Where was La la land filmed? The House & ALL the Filming Locations

Griffith Park dancing scene
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La La Land was filmed entirely in Los Angeles and its surroundings. The movie is a wonderful homage to the entertainment capital of the world and is full of references to the classic movies that made it great.

Director Damien Chazelle spent nearly a year editing a movie that has many scenes filmed in one take. He had the idea of filming in places with a touch retro. Also this romantic musical was shot using the old school wide-screen style, the CinemaScope.

The actors, our favourite driver Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (Birdman, Maniac), are no Broadway performers. They had to do their best to reduce mistakes when dancing for the long uninterrupted takes. Additionally, some of the sequences had to be filmed during a specific time in the day, to catch the beautiful light of the sunset or the blue hour.

We have reunited here more than 17 filming locations, but bear on mind that La La Land was filmed in more than 60 places in L.A. Also we tried to keep spoilers to a minimum, just in case:

planetarium los angeles shoot
One of the most memorable scenes, when the couple dance to the rhythm of the theme A Lovely Night, was filmed on a road overlooking the city in Griffith Park. The place is called Cathy’s Corner in Mt. Hollywood Drive (not far from the legendary Mulholland Dr). Don't expect to find the bench and the streetlamp here, they were added to the scene by the production team. Nearby there is the planetarium of the Griffith Observatory (pictured), and its magical setting atop of the mountain. Image by Summit Entertainment and Shane Burkhardt

Colorado Street Bridge Pasadena
One of the most iconic bridges in California is the majestic Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena.
Image by Summit Entertainment

La la land opening sequence
The opening of the movie was filmed in the interchange connecting the Century Freeway 105 to the 110 (also known as the one ten). Image by Summit Entertainment and Remi Jouan

Hermosa Beach coffee
It does really exist the Lighthouse Café if you go to Hermosa Beach. Both the interior and exterior were used for the film. Image by Summit Entertainment

La la land Drehort
Sebastian ends up dancing on Hermosa's Beach Pier. This spot was also festured as a Westworld Season 3 filming location. Image by Keith Yahl

Lieux de tournage
The lovers visit the park where the Watts Towers are standing, a series of sculptures made of scrap metal.
Image by J Jakobson

Emma Stone walking in the dark
Mia walked down Vine St after losing her car.
Image by Summit Entertainment and Google Maps

restaurant location with Emma Stone
Mia and her boyfriend enjoy an evening at the stylish Jar Restaurant in 8225 Beverly Boulevard.
Image by Summit Entertainment and Jar

jazz pianist Ryan Gosling and the venue boss
Lipton's restaurant, where Sebastian works playing boring variations of Christmas carols, is the Smoke House Restaurant in 4420 West Lakeside Drive, Burbank. The Politician series was also filmed nearby, here are all the locations in our report: Where is The Politician filmed?

You Are the Star wall painting
The exterior, with the "You Are the Star" Mural, depicting Hollywood stars watching a movie in the cinema, is located in 1648 Wilcox Ave. Image by Summit Entertainment

Grand Central Market Los Angeles
Mia and Sebastian have a date under the neon lights of a bar in the Grand Central Market in LA's Downtown.
Image by Summit Entertainment

cable car Bunker Hill
The Angels Flight is a funicular railway in Bunker Hill, closed since 2013 due to a derailment. The crew from the movie arranged to make it running for this shoot. This same location was used to set a scene in the city where Perry Mason series is filmed. Image by Summit Entertainment and J Jakobson

Scene in the Warner studios bar
Mia works in a fictional coffeeshop in the real Warner Bros Studio backlot, where several sequences were filmed. La La Land was also filmed in the Hollywood Center Studios. Image by Summit Entertainment

Emma Stone flat in La La Land
Mia's apartment can be found in the Rose Towers complex, 1725-1729 E 3rd St, Long Beach.
Image by Google Maps

Rialto Theatre scene
The exterior of the cinema where Mia and Sebatian watch "Rebel Without A Cause" is the Rialto Theatre, closed in 2007 and located in 1019-1023 Fair Oaks Avenue, South Pasadena. Image by Thomas Hawk

Sebastian last part playing music concert
The performance with the jazz band The Messengers (and John Legend) was recorded in the historical art deco venue El Rey Theatre (5515 Wilshire Blvd, Miracle Mile). Image by Summit Entertainment

Swimming pool dancing people
Image by Summit Entertainment

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