Filming Locations: Where was Django Unchained filmed? The Plantation House

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With Django Unchained (2012), Quentin Tarantino updated western movie cliches according to his distinctive point of view.

Tarantino was sitting in the director's chair three years after massacring nazis in Inglourious Basterds. We are seizing the opportunity to visit some great filming locations in the States where Django Unchained was filmed.

Jamie Foxx as Django Unchained

From the swampy wild wetlands of Louisiana and its Gone With the Wind era mansions to the dusty Alabama Hills in California, including Wyoming’s frozen Grand Tetons, we have curated some tremendous shots that we would like to share with you before the blood flies:

Django Unchained House
Django Unchained takes the spectator back to the slavery days on the banks of Mississippi.

Tarantino visited the famous Oak Alley Plantation, but it was finally discarded in favor of the Evergreen Plantation.
Image by Clément Bardot

The Plantation House oak alley
Oak-shrouded lanes blurred by fog leading up to the property.

The NBC series Council of Dads house also features an awesome oak alley, filmed near Savannah (Georgia).
Image by Alexey Sergeev

Django Unchained Plantation
Evergreen Plantation preserves 22 slave quarters and is included in the Louisiana African American Heritage Trail for its quality and significance.
Image by Michael McCarthy

Barataria Preserve
The wetlands of Barataria Preserve are nearby, still in Louisiana.

Barataria Preserve is the most extensive section of Jean Lafitte National Park, just a few miles from downtown New Orleans.
Image by Alexey Sergeev

Jean Lafitte National Park
Cypress trunk and knees covered by duckweed. The waterways can be explored by canoe or kayak.

The hostile look of the swamps gives you an idea of the risk you take venturing within with the master on your heels... You'd be entering a territory where alligators could be very close, hidden under a pile of leaves and dirt.

Just try to not step away from the trail and enjoy the wide variety of wildlife living in this atmospheric reserve.
Image by Alexey Sergeev

Scene in the snowed Grand Teton
Next scene location: the suggestively named Grand Teton mountains in Wyoming.

The Grand Teton National Park is a wondrous section of the Rocky Mountains, kinda far from everywhere...

Django Unchained drehort
Flying to Jackson Hole is one of the easiest ways to get near the Tetons.

The bath scene was filmed at Kelly Warm Springs, and a few shots were recorded in the National Elk Refuge.
Image by Dave Hensley

Django Unchained Filming Locations
Extreme photography. That's the spirit, risking your life to get the best images.

A critical review of the film in Rotten Tomatoes says: "Bold, bloody, and stylistically daring, Django Unchained is another incendiary masterpiece from Quentin Tarantino."
Image by Dave Hensley

Where was Django Unchained filmed
Our last stop is the first scene of the movie: The rounded boulders of Alabama Hills in California.
Image by Columbia Pictures

Opening Scene
These potato-shaped rocks are a popular filming location. After all, they are not so far from Hollywood.
Image by Joe Decruyenaere

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