Where was Suicide Squad Filmed? Midway City & all the Filming Locations

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Suicide Squad was filmed in the streets of the Canadian city of Toronto, plus in other minor locations in California.

The 2016 American antihero -or supervillain- movie was headquartered at Pinewood Studios in Toronto and Paramount Studios in Los Angeles. If you are looking for the locations where the new 2021 The Suicide Squad was filmed, follow this link.

Where was Suicide Squad Filmed

The new movie is not Suicide Squad 2, because it's not a sequel, but it shares universe and some of the actors of this first -sorry, previous- movie.

The cast of this gang of dark and entertaining characters is led by Will Smith as Deadshot, Margot Robbie as the naughty Harley Quinn, and Jared Leto as Joker.

The dangerous criminals will have to save the world (or in this case, the world of Midway City, the fictional metropolis from the DC film universe), in a desperate mission from a secret government agency.

Here is our guide to all the filming locations of Suicide Squad - Contains no spoilers!

Cicada Club Los Angeles
The restaurant where A.R.G.U.S. director Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) talks to members of the US Government about the Task Force X program is the glamorous, art deco Cicada Club in downtown Los Angeles.

The United States Capitol dome in Washington was CGI'd in the background of S Olive street.
(You can open all the locations on Google Maps by clicking on the links below in the captions ↴)
  Image courtesy of Warner Bros - Map

Deadshot in Toronto
Deadshot's introduction scene was filmed on the top of a building located across the street from the SkyWalk connecting Union Station to the Rogers Centre Stadium near the CN Tower in Toronto.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros - Map

Suicide Squad locations
The Christmas scene with Floyd Lawton and his daughter was filmed outside the Lumsden Building at 6 Adelaide Street E, Toronto.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros - Map

Joker on Yonge Street
The chase scene with Joker, Harley, and Batman was filmed during four nights in Yonge Street, one of the busiest avenues in Toronto.

We have also a cool report about the locations Where Joker was filmed, the 2019 movie set in the DC Universe, that you can check out following this link.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros - Map

Suicide Squad Station
The subway scenes were filmed at Downsview Station (now called Sheppard West) and at the white tiles Lower Bay Station, both in Toronto.

Lower Bay Station was also featured in The Handmaid's Tale and The Boys series.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros - Maps: Sheppard West Lower Bay Station

Midway City Train Terminal
Toronto’s first Union Station doubled as The Midway City Train Terminal.

The exterior was filmed here on location, but the fight scenes in the station's Ticket Lobby or Great Hall were filmed in a set at Pinewood Toronto Studios.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros and Google Maps

Midway City Suicide Squad
The aerial shots with the helicopter is footage filmed in Chicago.

Suicide Squad drehorte
The crash scene was filmed between Bay Street and Wellington Street West, in the heart of the Financial District.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros - Map

John F Ostrander Federal Building
The production brought a spectacular tailplane for the set of the scenes taking place on the streets of Midway City, filmed on Yonge street.

The Eaton Centre Mall near Dundas Square appears in the film as the Elliot Centre.
Image courtesy Warner Bros - Map

Golden Tree bar
Harley steals a purse from a fictional Paris Ready store, because "we are the bad guys, this is what we do".

This is actually the Holt Renfrew Men store at 100 Bloor Street W.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros - Map

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