Where was Boss Level filmed? Guide to ALL the Filming Locations

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The time-loop sci-fi flick Boss Level was primarily filmed in and around Atlanta, in Georgia.

Roy Pulver is a retired soldier trapped in an endless Groundhog Day-esque world, inhabited by a squad of assassins who take turns killing him over and over again.

After trying hundreds of attempts, like playing a video game, Roy finally discovers what's going on.

Frank Grillo and Selina Lo

The sensational cast is headed by Frank Grillo (Crossbones in the Captain America movies, Prison Break, The Purge) as Roy Pulver, Naomi Watts (Mulholland Drive, Penguin Bloom) as his ex-wife Jemma, Mel Gibson as Colonel Clive Ventor, and Michelle Yeoh (Sword of Destiny, Crazy Rich Asians) as the sword-master Dai Feng.

Boss Level is not a filming locations movie, but we loved this action-comedy film, so here is our report:

The Boss Level house
The apartment where Roy wakes up every morning at the sound of a machete slicing into the headboard of his bed is located at Mitchell Street and Forsyth Street in downtown Atlanta.

The iconic mural of a huge upside-down alligator is just around the corner along a wall at 209 Mitchell Street.

The Friedman's Shoes shop on the ground floor of the building also appeared in Black Panther, doubling as a secret CIA site.
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Image courtesy of Hulu - Map

The chase scene and the bus
After knocking out the guy screaming at a date-rape volume, the car chase onboard the orange Challenger Mustang starts.

The encounter with the bus of the Church of the Eternal Resurrection takes place a block away from the house, at the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr Dr and Peachtree Street (we can see the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in the background).

In the attempts in which Roy succeeds to skip the bus, the sequence continues driving in Whitehall St, passing through the Shell Gas station.
Image courtesy of Hulu - Maps: Bus intersection / Whitehall St

The Kaboom warehouse
The section of the movie in the neglected warehouse, where Roy blows up Pam's car (played by Meadow Williams), was filmed at the old Pullman Yard in the Kirkwood neighborhood.

This 27-acre property used to be a large workshop to repair railroad sleeper cars. In 2017, this place was acquired by a company to redevelop it into a creative state-of-the-art commercial and residential area with restaurants, entertainment soundstages, and a cultural community with hiking trails.

The Baby Driver action thriller movie also filmed some scenes here.
Image courtesy of Thomas Hawk - Map

Boss Level Restaurant
Roy's only break-time spot is the Asian diner Noodles Cafe, run by friendly Chef Jake (played by comedian Ken Jeong from The Hangover film series).

We reckon that the interior of the restaurant is probably a set built in the studios, although the exterior may be filmed somewhere else in Atlanta Chinatown.

The scene with the harpoon guy was filmed outside the 717 Parking G4 in Atlanta on Fairlie St NW (Fairlie-Poplar District). This location was also featured in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series.
Image courtesy of Hulu - Garage Map

Dynow Laboratories
The huge lobby of the Dynow Laboratories, where was developed the Osiris Spindle device, is the Building C of the Georgia World Congress Center in downtown Atlanta.

This huge complex is the third-largest convention center in the United States. The interior hall of the S.W.O.R.D. headquarters in Marvel's WandaVision was filmed in the main hall of the GWCC.
Image courtesy of Hulu - Map

Defender retro arcade
The Defender retro arcade where Roy meets her son, Joe who's playing Capcom's legendary videogame Street Fighter II, is located in Underground Atlanta at Peachtree Fountains Plaza.

First opened in 1969, this historic area is now a shopping and entertainment center.
Image courtesy of Hulu and Google Maps

Boss Level drehorte
Roy and Joe (played by Grillo's actual offspring, Rio Grillo), observe Atlanta's skyline (and the end of the world) from the Midtown Reflection point in Piedmont Park.
Image courtesy of Hulu - Map

Boss Level City
The stunning Dynow Labs lounge, decorated with Chinese warriors sculptures of the Terracotta Army of Xian, is worthy of a final boss level.

We loved the Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark reference in the sword fight with Guan Yin. However, a behind-the-scenes video revealed that it was a set build in a studio sound stage.

Firing squad
Atlanta Magazine reported that the second unit filmed generic shots at MARTA’s Oakland City Station and near the Georgia Aquarium.

Some other reports mentioned that the production was shooting scenes in Decatur and Savannah, but we couldn't confirm this.

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