Where is Into the Badlands filmed?

The AMC post-apocalyptic Kung Fu western is back for the second season. The series have in many aspects, a very original point of view. Into the Badlands put together surprisingly well a mash-up world of neo-feudal lords. The characters fight in elaborate action scenes with swords instead of guns, enhanced with a touch of obsolete technology steampunk.

The cast is lead by talented martial arts practitioner Daniel Wu, and the reincarnation of Ralph Macchio in 84' Karate Kid Aramis Knight, playing a lad who gets into berserker mode when he's bleeding.

To create this retro-futuristic land, Into the Badlands was filmed around New Orleands and Louisiana. However, for the second season the production moved to Ireland. We will be updating regularly the filming locations for this new bunch of 10 episodes, as the season advances.

Into the Badlands filming locations
One of the key locations is the Evergreen Plantation (Wallace, LA), that served as the fort of Baron Quinn.
Image courtesy of AMC

Into the Badlands New Orleans
Evergreen Plantation is the same filming location of Tarantino's Django Unchained. The impressive gate doors from the previous image, were also built at the entrance of this historic landmark from the slavery days.
Image courtesy of AMC and Corey Balazowich

Into the Badlands filming in Louisiana
Pictured, the gardens on back of the house, also featured in the series. The first season was headquartered at the St. John Center Soundstage, where the set of the decaying street was built. According to a local website, the Second Ward school in nearby town of Edgard was also used for filming. Image courtesy of AMC

Into the Badlands location
The cabins of the clippers were filmed in some of the slave quarters preserved in the plantation.
Image courtesy of AMC and Anthony Turducken

Where is Into the Badlands filmed
The majestic oak alley that appears in several sequences, also belong to the same complex.
Image courtesy of AMC and Alexey Sergeev

Where is The Fort Into the Badlands
The training grounds of the fighters were shot in the abandoned 19th-Century fortress Fort Macomb.
Image courtesy of AMC and Barbara Spengler

Into the Badlands filmed in New Orleans
The Chef Menteur Bridge is just a few feet away from Fort Macomb.
Image courtesy of AMC and C Hanchey

Where was Into the Badlands shot
The Lodge of the Widow was located at the Longue Vue House and Gardens in downtown New Orleans.
Image courtesy of AMC and Justin Kray

Into the Badlands film locations
The neglected Luling Mansion was used as the hideout of the butterfly's army.
Image courtesy of AMC and Google Maps

Into the Badlands Factory
In the second episode there is a fight in the Market Street Power Plant, an early 20th Century industrial complex that has been in disuse for decades. Image by Jason Paris and Michael Winters

Into the Badlands Drehorte
The meeting with the River King takes place near the Mississippi on Patterson Dr.
Image courtesy of AMC

Where does Into the Badlands take place
The fight scene from episode four was filmed in the historic Lafayette cemetery.
Image courtesy of AMC and Mksfca

Into the Badlands filming locations for the second season in Ireland

Where are the Badlands
We don't know yet if this new season is going to take us to Azra, but it seems that the landscapes are going to have a very different look. The show was filmed in the green fields of Wicklow county, the same shooting locations for Vikings.
Image courtesy of AMC

Into the Badlands filmed in Dublin
Watching the trailer is possible to recognize the Elizabethan style of Killruddery House, some 12 miles south of Dublin.
Image courtesy of AMC and Egita Feldberga

Where are Into the Badlands filmed in Ireland
We can see the butterfly colors outside the gates of the Powerscourt Estate.
Image courtesy of AMC and Google Maps

Where is Into the Badlands shot
Apparently, the monks who took M.K. away are now trainning below the Powerscourt Waterfall.
Image courtesy of AMC and Kilgarron

Into the Badlands shooting location
A commando sneaks into the overflow spillway (or The Glory Hole) Vartry Reservoir, Roundwood.
Image by Stella Stenroos

Can you help finding the missing filming locations for Into the Badlands? To complete and correct this report, any feedback, info or images that you may have are more than welcome, thank you!

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