Where was Glass filmed? Guide to ALL the Filming Locations

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The superhero film was one of M. Night Shyamalan's most anticipated project in years, completing the trilogy after Unbreakable (2000) and Split (2016).

Glass was primarily filmed in Philadelphia and Allentown (Pennsylvania). Also, a short scene was shot in Brazil.

Where was Glass filmed

The movie follows the trio of delusional superheroes composed by The Overseer David Dunn (played by Bruce Willis), Kevin Wendell (or The Horde) performed by James McAvoy, and Samuel L. Jackson as Mr. Glass or Elijah Price.

Here is our spoiler-free guide to the filming locations of Glass:

Glass Hospital
The fictional psychiatric research hospital, the Raven Hill Memorial where a lot of action takes place, was filmed at the Allentown State Hospital.

The facility, built in 1913 and vacant since 2010, is planned to be demolished including the beautiful historic main building featured in the movie.
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Image courtesy of Universal Pictures - Map

Raven Hill Memorial
The Osaka Tower doesn't really exists, the fictional skyscraper was added via CGI to Philly's skyline.

Also, a short scene was filmed at Fairmount Park, the largest municipal park in Philadelphia, a featured location in the series Mare of Easttown.
Images courtesy of Universal Pictures - Map

Glass movie shoot in Philadelphia
Looking for old factories in Philadelphia, Atlas of Wonders tracked down the abandoned building where The Horde holds four cheerleaders hostage.

The sequence was filmed at the Steel Heddle Manufacturing Company Complex in the Allegheny West neighborhood of Philadelphia.

Built between 1919 and 1927, the complex was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2010.
Image courtesy of Universal Pictures and Google Maps

comic store
Glass was filmed in two different comic book shops; one is the Ontario Street Market store in the Port Richmond area and the other is Brave New Worlds in Old City.
Image courtesy of Universal Pictures and Google Maps (Ontario St Market Map) - Brave New Worlds Map

Pub eatery with actors and film director
Local newspapers reported that some more filming took place at Rittenhouse Square in Stephen Starr's Parc restaurant (the French Cafe set in Paris) and in Locust St between 17th and 18th Streets.

Cast and crew were also working at La Famiglia Ristorante on Front St and Fork restaurant in Market St.
Images courtesy of Universal Pictures - Parc Map / La Famiglia Map / Fork Map

Glass drehort
Director M. Night Shyamalan published a picture of the team on Twitter, after filming a scene in Brazil.

The shoot for the production was set in Rubem Berta, a poor neighborhood in the city of Porto Alegre.
Image courtesy of M. Night Shyamalan - Map

Train Station
The last scene was filmed at the monumental 30th Street Station in Philadelphia.

The Amtrak's railroad station has been a landmark of the city since it came into service in 1933.
Image courtesy of Universal Pictures and Peter Miller - Map

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  1. It was actually two different comic book stores. Ontario St for the scene at the end. & Brave New World in Old City for the "heroes" & "villians" signs

  2. A scene in the end was filmed at Fork Restaurant in Old City on Market St.
    I used to work there...
    Its the scene when Dr. Staple updates her secret organization. You can't miss the distinctive decorative tree branches inside the restaurant right behind her.

  3. I was Chief Admin Officer for ASH from 1985 to 1997, nice to see that the production company has refurbished the grounds in front of the main building.

  4. In glass where was the underground tunnel filmed at Philadelphia


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