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Where was Joker filmed
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Is the new Joker movie one of the films of the year or it doesn't live up to the hype? Like Batman or James Bond, several actors have previously played illustrious versions of the Joker: Jack Nicholson (Batman 1989), Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight 2008), or Jared Leto (Suicide Squad 2016). On this occasion, Joaquin Phoenix also delivers a brilliant performance of the popular supervillain.

Written and directed by Todd Phillips (The Hangover Trilogy, War Dogs), Joker was filmed in the New York City area, including Jersey City and Newark. We have put together the most relevant filming locations for this spoiler-free report:

Joker staircase location
The iconic Joker staircase is located in the Bronx at W 167th St, between Anderson and Shakespeare Ave.
(You can open all the locations on Google Maps clicking on the links below in the captions ↴)
Image courtesy of Warner Bros and Google Maps

Arkham Asylum
Arkham State Hospital, the fictional psychiatric hospital and prison of Gotham City, is the Brooklyn Army Terminal Annex Building. According to Untapped Cities, the interior may have been filmed at at Metropolitan Hospital in East Harlem (the same location where New Amsterdam series is filmed).
Image courtesy of Warner Bros and Google Maps

Newark Theater shooting location
There is a scene where Arthur Fleck works as a clown in Market St in Newark, near the old Paramount Theater.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros and Google Maps

Joker Lieux de tournage
The scene pictured was filmed in front of the stunning Loew's Jersey Theatre at 54 Journal Square Plaza in Jersey City. This movie theater, established in 1929, was restored to its former glory in 1996.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros and Google Maps

Joker city
Untapped Cities also reports that the tunnel under the Manhattan Bridge, at 199 Cherry Street on the Lower East Side, was also used for filming. Image courtesy of Warner Bros and Google Maps

Joker drehort
The Wayne Hall is the Hudson County Superior Court in Jersey City.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros and Google Maps

Subway stations
Joker was filmed in several subway stations, including the 18th Avenue station (IND Culver Line, Brooklyn), the Bedford Park Boulevard station (Bronx), and the abandoned lower level of the 9th Avenue Subway Station.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros - 18 Ave Station map/Bedford Park Station map

Twin Donut Plus
The donut store is located at 3396 Jerome Ave (pictured). After a persecution, the Joker is hit by a car below a subway line at Jerome Ave & Macombs Rd in The Bronx. Image courtesy of Warner Bros and Google Maps/Map 2

Joker where filmed
According to The Curious Uptowner, the faded 'Amusement Mile' mural scene was shot in a section of 12th Avenue in Manhattanville, between 133rd and 134th Streets. Image courtesy of Warner Bros and Google Maps

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