9-1-1 Season 3 Tsunami filming location: Where is 911 filmed?

Where is 911 filmed
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After filming a massive earthquake in Los Angeles during the last season, the 9-1-1 series strikes again with a new disaster. This time the popular Fox show opens wiping out the historical Santa Monica Pier.

The returning cast is led by Oliver Stark (firefighter Buck), who will be running (and swimming) for his life, along with Angela Bassett (sergeant Athena), Peter Krause (Bobby) and Connie Britton (Abby).

We will be following the third season, updating and expanding this report with new filming locations and info about the 9-1-1 series filmed in Los Angeles and Mexico:

9-1-1 Tsunami location
The production shot some scenes in the actual pier in Santa Monica. Then the filmmakers recreated a few streets and a piece of the pier in the Baja Studios in Rosarito (Mexico), as Entertainment Weekly reported. The second episode will focus on the flooding and the rescue team sent to help the people trapped at the top of the ferris wheel. Image courtesy of Fox - Map

How was 911 filmed
Making a tsunami: The Baja Studios Tank 1 set is an infinite horizon pond overlooking the Pacific, built in 1997 specifically to film James Cameron's Titanic. Pictured on the left, the Baja tank during the filming of Master and Commander. On the right side, the huge gimbal machine is located in the deepest part of tank. The studio features a smaller outdoor water tank and two more indoor stages to host the large productions that use the facilities.
Image courtesy of ComisiĆ³n Mexicana de Filmaciones and Richard Bailey

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  1. The 9-1-1 operator is Maddie ( Buck's Older Sister )


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