Where was Suicide Squad Filmed?

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The new American antihero -or supervillain- summer blockbuster has been filmed mostly in the streets of the Canadian city of Toronto, plus in other minor locations in California. The studios where Suicide Squad was headquartered are Pinewood also in Toronto, and Paramount Studios in Los Angeles.

The cast of this gang of dark and entertaining characters is led by Will Smith as Deadshot, Margot Robbie as the naughty Harley Quinn and Jared Leto as Joker. This team of dangerous criminals will have to save the world (or in this case, the world of Midway City from the DC film universe), in a desperate mission from a secret government agency. Contains no spoilers!

Suicide Squad Filming locations
The production was filming four nights in Yonge Street, one of the busiest in Toronto.
Image by b7378q8

Suicide Squad Film Location
This spectacular tail plane was also seen (and photographed by everyone) in Yonge St.
Image by Indie88 and Jackieredmond

Suicide Squad Toronto
A plane crash scene was set between Bay St and Wellington St West, in the heart of the Financial District.
Image by Jason Cook and GMaps

Suicide Squad Midway
The scene of Deadshot rappelling was shot on location in the SkyWalk that connects Union Station to the Rogers Centre stadium. Image courtesy of Warner Bros and Paul Dex

Suicide Squad Location
It's not rush hour... some monsters were let loose near the subway in Lower Bay Station.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros and Abebenjoe

Suicide Squad scene location
The Eaton Centre mall near Dundas Square appears in the film as the Centre Centre.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros and Gmaps

Suicide Squad Toronto filming
The Union railway station may suffer some damage, after these guys meet here to exchange bad karma with the evil Enchantress. Image courtesy of Warner Bros

Suicide Squad Movie Locations
The city that can be seen in the aerial shots with helicopters is not Toronto, but Chicago.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros

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