Filming Locations: Where was Crimson Peak filmed?

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A blonde maid in white robes carrying a chandelier in the dark, things that creep upon the corridors, a mysterious attic in a haunted mansion... These are very cliche elements of the subgenre haunted-house movie, but also very promising in the hands of director Guillermo del Toro. The creator of the masterpiece Pan's Labyrinth comes back with a Victorian Gothic horror film, that in words of Stephen King is "gorgeous and just fucking terrifying."

The amazing pictures of the mansion Crimson Peak, reminds the atmosphere and light that the Italian maestro Dario Argento got in the creepy dance academy of Suspiria. On that occasion back in the seventies, the scenery had a touch of a whimsical Art Deco style. But according to an interview, Del Toro is aiming higher, to the Mount Everest of the haunted-house terror films: Stanley Kubrick's The shining (and the new movie Doctor Sleep filmed in Atlanta.

But let's go back to the world of Crimson Peak, that takes place in the late nineteenth century. The entire film was shot in Canada, around Toronto, but in fiction we are in what is today Cumbria, (or the historic Cumberland), the most northwesterly county of England, bordering Scotland. This article contains no spoilers, for this you just have to watch the trailer (that too often seems a summary of the film in two minutes):

Crimson Peak House location
The house of Crimson Peak is the real star of the film, but where is it located?
Image courtesy of Legendary Pictures

Crimson Peak Manor
Unfortunately, it only existed in a stage of Pinewood Toronto Studios. The interiors of Crimson Peak manor were painstakingly recreated in a set. Once filming ended, they were dismantled for good.
Image courtesy of Legendary Pictures

Crimson Peak Locations
The neo Gothic architecture facade of Allerdale Hall also doesn't exist, it's all a product of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). Image courtesy of Legendary Pictures

Where is the house of Crimson Peak
The library of the Gothic revival style house Casa Loma in Toronto, was the set for a ballroom scene (below). The production was also filming in some bedrooms and in the stables. Image by Karim Rezk

Crimson Peak Filming locations
Ball where the beauty Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland, Only Lovers Left Alive) will meet seductive stranger that... sorry, we said no spoilers! Image courtesy of Legendary Pictures

Crimson Peak shooting locations
Tom Hiddleston (also Only Lovers Left Alive, Thor), is the man who... whoops, have you seen those stained glass windows in the background? Image courtesy of Legendary Pictures

Crimson Peak Scene location
They belong to the Masonic Scottish Rite Club building in Hamilton, Ontario. Several key scenes of the acclaimed TV show The Handmaid's Tale have been also filmed here. Image by Alexander Synaptic

Crimson Peak filming locations Hamilton
Many outdoor scenes were also filmed using this Victorian Masonic building as a background.
Image by John Piercy

Crimson Peak Castle
Still in Hamilton, the production filmed some sequences in the gardens of Dundurn Castle.
Image by CO1867

Crimson Peak movie set location
In one of them it looks like the characters are having a Victorian picnic.
Image by Mike Karschti

Crimson Peak Kingston
This is a picture from the set next to Kingston city hall, where a big (Victorian) market place was recreated.
Image by Monty Man

Crimson Peak filming locations Toronto
The scenes in Cushing's office were filmed at Victoria College from the University of Toronto.
Image by Alexandra Guerson

The Locke and Key house is also an awesome haunted house; find all the filming locations of the Netflix series following this link!

Film Location Crimson Peak
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For further information we recommend the gorgeous deluxe book Crimson Peak: The Art of Darkness filled with interviews, striking concept art, stunning photography, and everything else you would like to know about this eerie production.
If you are a fan of film director Guillermo del Toro and his dark creations, you'll enjoy Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters: Inside His Films, Notebooks, and Collections, that also includes material from Crimson Peak. Also the acclaimed volume Guillermo del Toro Cabinet of Curiosities: My Notebooks, Collections, and Other Obsessions, provides a wonderful insight into the mind of the creator of a masterpiece like Pan’s Labyrinth:


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  1. Its set in Cumberland. Cumbria is the modern region that encompasses cumberland and another region.

  2. Thanks for your accurate clarification!

  3. Not just the outside of the house was CG, a lot of the interior spaces as well were CG, but they were so well done you'd never know it was all digitally created.

  4. Amazing film, one of the most atmospheric I've ever seen

  5. The scenes in Cushing's office were filmed in Victoria College.


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