Where was Come to Daddy filmed? The House Filming Location

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Norval, a mustachioed snobby hipster from California, receives a letter from his estranged father, living in a remote house by a lake in Oregon, requesting a visit with hopes of reconciliation.

This is the beginning of a nightmarish stay: Norval will have to face the dark secrets of his father's past in the beautiful seaside cabin.

Come to Daddy was filmed in and around Tofino, a small nice town located on Vancouver Island, off British Columbia Coast.

Where was Come to Daddy filmed

Elijah Wood, who portrayed the hobbit Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, stars as Norval Greenwood. Stephen McHattie (October Faction, The Rocket, Life With Billy), plays his shady father, Gordon.

Come to Daddy is the directorial debut of New Zealander producer Ant Timpson, the man behind some wonderful B movies like ABCs of Death, Turbo Kid, or Deathgasm.

The key filming location of this indie movie is daddy's cabin. This exclusive house, set on a solitary beach, is actually located on a secluded bay in the West coast of the Esowista Peninsula.

Here is our spoiler-free Come to Daddy filming locations report.

The Come to Daddy Cabin Location

Come to Daddy house
In the movie, the isolated cabin is overlooking a lake in Oregon (similar to The Rental movie house). This is actually a house surrounded by forest and beach, adjacent to the Wickaninnish Inn near Tofino.

Film director Ant Timpson commented that the place was perfect for filming.

However, the shooting schedules got bumped and he was a bit afraid that the family (the McDiarmids) who owns the house, would get tired of the filmmaker's crew and would kick them off.

Daddy’s cabin, perched above the rocky coast, was actually built by father and son of the McDiarmid family when they moved here in 1955.
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Image courtesy of Saban Films - Come to Daddy house location

Come to Daddy cabin
Wickaninnish Inn on Chesterman Beach is a lovely hotel built over the rocks next to the Pacific Ocean.

This awesome retreat is a popular accommodation for film and Tv stars working on Vancouver's sets. According to The New York Times, celebrities like Danny DeVito, Uma Thurman, Susan Sarandon, Alanis Morissette, and Donald Sutherland have passed the night here.

The Pointe Restaurant lodge features breathtaking vistas of the bay.
Image courtesy of Duncan Rawlinson - Map location

Come to Daddy drehort
There are several stunning walks beach around the long, sandy Chesterman Beach, known for its surfing.

The film has received generally very good reviews: 'Savage inventive and wonderfully macabre' (Kristy Strouse, Film Inquiry), 'A twisted blend of comedy and horror' (Caroline Cao, Slash Film), 'A bloody shocker' (Johnny Oleksinski, New York Post).
Image courtesy of Stewart Marshall - Tofino map location

Dolphin Motel
You can actually stay the night in the Dolphin Motel, located at 1190 Pacific Rim Highway in Tofino.

Local news website Vancouver Island Free Daily also reported that the car crash scene for Come to Daddy was filmed on Tofino's First Street.
Image courtesy of Saban Films - Map

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  1. Tofino is in Canada, not Oregon. Also, Wickaninnish Inn is on the Pacific Ocean, not a lake. Might want to do some research. https://www.wickinn.com/

    1. Yep, I'm sorry if you got it wrong. The cabin in the movie is set by a lake in Oregon.


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