is set in the fictional town of Kildare. The producers scouted North Carolina and planned to film the series in Wilmington.

Welcome sign paradise on Earth

However, because of an anti-LGBTQ law, Netflix decided to insist on inclusivity, so Charleston is finally taking over for Wilmington in Outer Banks.

We are not sure if Kildare is really a 'paradise on Earth'. The town is split in two by Figure Eight, the rich side of the island (home of the Kooks), and the poorer south side called The Cut, the natural habitat of the Pogues.

The story revolves around a group of Pogue teenagers, led by John B (played by Chase Stokes). They find themselves involved in the hunt for the sunken treasure of the Royal Merchant, a boat loaded with gold that disappeared in the Atlantic in 1929. After a hurricane washes the coast, John B's father mysteriously vanishes.

Madelyn Cline Kiara and Chase Stokes John B

The show also stars Madelyn Cline (who, like Chase Stokes, had a small secondary role in the hit series Stranger Things), Madison Bailey as Kiara, Jonathan Daviss as Pope, and Rudy Pankow as JJ.

Welcome to the best and most complete guide to the filming locations of Outer Banks - you'll find the new season 2 updates below in the report.

Season 1 Filming Locations

Kildare Harbor Shem Creek
The entrance to Kildare Harbor was filmed at Haddrell Point in Shem Creek, Mount Pleasant.

Heyward's Seafood (Pope's father's business) and The Wreck restaurant where Kiara works as a waiter are located here, side by side.
(You can open all the locations on Google Maps by clicking on the links below in the captions ↴)
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

The Wreck restaurant
The Wreck of the Richard and Charlene is a real waterfront seafood restaurant that was revamped and set up for filming several scenes of the series.

Geechie Seafood, featured in episode six, season two, it's a real spot also located on the banks of Shem Creek where you can buy fresh-off-the-boat shrimp and fish.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Town street in Kildare County
Many scenes set in downtown Kildare were filmed in Mount Pleasant's Old Village District.

The Kildare County (NC) Sheriff Station, the street ravaged by the hurricane from episode 2, and the fake Sandy Point Surf Shop are all located on Pitt Street.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map Location

Kildare Island Surfboard
Sandy Point Surf Shop was renamed Kildare Island Surfboard store in season 2, occupying The Green Shutter antique store building located at 121 Pitt Street.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Outer Banks House
Sarah Cameron's family house is Lowndes Grove, a historic plantation mansion built in 1786. Located at 266 St Margaret St in Charleston, the stately home is nowadays used as a wedding and event venue.

This fourteen acres property overlooking the Ashley River is situated near The Citadel and Hampton Park neighborhood.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Motel stormed by tempest
If you are visiting Charleston, you can book a room in the Summer Winds Motel, the hotel badly hit by the hurricane in the first episode. Its real name is the Creekside Lands Inn at 2545 Savannah Highway.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

wetlands speedboat sequence
The marshes area where the gang finds the wrecked boat onboard the HMS Pogue was filmed at Lighthouse Creek near Morris Island.

The old red and white 19th-century Lighthouse, located on the southern side of the entrance to Charleston Harbor, can be seen in the background of several scenes of episode one.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Morris Island Lighthouse

The Lighthouse from The Lucky Compass
Following the compass clue, the Pogues visit the Redfield Lighthouse in the second episode. The scene was shot in the Hunting Island Lighthouse, located 20 miles east of Beaufort.

Some scenes in Boneyard Beach were also filmed in this scenic natural Island State Park in South Carolina's Lowcountry.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Posh venue next to the ocean
The Midsummer Ball takes place in the Island Inn Resort. This is the Ocean Course Clubhouse on Kiawah Island.

This spectacular luxury golf complex and event space is located 30 miles south of Charleston. Many top golf tournaments were held here, including the 1991 Ryder Cup and the 2012 PGA Championship.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Boat and jetty scene
In episode 4, 'Spy Games', Sarah and John get off the island by sneaking onto a ferry. This sequence was shot in the Charleston Maritime Center pier.

On the way back, they take the picturesque Carolina Belle boat, operated by Charleston Harbor Tours.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Outer Banks Drehort
With the excuse to dress up to get to the archives, the guys go shopping at The Ben Silver Collection store, located at 149 King St in Charleston.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was actually filmed at Charleston Gaillard Center, an elegant grand theater and performing arts center, refurbished in 2015.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Maps: Shop / College

The outdoor movie theater
The outdoor cinema from episode four was shot on the grounds of the Dunes West Golf and River Club at 3535 Wando Plantation Way in Mt Pleasant.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Secondary school
The Kildare County High School is the Camp Road Middle School located at 1484 Camp Rd in Charleston.

