Where was Mechanic: Resurrection filmed?

Mechanic Resurrection swimming pool scene with Jason Statham as Arthur Bishop
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The careers of both leading actors Jason Statham (Snatch, Spy) and Jessica Alba (Sin City) have seen better days, but this action-packed summer blockbuster is coming with some interesting locations and a little surprise. So we couldn't resist the temptation of checking in the places where Mechanic: Resurrection was filmed in Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, Australia and Bulgaria.

The movie is the sequel of an original film from 1972 starring Charles macho Bronson, where the elite agent Arthur Bishop is specialized in killing the most dangerous men in the world, by making death look like an accident.

Whatever be the outcome, we hope that at least the crew enjoyed working in the following great locations. Just in case, no spoilers ahead:

Thailand Bangkok Temple Wat Arun
The movie features establishing shots of the Wat Arun temple and Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand. In this new installment, Bishop has to travel the world to save his new girlfriend, Gina.
Image courtesy of Ronald Tagra and Lionsgate

Mechanic Resurrection Island
Maybe you are wondering where is located the resort where Jessica Alba spends most of the time in a bikini.
Image by Ole Pophal

Koh Yao Yai Island Location beach pier aerial view
Koh Yao Yai is one of the less touristically developed islands near Phuket, in the Phang Nga Bay. Actually they are two sister islands (Yai and Noi) separated by this narrow sandbar. Image by courtesy of Lionsgate

Prison island rock cgi effects and boat in the sea
The prison scene was filmed in Chanthaburi (Thailand), but the island itself was made using computer-generated imagery. The Extraction 2020 action movie was also shot in the country; check out its awesome filming locations in our report: Where was Extraction filmed?

Night street scene in George town Penang
Also some filming took place in George Town in Penang, Malaysia.
Image by courtesy of Lionsgate

Mechanic Resurrection pool scene Arthur Bishop hanging
The famous scene of the hanging swimming pool was made pasting in the background Sydney's Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Image by courtesy of Lionsgate

Christ the Redeemer massive statue Brazil
The opening sequence of the movie was filmed in the bay of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Image by Kirilos

Pan de AzĂșcar Film sequence cable car
For some more fun in the heights, the production team was filming near the cable car of the Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio. Image by courtesy of Lionsgate

Scene boat approaching Bulgarian coast
Now we move to the seaside coast in Varna, Bulgaria. The Nu Boyana Film Studios in the capital, Sofia, were used as headquarters for the film, the same place where the interiors of the Ghosts of War house were set. By the way, do you recognize the shape of this intriguing building in the right corner?

Helicopter landing in buzludzha special effects
The designers took as inspiration the spectacular coliseum forgotten on the top of a mountain in Bulgaria!
Image by courtesy of Lionsgate

buzludzha top mountain soviet flying saucer and statues
You can find many more pictures and all the story of Buzludzha, the abandoned communist UFO here in an extensive article that we published some time ago. Image by Rumena Zlatkova

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  1. If you mean to a white sand beach, it's called Lame Haad in Koh Yao Yai - an hideaway island nearby Phuket Thailand

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