Deadly Class Location: The Secret School where the Syfy Series is filmed

Where is Deadly Class filmed
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Based on the criminal graphic novel created by Rick Remender, Deadly Class is a new Syfy series, half a way between a twisted Riverdale high school and a Quentin Tarantino b-movie, spiced with a bit of late '80s nostalgia and counter culture. The story revolves around an orphan street kid with a tragic past, who is recruited by a mysterious group of misfits. They belong to an elite private school for assassins, where is trained the next generation of the world's major crime families.

The lethal cocktail, produced by the Russo brothers (the filmmakers of several top Marvel films like Avengers: Infinity War), stars Benjamin Wadsworth as Marcus (Teen Wolf), Benedict Wong (Doctor Strange) is the relentless mentor Master Lin, and Lana Condor (X-Men: Apocalypse) playing Saya, one of the most prominent scholars, among others. The first episode includes a great soundtrack with top hits from period bands like Depeche Mode (Behind The Wheel), Echo and the Bunnymen (The Killing Moon) or The Cure (The Holy Hour).

Deadly Class was filmed in Vancouver area, although it's set in '1987 San Francisco. We will be updating this report with new filming locations for the series, as the season goes on:

Deadly Class School
The hall of Kings Dominion School was filmed in the James Anglican Church on East Cordova St and Gore St (in Downtown Eastside Vancouver). The high altar was removed digitally, to fit an intricate wooden staircase.
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Image courtesy of Syfy, City of Vancouver Archives and Google Maps

Deadly Class location
The entrance to the school through a butcher shop is located on a real retail shop called Dollar Meat Store in Chinatown (266 Pender St E, Vancouver). Image courtesy of Syfy and Google Maps

Where is Deadly Class set
In the pilot episode, Marcus wonders the streets of a gritty San Francisco suburb filmed in the Arch Alley near Cambie St and West Hastings St. This location comes very handy when location managers are looking for a dark, shabby street in Vancouver - The place was used to shot many series and films, as Moviemaps reports (Travelers, Supernatural, iZombie, The X-Files...). The scene of the Day of the Dead Mexican festival was also shot very close from there, at 300 Cambie Street (image below). Images courtesy of Syfy - Map

Deadly Class Vancouver
During the series we can see some San Francisco landmarks like the Coit Tower and the Transamerica Pyramid skyscraper, but no filming took place in the Bay City. Image courtesy of Syfy

Deadly Class locations
In episode one, Marcus and Willie are driving in Columbia St, New Westminster. The place where they go to complete the assignment was shot under the Georgia Viaduct on Quebec St and Pacific Boulevard (the same place where was filmed one of the first scenes at the beginning of the episode). What's Filming also reports that interiors were filmed in a private house at 1523 Davie St. Image courtesy of Syfy - The Columbia Map / Viaduct Map

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