The Hawk's Nest tower, where John B falls in the fifth episode, is the Palmetto Park Island Observation Tower. The scenes in the hospital were filmed at the old East Cooper Medical Center in Mount Pleasant.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps - Watchtower map

The gold in the cellar mansion with cat weathervane
The creepy old lady house with a large garden from episode 6, 'Parcel 9', is located at 209 Ashley Ave in Charleston. The top part of the house was added digitally with a bit of CGI.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Old temple
The old abandoned church in episode 7, 'Dead Calm', is the Bethel AME Church (African American Episcopal) in McClellanville. Erected in 1872, this temple was in service until 1979. This building is now being transformed into a community center.

The lower picture shows St Paul's Lutheran Church in Mt Pleasant, the small wooden church featured in episode 8, 'The Runway'.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Maps: McClellanville / Mt Pleasant

James Island Secessionville
Season one ends up with a police camp set under the Hunting Island Lighthouse, CGI'd into Fort Johnson, the northeast point of James Island. The Hollings Marine Laboratory complex buildings are located here.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

John B house
John B's house with a pier is located in the Secessionville Historic District, also on James Island. We were asked to remove the exact address of the estate because the success of the series has caused a lot of trespassing, which is very unwelcome for the owners.

If you are visiting the neighborhood, please respect the private properties in the area! The people who live there don't want the address out - please stop asking for location lists, all the info that you need for your road trip is already here.

The New Season 2 Locations

Outer Banks Nassau
All the scenes set in Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, were actually shot in another Caribbean island nation: Barbados.

The first scenes after the boat landing and the city streets of the upcoming episodes were filmed at the Careenage area in Bridgetown.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Fairmont Royal Pavilion Barbados
The pink hotel where Sarah and John try to pass the night is the Fairmont Royal Pavilion, a 5-star resort near Holetown.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Locations in Barbados
The night scene where Sarah is caught was filmed at the iconic Independence Arch on the Chamberlain Bridge in Downtown Bridgetown. This local landmark appears again in the third episode.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Paradise Island house
Sarah's family’s house, Paradise Island, was filmed at Royal Westmoreland Barbados, a golf and beach resort located in St. James on the island's west coast.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Holetown Police Station
The Royal Bahamas Police Station is the Holetown Police Station, also in Barbados.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge
The long viaduct over the river at the end of the third episode, "Prayers", is the massive 1,546-foot long (471 m) Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, connecting downtown Charleston to Mount Pleasant.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Edmondston-Alston House
The house in Charleston from episode four, "Homecoming", is the Edmondston-Alston House located in the historic area known as High Battery.

Completed in 1828 in the Greek Revival and English Regency styles, today this magnificent mansion is a 19th-century history museum.

The small urban beach where Sarah and John are landing is located very close just one block up on E Battery Street.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Kildare courthouse
The courthouse from episode five, "The Darkest Hour", is the Eternal Father Of The Sea Chapel, a wedding church built in 1942 in North Charleston, near the Navy Yard.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

International Diving Institute
The detention center is one of the buildings of the International Diving Institute complex in North Charleston.

The scenes with the ambulance were also filmed near here, on Noisette boulevard.

Also, in episode five, the night scene when Pope goes cycling to the apartment above the pharmacy to find his Grandmother's key was filmed at Guerin's Pharmacy on Main Street in Summerville.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Maps: Detention Center / Pharmacy

Topper cabin house
Sarah's ex-boyfriend, Topper (played by Austin North), lives in a cabin perched on stilts over the water located on Sullivan's Island.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Freedman's assembly of God Cross of Santo Domingo
The exterior of Freedman's Assembly of God is the Saint Thomas Church, also known as White Church or Brick Church, near the Wando River in Cainhoy, Berkeley County.

Built in 1819, some elements of the structure, like the small belfry, were added via CGI. The interior scenes were filmed in the studio.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Outer Banks Beach
The beach of the scenic rocks is the famous Bathsheba Beach, known for its unique geology, located back in Barbados.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Stay tuned for more season 2 updates on this page!

