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Emergence where filmed
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Who is Piper? The new ABC's supernatural series Emergence revolves around a police chief who takes in a young girl, the only survivor of an unexplained airplane accident with no memory of what has happened. Fargo's Allison Tolman plays policewoman Jo Evans, Owain Yeoman is journalist Benny Gallagher and Alexa Swinton is Piper, the mysterious girl with superpowers.

The thriller is set in Southold, a town in Long Island's Peconic Bay, but actually Emergence was filmed in New Jersey, in the southern Greater New York Area. We will be updating this filming locations report weekly with more info and details about the series:

Emergence beach
Footage of the beach and aerial shots were filmed in Island Beach State Park. Comprising 10 miles of coastal dunes, this is one of the few remainding undevelopped Barries Beach of the North Atlantic Coast. The plane crash was set near a bathing beach pavillion.
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Image courtesy of ABC and New Jersey Parks and Forests - Map

Emergence drehort
Emergence features the historical Barnegat Lighthouse, located on the northern tip of Long Beach Island (in the community of the Barnegat Light borough), just south of the Island Beach park.
Image courtesy of ABC and Thisisbossi - Map

Emergence shooting location
Many establishing shots were filmed where the series is set, in Greenport (Southold, NY).
Image courtesy of ABC - Map

Emergence film location
The salvage contractor yard from episode 2 is the Belford Seafood Cooperative Association. Jo and Benny met at JakeaBob's Bay restaurant in Union Beach. Image courtesy of ABC - Map / Map 2

Emergence town
The town where Emergence is filmed is an amalgam of locations in the area of Middletown, NJ, including Union Beach, Keyport and Belford.

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  1. My co-worker tells me they are filming by her house in Passaic, NJ. They are using the hospital location there and possibly other parts of the show.

  2. They just started filming in west milford nj by the presparterian church on union valley road.

  3. Just saw the Broad St. Diner in Keyport NJ in one of the scenes. We were there when they filmed it!

  4. Looks like a scene was also filmed in Kinnelon, NJ at Boonton Ave Field.

  5. i saw them filming at the old meadowlands racetrack as a setting for the bus terminal.


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