Where was Jupiter's Legacy filmed? The House and ALL the Filming Locations

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If you have seen Amazon’s The Boys and Netflix’s newest superhero series, Jupiter’s Legacy, you may have a sense of familiarity. Both have a realistic and gritty approach to the genre, compared to the Marvel and DC universes, although we miss the dark humor of the Amazon series.

Also as in The Boys, Jupiter's Legacy was filmed in and around the city of Toronto in Canada.

The series features a few cool period houses and interesting filming locations, although many key scenes, like the ones taking place on the island, were created using digital effects.

Where is Jupiter's Legacy filmed

The show is based on the comic book by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely, first published in 2013. The story follows the first generation of heroes who got their powers in the 1930s, and their children, who struggle to uphold their parents’ values and code in an increasingly complex and ever-changing world.

Welcome to the most complete guide to the filming locations of Jupiter's Legacy that you can find. Now let’s get started.

Jupiter's Legacy city
The exterior facade of the Union of Justice headquarters is a digital creation inspired by Toronto's Old City Hall.

The press conference scene from the second episode, "Paper and Stone", was filmed at the main gate at 60 Queen Street West (pictured beneath).
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Union of Justice building
It seems that a lot of CGI was involved in the creation of the interiors and the Grand Hall with the hexagonal table of the Union building. Jupiter's Legacy was filmed on the sound stages at Pinewood Toronto Studios.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

By Dawn's Early Light
Toronto Filming reported that the production was recording a sequence on Adelaide Street, between Yonge and Bay Streets in downtown Toronto.

This is the location of one of the action scenes of episode one, "By Dawn's Early Light", with the gang wearing monkey masks, the supervillain, and Paragon. However, the interior hall of the glass building was filmed somewhere else.
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Sampson Steel factory
The Sampson Steel Mill in 1929 Chicago is the Cotton Factory in Hamilton, with a bit of CGI.

This historic industrial complex was also featured as a location in The Umbrella Academy series.
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Sampson Steel Building
Chester, Sheldon and Walter’s father, jumps from the top of the company skyscraper after the stock market crash. The Sampson's Steel headquarters exterior is the Canada Permanent Trust Building at 320 Bay Street in Toronto.

Completed between 1928 and 1930, the architecture and fittings of this 18-story edifice are of the Art Deco style.
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Chloe apartment
The exterior of Chloe's apartment building with palm trees may be some stock footage from somewhere in Florida or California, but the interior is from a luxurious house at 12 Winton Road in Hoggs Hollow.

This nearly 10,000 square feet property has a market value of $10 million. The opulent five-bedroom and seven-bathroom home includes a movie theatre, elevator, aquarium, solarium, swimming pool, and billiards room, although only the living room was featured in the series.
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Jupiter's Legacy house
George Hutchence's house is actually an amalgam of several locations. The corridor and the library where the butler greeted him in the morning are from the famous Casa Loma in Toronto.

Many shows and movies have been filmed in this magnificent Gothic revival style manor, including Tiny Pretty Things, Crimson Peak, and Polar.
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Jupiter's Legacy locations
However, the massive hall where George had 99 eggs prepared every morning at increasing degrees is the monumental Strachan Hall at Trinity College in Toronto.

Although it looks older, because it follows the Harry Potteresque style of the medieval dining halls of Cambridge and Oxford, this structure was completed in 1941.
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Toronto Rebel night club
The scenes in the club were filmed at Toronto's Rebel night club in the Lower Don Lands area.
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Farmhouse in Kansas
According to a filming notification from the township of Cavan Monaghan, the village in Kansas from episode four, "All the Devils Are Here", was filmed in Millbrook, Ontario.

The production modified the storefronts on King Street, between Tupper and Union Street, to resemble the look of decades ago. The farmhouse seems like a CGI creation.
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Jupiter's Legacy drehorte
In episode five, "What's the Use?", Sheldon meets Hutch in a restaurant where they teleport to a club. The eatery was filmed at George Street Diner in Toronto's Old Town, a location also featured in The Boys.
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Filming in Toronto
Also in episode 5, the exterior of Walter's mansion is the University College of the University of Toronto. Opened in 1859, this is U of T’s oldest and most iconic heritage building.
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Set in Los Angeles California
Atlas of Wonders has also tracked down the location of the warehouse in Los Angeles where Lady Liberty finds Ghost Beam (Janna), after fighting against Baryon in episode six, "Cover Her Face". The Hearn Generating Electrical Station in Toronto's Port Lands area was built in 1951 and decommissioned in 1983.

The complex has been used to host parties, festivals, and as a filming location for several productions including the 2019 superhero parody movie Shazam!
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Jupiter's Legacy island beach
The beach is almost the only inch of the island, in the Atlantic ocean near Safi in Morocco, that looks real. The landing of the six chosen ones was filmed at Bluffer's Park Beach in Scarborough, located just a 30-minute drive from downtown Toronto.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Omnes Pro Uno
The security complex in Shenzhen, China, from the last episode, "How it All Ends", was filmed at the Fort York Visitor Centre situated under the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto.

This is the same location where many scenes of The Handmaid's Tale season four were filmed.
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The cast is headed by Josh Duhamel as Sheldon Sampson / The Utopian, Ben Daniels as Walter Sampson / Brainwave, Leslie Bibb as Grace Kennedy-Sampson / Lady Liberty, Elena Kampouris as Grace and Sheldon's daughter, Chloe Sampson, Andrew Horton as Chloe's brother, Brandon Sampson / The Paragon, Matt Lanter as George Hutchence / Skyfox, Ian Quinlan as George's son "Hutch" Hutchence, and Tyler Mane as Blackstar, the powerful supervillain who reads romance novels (The Forbidden Touch) during his stay in the Supermax prison.

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