Welcome to Easter Cove, Maine: Where was Blow the Man Down filmed?

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The acclaimed Blow the Man Down indie movie has landed this contagious weekend on Amazon shores, bringing some black comedy relief to the uncertain times that the world is living in today.

The story has a Fargo feel to it: two sisters living in the one-horse town of Easter Cove in Maine, have almost nothing to lose after her mom dies, leaving debts and ruin behind her.

Things will only get worse when they get involved in a messy murder related to the dirty business of the local brothel's madam.

Actress Morgan Saylor and Sophie Lowe
The fishing village of Easter Cove portrayed in Blow the Man Down was filmed in Harpswell, Maine. This is a town composed of several communities settled in three large islands, all connected by bridges.

A lot of filming took place in the fishing village of Cundy's Harbor and on the picturesque Orr's Island.

Blow The Man Down, named after a traditional sea shanty folk song, is starring Morgan Saylor (Homeland) as Mary Beth Connolly and Sophie Lowe (Once Upon a Time in Wonderland) as her sister Priscilla. Margo Martindale (Justified, The Americans) plays the mistress Enid Nora Devlin.

Just in case, we have tried our best to keep spoilers at bay in this filming locations report:

Blow the Man Down town location
The establishing shots appearing a few times during the movie (pictured) were shot in the area of Harpswell known as Will's Gut.

The name of this spot comes after Will, the son of the original settler, Will Black. Will arrived in the early 18th century and his son claimed the island a few years later.
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Easter Cove Maine town
The iconic Easter Cove Cap'n Dick sign was erected in Cundys Point Road, in Cundy’s Harbor area (south of Sebascodegan Island).
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Fish store
The Connolly Fish fishmonger's shop exteriors are the lovely Holbrook's General Store in Cundy's Harbor.

This is not only a basic groceries store but also a lobster grille and snack bar for local fishermen, serving the community to continue the traditions of the village.
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Viaduct in Harpswell
The bridge portrayed in the scene when Mary goes to the pub after her mother's funeral is the Bailey Island Cribstone Bridge.

Completed in 1927 using heavy granite slabs to withstand wind and wave, the viaduct connects Bailey Island to nearby Orr's Island.
Image courtesy of Amazon and Paul VanDerWerf - Map

Burial ground sequence
The graveyard scene by the end of the movie was filmed in Orr's Island Cemetery, located across the street from the Old Orr's Island Schoolhouse at 1579 Harpswell Islands Road.

Although it almost doesn't appear on screen, the funeral scene at the beginning of the movie was shot in the small Meeting House next to this old graveyard.
Image courtesy of Amazon - Cemetery Map

Blow the Man Down drehort
To shoot the last scene of the movie, the filmmakers used one of the nicest areas of Harpswell islands, including scenic vintage houses.

The Connolly sisters walk down a street in Easter Cove downtown, filmed in Islands Rd also in Orr's Island. Situated in Cumberland County, the Harpswell area comprises over 200 islands just offshore.
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The lobster rolls in these towns are amazing. Loads of great cabins and houses to rent. Lovely area.


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