Where is Sabrina filmed? Greendale and Season 3 Filming Locations

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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina TV series is based upon the Archie comic book of the same name. The teenage witch is trying to balance a normal life between her dual nature, half-mortal, half-witch, whilst battling against the dark forces that are haunting her town.

From the producers of Riverdale, Sabrina is also happening in the same universe as the popular The CW show, so fans were expecting to see crossovers between characters and storylines. Kiernan Shipka (Sally from Mad Men and the star of the 2020 Christmas movie that you can check out in our post Where was Let it snow filmed?), leads the cast of the new Netflix series, which has already been shooting both the first and the second seasons back to back.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was filmed in Metro Vancouver, Canada, and takes place in the fictional town of Greendale. This is the most complete and updated list of filming locations that you can find online. including the third season (or as Netflix call it, part 3) of the show:

Cerberus Books set
Like Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe in Riverdale, Cerberus Books is Sabrina's troupe favourite hang. It was filmed in Cloverdale (to the east of the city of Surrey), in a building that used to be Dann’s Electronics and Bowerbird Stop Antiques. Also on the same street, the Cloverdale Learning Centre was transformed into Drew's Jams Preserves.
(You can open all the locations on Google Maps clicking on the links below in the captions ↴)
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Sabrina secondary school
Sabrina's Baxter High School exteriors were filmed at Lord Strathcona Elementary School (pictured) and David Lloyd George Elementary in Vancouver. Just as Riverdale, the time and the place in which Sabrina is set are a bit ambiguous. The first comic books came out in the 60s, hence the retro look of the series. Image courtesy of Netflix and Lord Strathcona Map - David Lloyd George Map

Greendale on location exterior scenes
Greendale remains us to other fictional towns witchcraft-infested like Elden, France. The exteriors of the movie theater from the first episode were shot in an adult strip club called the Paramount Gentlemen’s Club in New Westminster. The interiors are from the historic Vogue Theatre in Granville Street (Vancouver), a stylish Art Deco building from 1941. Many productions have taken advantage of the nice architecture of the area. You can check out here the last one in our report about the new Netflix series: Where is Virgin River filmed?).
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps - Paramount Gentlemen’s Club Map - Vogue Theatre Map

Sabrina house location
According to Hollywood North, the atmospheric set of Spellman Sisters Mortuary (the funeral house of the Spellman sisters Hilda and Zelda), was built on private property in north Langley. However, all the interior rooms were painstakingly built in a soundstage. Harvey’s House is a farmhouse situated in Delta. The crew was also filming at Applebarn Pumpkin Farm in Abbotsford and in a private farm in Surrey. Image courtesy of Netflix - Farm Map

enchanted hanging tree scene
Thanks to an anonymous comment, we've found out that the enchanted hanging tree is located on the meadows of the Redwood Park in South Surrey. Scenes in the forest and the dark baptism might be filmed on the grounds of the park, a large forest of exotic trees, boasting the tallest tree species in the world and a few miles of scenic nature trails. Whatsfilming.ca gave us some more clues about the shooting locations of Sabrina. They include Panther Paintball in Surrey, Belcarra Regional Park and Barnet Marine Park in Burnaby.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Store night shoot
The parking lot where the football boys are drinking in the second episode is the Cypress Park Market in West Vancouver. The exteriors of the mine where the witches take the boys were filmed at Britannia Mine Museum in Britannia Beach. Also the series Altered Carbon used as filming location this old complex.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Academy of Unseen Arts facade
Thanks to our readers we discovered the exteriors of The Academy of Unseen Arts: It's the old Coghlan Substation in Langley at 6835 256th St, by the BC Electric Railway. The building was part of the infrastructure of the old Fraser Valley Line of Vancouver’s commuter streetcar system, connecting the city with Chilliwack. Nowadays it has been converted into an art studio space. Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Winged Demon statue soundstage
The production is based in the same studio where Riverdale is filmed in North Langley (at 20146 100a Avenue), where most of the interior scenes are shot. We also have a dedicated article about where is Nancy Drew filmed?, the new The CW production also shot in Vancouver. Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

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  1. The last picture is the cypress park market, in west Vancouver. The address is 4360 Marine Dr, West Vancouver, BC V7V 1P1

  2. Hi, I'm thinking this might be the location for the School of the Unseen Arts.

    1. Wow, awesome! Thanks a lot for your help, Kate :)

  3. I think it's actually the Coghlan Substation in Langley (6900 256 Street)

  4. You have the wrong location for the School of Unseen Arts. It's a similar station from the former BC Electric Railroad, but it is not the Sumas station. It is located on 256 St just north of 68ave in the Township of Langley. If you look at the current google streetview you can even see work being done to clean up the front of the station, as well as filming direction signs pointing to the set on 256 across from the driveway. The property is currently owned and used as an art studio, see coghlanart.com . Additional information about the former station is here: http://vancouvertraces.weebly.com/coghlan-substation.html This station and the previous identified Sumas Station are the only 2 of these remaining.

    1. You are right, there are filming direction signs on the road. Many thanks for pointing that out, it's corrected now.

  5. In the episode where the three girls take the boys into the mine. The exterior at least is the at Brittania Mine Museum.

  6. The hanging tree can be found in Redwood Park in Surrey. I believe a lot of the other forest scenes were filmed there as well. 17900 20 Ave, Surrey, BC V3S 9V2

    1. Thanks a lot for your help finding these ones, updated!


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