Filming Locations: Where was The Mandalorian Filmed?

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The Star Wars franchise is about to end an era with the release of Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker. However, the new Disney+ series The Mandalorian -a new spin-off starring Pedro Pascal- will continue exploring this popular universe.

This galactic spaghetti western takes place five years after the events of Episode VI - Return of the Jedi and follows a Mandalorian mercenary warrior (like Boba Fett and Jango Fett), getting into trouble after bounty hunting a peculiar Baby Yoda.

The Mandalorian was basically filmed in studios and large sets located in California, but we find out that the exterior desert shots were filmed in Death Valley National Park. Located in southeastern California, this low and arid region also served as an additional filming location of Tatooine in 1977' Episode IV – A New Hope.

The Mandalorian planet shooting location
In episode one, the spacecraft arrives at the Arvala-7, an out-of-the-way planet where the Ugnaught vapor farmer Kuiil lives. The tall yellow pinnacle is the Manly Beacon and to the right is the Red Cathedral at Zabriskie Point. Multiple eroded mountain ridges of red and yellow colors are the delight of tourists and photographers alike. Image courtesy of Disney+ and Jim Choate - Map

Spacecraft flying over Zabriskie Point landscape
However very few The Mandalorian landscapes are real. The production is using a new technology called Stagecraft. Basically, everything is shot in a studio where, instead of the classical green screen, there are real-time 3D projections onto ultra-high resolution screens in the background of the actors.
Image courtesy of Disney+ and Jean-christophe Bruneau

The Mandalorian desert scenes
You can find some canyons and grottos in Death Valley, but this slot canyon was inserted in the footage using a new technology called Stagecraft. As Slashfilm reports, this device could be a revolution in the industry. The actors are performing in a studio with a projection of the location where the scene takes place, instead of the old green screen technique. Filmmakers can interactively change the projected world, the conditions of lighting, etc, not requiring filming on a real location anymore.

Volcanic lava planet
The lava field landscape in the Nevarro planet from the last episode could be footage from any active volcano in the world, although it looks like Kilauea's volcano 2018 eruption in Hawaii island. Image courtesy of Disney+

The Mandalorian drehort
The series was hosted in the Manhattan Beach Studios. According to Star Wars fandom Wookieepedia, Mandalorians homeworld is the Mandalore planet, located in the Outer Rim of the galaxy.

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