Welcome to Duffy, Georgia: Where was Heels filmed?

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The Starz Network eight-episode show revolves around the world of professional wrestling, focusing on a family that owns a small promotion, the Duffy Wrestling League.

Set in the fictional town of Duffy in Georgia, Heels was filmed in and around Atlanta.

Where is Heels filmed

Stephen Amell (Green Arrow on The CW superhero series Arrow) plays Jack Spade, who leads the family business performing as a "heel", the wrestling bad guy or villain. His brother Ace, played by Vikings' Alexander Ludwig, is the local star, acting as a "face", the hero.

Completing the main cast are Alison Luff as Jack's wife, Staci Spade, Kelli Berglund as valet and Ace's love interest, Crystal Tyler, and Mary McCormack as Willie Day, the Spade brother's business partner.

Atlas of Wonders has tracked down the real filming locations where the Duffy Wrestling League takes place:

The town of Duffy, GA

Heels city in Georgia
The village of Palmetto, located 25 miles south of Atlanta in Fulton County doubles for most of the locations set in Duffy.

The church where family and friends attend the service at the beginning of the pilot episode, "Kayfabe", is the First United Methodist of Palmetto.
(You can open all the locations on Google Maps by clicking on the links below in the captions ↴)
Image courtesy of Starz - Map

Duffy Water System
The Duffy Water System shown in the establishing shots is actually the Palmetto Water System tower, situated near the church downtown.

This historical town, which had three cotton gins and two cotton warehouses, is located on the Atlanta and West Point railroad line.

Duffy Georgia
The Duffy Wrestling League headquarters is located under the Spurlin Water Tower at the Palmetto Cotton Mills.

The exterior scenes were filmed here on location, but, as you can see, the top of the old Duffy Railyard depot was made using some digital magic.
Image courtesy of Starz and Google Maps

Duffy Wrestling League
We reckon that the interior of the wrestling arena was filmed on a soundstage at the studios in Atlanta, with the top windows added via CGI.

However, the set of the ring seems inspired by the old Pullman Yard in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta, pictured at the bottom.

This 27-acre property used to be a large workshop to repair railroad sleeper cars. In 2017, this place was acquired by a company to redevelop it into a commercial and residential area.

This place has been featured as a filming location in many productions, including The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Baby Driver, and Boss Level.
Image courtesy of Starz and Thomas Hawk - Map

Heels series location
Some more scenes in the town were filmed in Palmetto, including the scene pictured, where the kids are scared of Jack Spade, filmed at the 1918 railroad underpass.

Also, according to the Facebook group The A-Scene, the series was filmed at the Cumming Country Fair and Festival grounds, but this scene has not been aired yet.
Image courtesy of Starz - Map

Heels house
Both the interior and exterior scenes of the Ideal Sports Bar from the second episode, "Dusty Finish", were filmed in a real pub located at 1953 Lakewood Avenue SE in Atlanta.
Image courtesy of Starz - Map

Heels drehorte
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One scene was filmed at The Rick Ross Mansion because my husband was in the pool scene. This scene has not aired yet.


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