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The series that came out of nowhere. When the trailer was released, only four days before the premiere of The OA in December 2016, almost nothing was known about this intriguing Netflix original production. As it happened that same year with Stranger Things, the show was an unexpected surprise, generally well received by public and critics alike.

The project was created by Brit Marling, who wrote the story and is also performing the starring role, and Zal Batmanglij, who directed all the episodes. Both were also previously involved in the making of indie films Sound of My Voice and The East. In season 2, Kingsley Ben-Adir plays the central role of Karim, a private eye who lives on a houseboat.

The first season of The OA was primarily filmed in and around New York, and also in La Havana (Cuba), Russia and Iceland. The second season was also shot in Orange County NY, and the new filming locations include Portland and San Francisco metropolitan areas, while studio work was filmed at Los Angeles Center Studios. We will be updating this almost spoiler-free report very soon, as more details about the second part of the series are revealed. Please scroll down to find the locations of Season 1:

The OA Season 2 Filming Locations

The OA House
The OA's old neglected house is near Nob Hill, in the heart of the Russian Hill historic district in San Francisco. Notice that the rose stained-glass window in the top was added digitally.
(You can open all the locations on Google Maps clicking on the links below in the captions ↴)
Image by courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

The OA filming San Francisco
The house of the Vietnamese family is located in O'Farrell St in Tenderloin neighborhood. The scene pictured below with Karim having a conversation in the street, was shot in Waverly Pl, Chinatown.
Images by courtesy of Netflix - Tenderloin Map / Chinatown Map

The OA Staircase
The staircase is the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps, located at the end of Moraga St. The mosaic, running up 163 steps and completed in 2005, was inspired by the Santa Teresa Steps of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Nina Azarova's penthouse exterior is the exclusive Pacific Heights building at 2006 Washington Street. By the way, if you are curious, the location of the house where some kids are playing Q Symphony in episode 1, is not the same as the one zoomed-in in downtown Oakland. Images by courtesy of Netflix - Tiled Steps Map / Pacific Heights Map

The OA Treasure Island
The psychiatric hospital Melanu Clinic was filmed in the Treasure Island Museum. The CURI company, Pierre Ruskin's dream factory in Oakland, was shot in the California and Hawaiian Sugar Company, a pure cane sugar refinery in Crockett, California. Images by courtesy of Netflix and Treasure Island Map / C&H Refinery Map

The OA Season 2 Locations
In episode 4, several scenes with Hap and Elodie were filmed in San Francisco City Hall (pictured) and the War Memorial and Performing Arts Center. The club where Praire and Karim seem to have been transported into a David Lynch movie is the Whitechapel, located at 600 Polk St.
Images by courtesy of Netflix - War Memorial Map / Whitechapel Map

OA filming locations
Most of the scenes with BBA's troupe quest from episode three on, were filmed in several locations across Oregon. The church where the group passes the night is the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Portland in Park Avenue. In episode 6, they stop in a restaurant on the road called Eagle Crossing in Warm Springs. Images by courtesy of Netflix and Steve Morgan - Church Map

The OA beach
The scenes on the beach at BBA’s cousin house were filmed in Tierra Del Mar, also in Oregon (Tillamook County).
Images by courtesy of Netflix and Erin - Map

The OA Season 1 filming locations

The OA where filmed
Crestwood is the small village in the suburban Midwest, where Prairie spent most of her teenage years. Her home as an adult is located at 189 Pine Tree Lane in Tappan, NY (Rockland County).
Image by courtesy of Netflix - Map

The OA Locations
However, the neighborhood where most of the kids are living is Woodbury Junction, in Central Valley (NY). Also the real location of the High School is right across the street from Woodbury Junction. Filming The OA in Monroe-Woodbury High School took only four days. Images by courtesy of Netflix - Map

The OA High School
The High School's cafeteria is actually located at Pace University Briarcliff Campus in Westchester County, NY.
Image by Daniel Case - Map

The OA Netflix filming
The white building where Prairie attends therapy with the FBI agent is an office complex at 800 Westchester Avenue in Rye Brook (NY). According to a comment from a reader posted below, it's a locally famous office building, originally home to General Foods/Philip Morris - "It's sometimes refer to as the Taj Mahal of Westchester only because it's huge and white."' - Image by courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

The OA House location
Some rooms in the mansion of Old Westbury Gardens (Long Island NY), were used to film scenes of the Russian house where Prairie lived as a child in the first episode. Image by courtesy of Netflix and Simplethrill - Map

The OA Bridge
The bridge that can be seen in a crash scene is in New Croton Dam, Croton-on-Hudson (NY). According to this source, filming also took place in the water tanks at Survival Systems in Groton (CT) for two days.
Image by courtesy of Netflix and Acroterion - Map

