The Dangerous Lies House: Where was Dangerous Lies filmed?

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Dangerous Lies -previously known as Windfall- is a Netflix thriller starring Riverdale star Camila Mendes and Jessie Usher, A-Train from the series The Boys.

Dangerous Lies was filmed in Vancouver metropolitan area.

Camila Mendes in Dangerous Lies

Set in Chicago, the story revolves around Katie Franklin and Adam Kettner, a young couple who are working in precarious jobs until Katie is hired as a caretaker to a wealthy old man, Leonard Wellesley.

After his sudden death, Mr. Wellsley leaves Katie his splendid house, located in a comfortable neighborhood of the city.

Here is our spoiler-free report of the filming locations of Dangerous Lies.

Katie diner hamburger cafe
The fast-food restaurant in South Chicago where Katie works actually exists! As in the movie, the eatery is called the Smile Diner.

Open for business on West Pender Street in Vancouver (near the fictional Coral Restaurant in Seattle), this family-owned retro diner serves Canadian and Chinese food.
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Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Neon lights eatery street scene
Located in the city's downtown district, the Smile Diner's backyard features views of the Vancouver Lookout tower.

Katie's agency is situated in Homer St. The film also shows a few establishing shots of Chicago's skyline.

The Dangerous Lies House
Mr. Wellsley home is located on a corner at 127 Queens Ave and 2nd Street in New Westminster.

This Prairie-style house features a classical column porch with a large external staircase and a beautifully landscaped garden.

The property was also used in the pilot episode of The CW Charmed series.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Nelson’s Folly manor interior rooms
The intriguing mansion has even got a name: the Nelson’s Folly. The gorgeous estate was built in 1913 by Nels Nelson, a wealthy Brewery businessman.

All the interiors were filmed here, showing off a dazzling stained glass ceiling that, to be honest, looks like it has been CGI'd to the scene.

Bank headquarters sequence
The Imperial Bank of Chicago exteriors were shot in the Kuhn LLP offices at 32160 S Fraser Way in Abbotsford.

This is the same town of the Applebarn Pumpkin Farm, where is located the set of the Sabrina series house.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Scenes Vancouver downtown
The attorney's bureau (Jamie Chung as Julia), is the Harbour Convention Centre in the Plaza of Nations, near the BC place stadium.

Detective Chester (Sasha Alexander) meets his colleague Johnson in an alley to check out some... rubbish bins.

The crime scene, showing in the background Vancouver's Holy Rosary Cathedral bell tower, was filmed in the parking lot of the Smile restaurant.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Maps: Harbour Convention Centre / Alley

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