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Really bad things are happening in Stephen King's favorite town, a place straight out of nightmares. The horror series revolves around Henry Deaver, a death row lawyer who returns to his hometown of Castle Rock after receiving a mysterious call.

The 10-episode Hulu production, based on the stories of Stephen King multiverse, was created by J.J. Abrams (also the maker of the hit television series Lost). The cast is led by André Holland (Moonlight, American Horror Story), Sissy Spacek (Carrie, Bloodline) and Bill Skarsgård, the Pennywise clown of It movie.

The fictional Maine town of Castle Rock was filmed basically in Orange, Massachusetts. New England Studios in Devens was the series home base for the indoor scenes. We will be updating this spoiler-free report every week with the new filming locations of Season 2:

Is Castle Rock a real place
The Center Historic District of Orange was transformed into Castle Rock for the series. The downtown area was refitted to appear as the location where some of King's most iconic stories are set.
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Image courtesy of Hulu and Google Maps

Where was Castle Rock filmed
The Slencil Company buildings play a central role in the series. The one on the left served as the Castle Rock Police Department; The building to right was R. Flagg Army Surplus. Molly's real estate company office was located in mill building on left across the river from the police department. The Mellow Tiger Bar exteriors were filmed further up the same side of the street.
Image courtesy of JF Sebastian, who helped us out and sent some exclusive pictures from the shoot (Many thanks:) - Map

Castle Rock film location
The Castle Rock police department interrogation room was located in the basement of the SLENCIL office building next to the river. Image courtesy of Hulu and JF Sebastian

Where is Castle Rock
The First Universalist Church is located next to Orange Town Hall, on Orange's N Main St.
Image courtesy of Hulu and John Phelan - Map

Does Castle Rock exist
Henry's mother Victorian house is a property located at the end of Ball St, also in Orange.
Image courtesy of Hulu - Map

Castle Rock shooting locations
The prison was set in the historical neo-Gothic compound of West Virginia State Penitentiary, in Moundsville (West Virginia). Image courtesy of Hulu and Google Maps

Castle Rock Shawshank prison
The fictional Shawshank State Prison was filmed on location in the former state institution, which has been transformed into a museum. Image courtesy of Hulu and Brook Ward

Juniper Hill Asylum
Juniper Hill Psychiatric Hospital was set at the Public Health Museum of Tewksbury State Hospital (Massachusetts). Image courtesy of John Phelan - Map

Where is Castle Rock set
The house of the former warden of Shawshank, Dale Lacy, and also Gordon and Lilith's murder-story bed and breakfast was shot in an old Victorian house with a large front yard at 170 Neck Road in Lancaster (MA).
Image courtesy of Hulu and Google Maps

Castle Rock series location
Castle Rock was shooting on location in the Vernon Hill School in Worcester (MA).
Image courtesy of Hulu and Google Maps

Castle Rock drehort
The graveyard was shot at the Central Cemetery in Orange.
Image courtesy of Hulu - Map

Castle Rock not filmed in Ohio
The town of Castle Rock could be twinned with Elden, France. Would you like to know where was It 2 filmed? Derry has also many points in common with these haunted towns.

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  1. Where was the castle lake location?

    1. The initial images of Orange above were of the twp SLENCIL Company buildings. The one on the left next to the river was the Castle Rock police department. The 2nd building to the right was R. Flagg Army Surplus (Stephan King readers should recognize this name).


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