Where was Prisoners filmed? Guide to all the Filming Locations

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Released in 2013, Prisoners is an absorbing mystery thriller, at times resembling a true-crime documentary, about the kidnapping of two young girls and the father's desperate attempts to find them before is too late.

Set in the fictional town of Conyers in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Prisoners was entirely filmed in Georgia.

Prisoners location

The film was directed by Denis Villeneuve, who delivered later on some of the best science-fiction movies of the last few years (Blade Runner 2049 in 2017 and Dune in 2021).

Hugh Jackman, known for his role as Logan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, starred as Keller Dover. Jake Gyllenhaal (Donnie Darko, Brokeback Mountain) plays Detective Loki, who is haunted by the case.

Welcome to Conyers and our comprehensive guide to (almost) all the filming locations of Prisoners.

The Prisoners town location

Conyers Pennsylvania
The film is set in Conyers, Pennsylvania, but a lot of the action was shot in Conyers, Georgia.

As in the movie, the Dover's and the Birch's houses are located in the same neighborhood, situated on the outskirts of this town.

The creepy campervan was parked out in front of a house at 674 Greenview Avenue SE.
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Image courtesy of Warner Bros. - Map

Prisoners house
The Dover family house, located at 700 Deering Road SE, has been refurbished since the movie was filmed at the beginning of 2013.

According to Realtor, this four-bedroom home built in 1988 has an estimated market price of US$200,000.

This is a private residence - if you are visiting, please be considerate of the owners’ property.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Franklin Birch's house
The Birch family home, where the neighbors are celebrating Thanksgiving, is a house at 2903 High Brook Way SE.

Built in 1984 in Colonial-Revival style, this three-bedroom detached house has an estimated market price of US$250,000.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. - Map

Prisoners restaurant
Detective Loki appears for the first time on a rainy night, eating at a Chinese restaurant.

This diner was filmed at The Original Pancake House, a casual breakfast restaurant located at 5099 Memorial Drive in Stone Mountain.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. and Google Maps

76 gas station
The gas station is the 76 gas station located at 1605 Troy Smith Road in Monroe.

At the time of filming in 2013, it was a blue Chevron station.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. and Google Maps

The Mill at Yellow River
The local police organized a search party, portrayed in a beautiful shot where the camera goes under the river bridge.

This scene was filmed at The Mill at Yellow River in Porterdale, a three-story brick building built in 1899.

This beautifully restored old mill is today a popular wedding venue in the Covington area, the town where Sweet Magnolias was filmed.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. - Map

The Conyers police station
The scene at the police station, where the lead suspect Paul Dano (played by Alex Jones) is going to be released, was filmed in a building at 4916 N Royal Atlanta Drive in Tucker.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. and Google Maps

Value Mall
A shopping center at 5615 Memorial Drive in Stone Mountain served as the gloomy Value Mall where Detective Loki goes following a clue about one of the case's suspects.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. and Google Maps

The Prisoners house

Where was Prisoners filmed
Alex's aunt, Holly Jones (played by Melissa Leo), lives in a house at 1634 Phillips Road in Lithonia.

The guys at Going to the Movies reported that the interior rooms of the house and the opening sequence of the movie, where Dover and his son Ralph hunting a deer, were also filmed here.

Ralph Dover was played by Dylan Minnette, who became famous for his role as Clay in the 13 Reasons Why Netflix series.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. and Google Maps

Keller Dover house
Keller Dover's old family house is an abandoned property still standing at 651 James P Brawley Drive Northwest near Downtown Atlanta.

According to the real-estate website Redfin, this 6,600-square-foot building constructed in 1961 was last sold in 1986 for about $42,800.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. and Google Maps

Wine and Spirits liquor store
The Wine and Spirits liquor store was located just around the corner from the abandoned house, in the warehouse of a food products supplier company called Paulsen Foods.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. and Google Maps

Maze drawings house
The Movie District reported that Bob Taylor's house, covered in maze drawings and filled with locked crates with snakes, is a three-bedroom property located at 4261 Raptor Place in Snellville.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. - Map

The Conyers Pennsylvania hospital
The Wellstar Urgent Care in River Park on Cleveland Avenue in East Point served as the hospital that appears at the end of the movie.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. and Google Maps

Wellstar East Point Urgent Care
The entrance to the emergency room of the hospital was filmed in the same complex, at Wellstar East Point Urgent Care.

Prisoners church drehorte
The only relevant missing location is the small white church of the scene with the former priest, Patrick Dunn.

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