Where was Hubie Halloween filmed? The House in Salem & all the Filming Locations

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Adam Sandler plays Hubie Dubois, the most bullied guy in town in this Halloween-themed comedy with a Scooby-Doo type atmosphere.

Hubie is a peculiar +40-year-old virgin with an imaginary girlfriend from Ontarionto who still lives with his mom (June Squibb), an accidental Kinki t-shirts lover.

Where was Hubie Halloween filmed

Set in Salem, America's unofficial Halloween capital, Hubie Halloween was primarily filmed in the neighboring city of Marblehead, Massachusetts.

Here is our complete filming locations guide of this spooky-dooby Netflix movie:

Westford Estate Mental Hospital
The movie opens with an exterior shot of the fictional Westford Estate Mental Hospital, filmed in the Tewksbury Hospital in Massachusetts.

This 1894 old administration building is nowadays a public health museum and served as an occasional location for Hulu's Stephen-King based show Castle Rock.
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Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Hubie Halloween Salem
Welcome to Salem, the historic city in Essex County, worldwide famous for hosting the infamous late 17th-century witch trials.

But, hold on! As the city where Hocus Pocus 2 was filmed, this is not Salem. Netflix used instead of the more appealing neighboring city of Marblehead to shoot most of the film.

The gorgeous clock tower that appears in several establishing shots and a sign of the town is the Abbott Hall.

Completed in 1877, the seat of the Marblehead town government also contains a maritime museum and the original The Spirit of '76 painting.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Downtown Marblehead
At the beginning of the movie, Hubie is cycling the charming streets of downtown Marblehead, full of fine Georgian and colonial-style homes.

The police station exteriors, where Officer Steve Downing (Kevin James) has his office, is the old Grand Bank building at 2 Hooper Street.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Boner donor
Hubie works as a butcher in Crosby's Marketplace, a real family-owned supermarket chain. The store featured in the movie is located at 118 Washington Street in Marblehead.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Salem Witch Museum
The Salem Witch Museum scene is almost the only section of Hubie Halloween actually filmed in Salem.

This iconic witchcraft center brings visitors back to 1692, using stage sets and exhibits to recreate these events in a way that also makes you think about modern-day witch-hunts.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Hubie Halloween house
Hubie and Mrs. Dubois's beautiful house is located at 20 Ledgewood Dr in Danvers, adjacent to the home of their peculiar neighbor Walter Lambert (Steve Buscemi).

Danvers is a small Boston suburb also in the North Shore region, located just five miles north of Salem.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

The cornfield maze
The party in the barn and the cornfield were filmed on location at Moraine Farm in Beverly.

The corn maze crop grew at Marini Farm in Ipswich, and then it was transplanted to the plot once the plants were higher than Adam Sandler’s head.

The film crew required about 1,000 plants to fill the field, 100 feet x 30 feet.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Black Cat Diner
The terrific Black Cat Diner where Hubie's love interest, Violet Valentine (Julie Bowen), works as a waitress is the Portside Diner at 2 River St in Danvers, near the Porter River.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

The haunted house in Hotel Marblehead
It is quite amazing how the film crew transformed the Hotel Marblehead, an elegant hotel boutique "inspired by the golden age of yachting", into the creepy haunted house featured in the movie.

However here is a little trick: the interiors were shot in a real haunted house, the Fright Kingdom in Nashua, New Hampshire.

This Halloween interactive experience includes five large-scale indoor attractions, including the Victorian-style Bloodmare Manor that appears in the film.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Hotel Marblehead - Maps: Hotel / Fright Kingdom

Hubie Halloween drehort
The small lighthouse at the end of the movie is the Derby Wharf Light Station. Built in 1871, the site is part of the Salem Maritime National Historic Site.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Kenneth C. Zirkel - Map

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1- Mary M - October 27, 2020 at 6:32 PM
Danvers, MA, is actually old Salem and the place where the executions of the accused during the witch trials were held.


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