Where is Upload filmed? The Upload Lakeview Hotel Filming Location and the House

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In 2033, life expectations go beyond organic existence, if you can afford it. Young and attractive Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell, who also stars in the Netflix movie featuring an awesome luxury hotel, Desperados), suffers a fatal car accident.

After he checks out of this world, his consciousness is uploaded to a premium software-based version of the afterlife called Lakeview.

The series is set in New York and Los Angeles, but apart from establishing shots, Upload was almost entirely filmed in Vancouver.

Nora and Nathan virtual reality glasses

Upload creator Greg Daniels was also involved in the making of the legendary comedy series The Office and Parks and Recreation.

The main cast is completed by singer-songwriter Andy Allo as Nora Antony, Nathan's handle virtual angel who works for the Horizen Lakeview company. Nathan's girlfriend, Ingrid, is played by Allegra Edwards.

Welcome to Lakeview and to our guide to the filming locations of Upload. Contains no spoliers!

The real Upload hotel

Upload Hotel
The exteriors of the Lakeview resort are the Mohonk Mountain House, a large castle hotel in Hudson Valley.

Perched atop the spectacular Shawangunk Ridge on the shore of Lake Mohonk, the historic main buildings of the spa were erected in the years around 1900.

The closest town is the village of New Paltz in Ulster County, New York estate.
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Lakeview Hotel
Cast and crew filmed in Mohonk Mountain House for only four days  (the balcony scene in the first episode).

Horizen's ads claim that the luxurious Lakeview complex is a digital afterlife environment, modeled on the grand Victorian hotels of the United States and Canada.

The Dorchester town in New York of The Sinner series and the fictional Saginaw College in Chosen, NY, from Things Heard and Seen were also filmed very close here in the Hudson Valley.
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The hotel hall
For the pilot episode, the Lakeview Hotel hall was shot at Castle Green in Pasadena, a historic 1898 event venue that mixes Moorish Colonial and Spanish styles with Victorian interiors.

However, for the rest of the episodes, a replica of the lobby and surrounding rooms inspired on Castle Green was built in the studios in Burnaby (British Columbia).
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The Upload House
Exterior scenes in the garden outside the residence were filmed in the Cecil Green Park House in Vancouver.

Bordering Howe Sound in the University Endowment Lands, this Tudor-style heritage manor is a very popular filming location in the city: episodes of Riverdale, Nancy Drew, The X-Files, The Hunting of Bly Manor house, and movies like Fifty Shades Freed were also shot here.

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Upload drehort
However, the portal entrance to Horizen employees' offices is situated at 100 Powell Street in Gastown, Vancouver.
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Convenience store accident vehicle
The supermarket night scene with the capsules cars from the first episode is not Vancouver: A few shots from the pilot were filmed in Fountain Ave and N Edgemont St (East Hollywood) in Los Angeles.
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Jetty on the Lake
The Lakeview dock scenes were shot in Deer Lake in Burnaby.
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Funeral service chapel
The uploaded residents can also enjoy the facilities and gardens of the heritage venue Stanley Park Pavilion.

The real-world side of the funeral digital chapel in Los Angeles is Lord Stanley's Ballroom, also located here.
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Wharf on the ocean
Fran, Nathan's cousin part-time lady detective, has some trouble with the car in the Malibu historic pier cafe.
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The Grey Market
The Grey Market of the dark web from episode five was recorded in the Telus Studio Theatre in the Chan Centre on the UBC (University of British Columbia).
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The travel agency offices
The AfterTravel digital life extension agency offered a Paradiso TuttiTempo experience in Italy.

The salesman shows Viv (Nathan's mother) a demo of several 'IR' environments. Before the turquoise waters of Tahiti and the African savanna, they fly over the medieval towers of San Gimignano, the Manhattan of the Middle Ages town in the heart of Tuscany.
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The Grey Market
The chase from the last episode of season one Freeyond, starts in East Pender Street and Columbia St in Vancouver's Chinatown, near Nora's apartment.

The scene of the lift was shot in the hall of the Dominion Building situated on the edge of Gastown.
Image courtesy of Amazon and Stabbing scene location - Dominion

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  1. How about the grim setting of the 2 gig world in Lakeview? It looked just like the sinister former convent in Montreal where I stayed w fellow French students last summer. Everyone thought it was a Stephen King set. Terrifying!

  2. In the pilot episode, the Lakeview Hotel interiors were filmed at the Historic Castle Green in Pasadena, CA. The wrought iron elevator, lobby and main staircase are featured along with the National Register plaque on the main entrance doors. However, in subsequent episodes, it appears they used a studio set modeled somewhat after the Castle Green to film the hotel lobby scenes as the layout is similar but not the same. The balcony railings and wrought iron features are all different.


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