Filming Locations: Where was Logan filmed?

Where was Logan filmed
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The third installment of the saga based on the character of Wolverine (the tenth in the X-Men film series), takes place in the near future. Logan is getting old and tired, and he's hiding from the world with Professor X, who can't control his powers because of Alzheimer.

In this decadent context, the arrival of a young mutant called Laura Kinney (Dafne Keen), will spark the action of this story also starring Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart.

Logan was primarily filmed in the states of Louisiana, New Mexico and Mississippi, and here are some of the most interesting filming locations for this new Marvel movie (no spoilers ahead!):

Logan Locations
In the state of Louisiana, the crew was filming in Amite City, near Bell Road and Husser. The scene pictured was shot in the Greenlawn Cemetery in Hammond. Image by courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Helicopter action scene
In Ferriday, the production used some buildings from the Shopping Center and filming took place on Route 425, on the way to Clayton. Cast and crew were also shooting in the High School of Sicily Island and in a farmhouse located near this small town. Image by courtesy of 20th Century Fox

NASA Michoud Assembly Facility
The production was based in the Big Easy Studios, located at the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, the city where Unhinged was filmed. A fight scene was also shot outside this complex. Image by Google Maps

Hotel Logan
The hotel and casino in Oklahoma City was filmed at Harrah's New Orleans Hotel.
Image by Google Maps

Metairie Aloha Motel
The skyline of Metairie is featured in the scene pictured. The movie was filming in the Aloha Motel. In Mississippi, the team was filming a sequence involving trucks for two weeks, near the small city of Natchez. Image by courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Photog Metairie

Water tower set
The elaborate set with a toppled water tower was built outside the Northern Meadows community in Rio Rancho (New Mexico). The interiors were filmed in a soundstage in Big Easy Studios. Image by courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Logan drehort
Eden was shot at the white cliffs of Plaza Blanca in Abiquiu.
Image by Dennis Crabtree

Albuquerque scenery
Some more shooting took place in Albuquerque, Tierra Amarilla and Chama.
Image by Gardener 41

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  1. Eden appears to be the area of Abiquiu, NM, as it resembles Plaza Blanca. Near the end, when Laura is looking through the large binoculars, Cerro Pedernal is clearly visible in the frame. Artist Georgia O'Keeffe's ashes were scattered atop this mesa as it was her favorite. Posted by Room 111 Photography 08 April 2017.

  2. The gas station is the 66 Pit Stop located on the western outskirts of Albuquerque, New Mexico within the boundaries of the Laguna Pueblo reservation. The 66 Pit Stop is also home to one of the best green chile cheeseburgers in New Mexico.

  3. The final scenes in the movie had to be in Oregon. I spent 45 days there last summer exploring the entire state and the small body of water in front of the bluffs looks exactly like a place in a state park that I visited. The forest and the entire landscape looks like Oregon to me.

    1. The final scene had to be in Northern New Mexico. Oregon is much more green and New Mexico has 4 out of the 5 climates.

    2. It was filmed in Chama New Mexico at Corkin's Lodge.

  4. None of the scenes looked like South or North Dakota. So why the kept saying they were coming here didn't add up. There are no trees or mountains in the dakotas

    1. Had to make it seem they were coming from the south to the north.

    2. You clearly haven't been to the Dakota's...ever heard of Mt. Rushmore....

  5. The high school looks like the Highland High School in Albuquerque where I went to school. Is the same high school?

    1. Yes, I thought that I saw the Highland gym - go Hornets!

  6. Yes, it also kept the Highland Hornets name.

  7. I'm watching the movie as I write this. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it but the scene where Logan buys the truck was in a parking lot across from Gennaro's,which is in Metairie,Louisiana.the bar scene is in Gennaro's I used to work there

  8. What about the cheap motel? Is that in Metarie? And is that the same motel in "Family of Lies"??


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