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  1. The hospital used in the movie is the old East Cooper Hospital

  2. The hotel is “Creekside Lands Inn” right off Savannah Hwy in West Ashley.

  3. The Outdoor Cinema was filmed at Dunes West Golf & River Club.

  4. The outdoor cinema is filmed at the Dunes West Clubhouse in Mount Pleasant, SC

  5. The church from episode 8 is St. Paul’s Lutheran on Pitt St in Old Village (the outside at least)

  6. St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
    604 Pitt Street
    Mount Pleasant SC

  7. The tower where John B falls is the Observation Tower at Palmetto Island County Park

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    1. With even more stalking of google earth and the cast posting Behind the scenes footage that is 100% John Bs House

    2. I went there and it doesn’t look like John Bs maybe close...but it’s the colorful house scooters wife lived in.

    3. Hi, I just set up a road trip to see all of these locations next month... John B's house is the only one we are missing... any info would be much appreciated! Thanks

    4. Hey guys, we cannot publish the address of John B house (or the pier) per request of the owners. The neighbors are not happy with strangers trespassing their properties. If you are visiting the area, please remember that a private home is not a public TV set. Thank you all for your undersanding.

    5. Just went to see everything... heads up- the church attic (John B's secret spot) is a set I believe. It looks too small to actually be what the show portrays.

    6. We also did drive to John B's (it is private property) and the swing is still there!

  9. The creepy house with the gold in the basement is 209 Ashley Ave. The top part of the house was added digitally for the show.

  10. Hey! Are you sure, Because it looks like it 100% and the house in the background are the same and the road is to

  11. To bad Netflix is intolerant and doesn't coexist! they miss the ball on North Carolina's Outer Banks a beautiful place. But they still kept the name Outer Banks isn't that ironic.

  12. What about the cemetery, where John B. has found a message from his father?

  13. It’s asinine that Netflix would name a show about us but film it elsewhere. We had a horrible Governor. He’s gone. He did a lot of damage, but it is being reversed. So much of this show is inaccurate in representation. But then again it is all make-believe. But please know, it is geographically impossible to take any ferry to Chapel Hill!! And by the way, who are these people wanting to go stalk these fictional characters?

    1. They should change the name then! No way this would have turned out this successful if not filmed in MP and Charleston! FACT

  14. Someone's mad, so let me explain. North Carolina had or still has an Anti-LGTBQ+ Law and Netflix doesn't support that so they filmed in the South.

  15. And we (the OBX) has too many national parks that can’t get ruined.

  16. Anything at all filmed in OBX?

  17. Where is Cameron's house in Nassau? Like the specific house in the neighborhood.

  18. I don’t think it is fair to say “anti-LGBTQ law”. The bathroom law isn’t anti-anything. It just simply says you have to use the restroom of the gender in which you have been biologically assigned.

  19. I was able to find the old Freedman's Church from the new season! It is actually now known as the "White Church" in Berkeley County and is located at 1513 Cainhoy Road, Charleston, SC!

    Looks as if they have a gate up leading into it but still pretty noticeable from the road!

    The courthouse inside and out is the Eternal Father of the Sea chapel on old Charleston Naval Base.

  20. It's geographically impossible to take a ferry to Chapel Hill, that's correct. Just like it's biologically impossible for a boy to turn into a girl and vice versa. This is just a scientific fact, not anti-LGBTQ. I completely understand what NC was trying to do to stop the absurd madness that has taken over our culture. It's not science, it's madness. Your genes determine your gender, and you CAN'T change that. To say you can is a falsehood and is hurting more young people than we realize. Time will tell, mark my words.

  21. I was wondering about the Angel Oak. The series obviously didn't film the real tree, so what location did they use for that?

  22. The scene in Season 2 Episode 5, where Pope goes to the apartment above the pharmacy to find his Grandmother's key, was taped at Guerin's Pharmacy on Main Street in Summerville.

  23. Where would I be able to find Barry's trailer? Well worth a trip.

    Has anyone found the location of Kiara's house from season 2? I have been searching for days with no luck. Some have said it was on James Island, and others that it was in Mount Pleasant. Has anyone got any leads?

  24. The Pelican Inn from season 2 is actually in Pawleys Island, SC.

    Burbage's Grocery was the gas station in the second season.

  25. I knew from the first episode it wasn't the Outer Banks because of the lighthouse in the background of some of the water chase scenes. My question is: why keep the title if they didn't want to film there? I personally love the Outer Banks. It's beautiful, and I always met the friendliest people.

  26. Does anyone know where the tree where they carved P4L is located (if it actually exists)?

  27. The gas station John B and Sarah stop at in episode 4 is a different place from the service station pictured. The service station pictured was from episode 3 when Pope, JJ, and Kie stopped to get the truck repaired before they made it to Charleston. I’m not sure where this services station is. Although the gas station John B and Sarah stop at is indeed Burbage's self-service grocery.

    1. Yes- this! The pic is NOT Burbages but the map location is correct for the actual
      Burbages. Picture is incorrect.


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