The OA Lake
The takes from the van before that accident and the place where Hap leaves the OA in the road are filmed in the Seven Lakes Drive, Harriman State Park (more details in the comment of Pure Peace below, thanks!). We reckon that the location of the lake where little Prairie gets a lesson about bravery may not be very far away.
Image by courtesy of Netflix - Map

The OA Filming locations
When Prairie travels to New York, there is a scene filmed in the grounds and the ferry of the Statue of Liberty. Later on she unfolds her charms playing violin in the Grand Central subway station of New York. The scene pictured below was recorded in the Oyster Bar in the same station. Image by courtesy of Netflix - Map

Where was The OA shot
The general view of the hospital that appears in episode six is the Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh (PA), although no further filming was scheduled in the facilities. The hotel from the last episode is the Holiday Inn Orangeburg-Rockland/Bergen (NY). Images by courtesy of Netflix - Holiday Inn Map

Where is The OA filmed
The OA was filmed in the Kaufman Astoria Studios in New York. Probably this is the place where the underground lab and other sets were built. Image by courtesy of Netflix

The OA filming Cuba
We move to the Caribbean. When the embargo was partially lifted, some North American productions like The fate of the furious took the chance to film in the streets of Cuba again. Image by courtesy of Netflix

The OA drehort
The restaurant where Renata's guitar concert is taking place is La Guarida, at 418 Concordia, La Habana.
Image by courtesy of Netflix and Gabriel Rodríguez - Map

The OA La Havana
Homer wakes up in the iconic Hotel Nacional in La Havana. After the shot in the lobby, the sequence continues outside in the gardens of this historical building. Image by courtesy of Dan Lundberg - Map

The OA Russia
In the first episode Prairie tells the story of her childhood, living with her father in a secret enclave just outside Moscow. Her words are illustrated with magnificent aerial takes of the Moskva River near Peter the Great Statue (pictured), and the Novodevichy monastery. Image by courtesy of Netflix

The OA another dimension
Finally, this out-of-this-world wonderland is one of the moss-covered landscapes that you can find in Iceland, as director Zal Batmanglij confirmed in a tweet. The exact location of this place may be off the side of the road going east after Vík, in the lava fields of Eldhraun or Lakagígar near - breathe - Kirkjubæjarklaustur. Map

Can you help to find the missing filming locations for The OA? To complete this report, any feedback, suggestions or images that you may have are more than welcome, thank you!

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  1. i think the hospital in episode 6 is in Pittsburgh, PA

    1. The hospital is Allegheny General Hospital on the north side of Pittsburgh. Several films have been made thereasy, as well as other films in Pittsburgh.
      Episode 6 was filmed in the 01 level of the hospital that was never remodeled. I work at this hospital.

    2. We did not shoot in Pittsburg nor did we shoot on level 1 of the Allegheny General Hospital - anonymous crew member

  2. Great show. But the mountian ranges are a little off putting for being set in Michigan.

    1. Right? Why even bother? Just say you're in NY or anywhere else that topography is more common.

    2. I thought the same thing!

    3. The upper penisula of Michigan in fact has low mountain ranges that look just like the ones in the series. As well as northwest Michigan around Petoskey.

  3. Thanks a lot, I just added the hospital :)

    1. The neighborhood is across the street from Monroe Woodbury high school. It's called Woodbury junction.

  4. This show was shot at my school. The neighborhood where most of the kids lived was right across the street from the school. It's called Woodbury junction.

  5. Ah, it was so close, thanks for your help!

  6. The credits say "Filmed at Kaufman Astoria Studios in New York."

  7. Old Westbury Gardens (Long Island NY) appears to be the house she lived in as a child in the first episode.

  8. The seen where the van full of Russian kids drives off the bridge was filmed at Croton Dam. Croton on Hudson, NY.

  9. All the scenes with OA and Elias Rahim (the office, the cafeteria, when they are outside walking alongside a white office building, etc.) were all shot at 800 Westchester Avenue in Rye Brook, NY (Westchester County). It's a locally famous office building originally home to General Foods/Philip Morris. It's sometimes refer to as the "Taj Mahal of Westchester" only because it's huge and white.

    The cafeteria is located in the center with the glass dome roof.

    For all the Mr. Robot fans, you'll also recognize this location as "Steel Mountain"


  10. I was watching an episode last night and thought that the one restaurant scene with mother and father sitting in a booth was filmed in Langley British Columbia...is this possible? It looks so familiar!!

  11. I think the FBI interview/therapy sessions was filmed at the old Kraft building in Rye Brook. https://goo.gl/images/PYvjW7

  12. Amazing, Thank you everyone. Update coming very soon!

  13. Right before the van of children falls off the (new croton) bridge, the van is driving along 7 lakes drive in Harriman State Park, southbound from tiorati circle. I instantly recognized the 2 bldgs along the left side of the road.

    The scene where Kap leaves OA on the side of the road is also on 7 lakes drive in harriman. In btw the Silvermine Lake parking lot and lake nawahunta .25 mile down the road. I drive through that park all the time and i instantly recognized.

    Ill post a pic i took with a comparison to a still from the scene.

  14. You can edit this into my prev posts (and edit out my duplicate posts)


    Right before the van falls off the bridge you can see these unmistakeable 2 bldgs

  15. Out of this world: director confirmed it is Iceland https://twitter.com/z_al/status/814675646161022976

  16. Hotel scene S1E8 with OA's parents talking over breakfast looks like Holiday Inn, Orangeburg, NY. Please confirm.

  17. The scene from Iceland is in southern Iceland, past Vik (less than a half hour) towards Hofn. It's a scenic rest stop.

    1. Thanks, I was there this year and the area is huge. It would be great if anyone knows a landmark or something where to stop nearby.

  18. Anyone know if the restaurant in the episode "Cuba, Libre" where Hap tries to obtain Renata? I am visiting Cuba in the near future and was wondering if that Rooftop restaurant exists.


  19. Yes, the Havana, Cuba restaurant and patio exist. I have been there and recognized it immediately when watching episode 5. It does look different in reality and not exactly as shown because of set design. It is called La Guarida
    Concordia. No. 418 | Gervasio y Escobar, Havana 10700, Cuba
    Eat there for lunch and go in the evening for cocktails on the rooftop patio. The problem is that Rihanna went there and now it is becoming a tourist attraction.

    1. Thanks a lot Zbig, I just updated the post!

  20. Regina Mittler, Hotel DirectorJanuary 18, 2017 at 8:25 AM

    Atlas of Wonders:
    Prairie's home as an adult in The OA is located on Pine Tree Lane, Tappan, NY (Rockland County).
    Scenes were shot back and forth from the Tappan Home and my hotel (Holiday Inn Orangeburg).

    1. Cool, I included a new image from this location, thanks a lot Regina!

  21. I think the "mine" might be the canyon in Letchworth State Park, near Castile, NY.

  22. Hey there! I really loved your article! Would you let me translate it to Portuguese and post it to my website, Café Radioativo (caferadioativo . com)? Of course I would include the link to your page. Thank you anyway!

  23. This really is such a minor location but my husband have a debate going where the membership grocery store is-- sam's club, bj's or Costco lol anyone know? Thanks

  24. Watching this was crazy I knew it was my old high school/neighborhood and I knew they used a different lunch room cause ours looks wayy different. Nice to see Monroe get some shine!

  25. Dying to know the location for Hap's house when he and the Sheriff are outside in episode 5.
    And all the interiors of Hap's portion of the house- kitchen, etc.

  26. Just a heads up- they are currently filming in Troutdale, Oregon for Season 2 of The O.A. That is about 30 minutes from Portland.

  27. Where is the beach house scene shot?

  28. The bar in season two, that OA and Karim go to, where Russians seem to be hosting some kind of nightly circus, is filmed in White Chapel, on Polk St. Also the pink penthouse that Nina lives in, is a block away from my home, bordering Lafayette Park. I have fantasized about living in that pink building for 15 years!

  29. At the end of Part II, there's a scene with an Ambulance in the UK. The license plate is YX59 EXW, which means that's a real life ambulance from the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham, UK, & part of the East Midlands Ambulance Service.

    However, inside the ambulance, the medic has "London Ambulance Service" on his sleeve, so this might be set in London.

  30. Where are the cliffs Prairie almost goes over in season 1 episode 3 when she's running from Haps house to attempt escape?

  31. Any ideas where Dr Rhodes' redwood forest cabin is in episode 2 (S2)?

    1. I want to know that as well

    2. I don't know, but I sure thought it looked like La Honda, CA, in the redwoods.

  32. The building that is lit up in red and gold stripes that Hap is filmed in front of at night while he is on the phone is San Francisco City Hall. The reason it is lit that way is because the 49ers were playing a game. Red and Gold are their colors. https://farm8.static.flickr.com/7002/6728996961_f12d3ebd47_b.jpg SF City Hall lights their building different colors to coordinate with special events or holidays - ie. On Christmas it's green and red, Valentine's day it's red, St. Patrick's day it's green, Pride week it's rainbow, etc. When Prince passed away it was purple :(

  33. The outside view of OA's Russian home is filmed in Estonia and the house is Palmse Manor. http://www.palmse.ee/en/facility/manor-park

  34. The interior filming location in season 2 episode 1 of CURI is an electrical substation south of downtown los angeles called the SCE Laguna Bell Substation. Here's the location: https://goo.gl/maps/vYGXhtMqTxFFxn8T6

    here are some photos of the interior: https://www1.sce.com/nrc/photogallery/lagunabell/index.html

    and here's my reddit post about it where I have a comparison image from when I was there for an art installation: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheOA/comments/cjzh94/i_knew_i_recognized_the_interior_filming_location/


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