Filming Locations Guide: Where was The Perfect Date filmed? The real city location

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Netflix's teen romantic comedy The Perfect Date revolves around a high school student who launches an app offering his services as a stand-in date to earn money for college, although things are going to get complicated once he meets the girl of his dreams.

The Perfect Date was entirely filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana

The Perfect Date city location

The cast is headed by emerging stars Noah Centineo (known for his roles in The Fosters and To All the Boys I've Loved Before), Laura Marano (The Royal Treatment, Austin & Ally), playing Celia, and Riverdale's actress Camila Mendes as Shelby.

We've tried to keep spoilers at bay in this guide to the filming locations of The Perfect Date.

The Secondary school
Brooks secondary school was filmed in Grace King High School in Metairie.

New Orleans is also the Unhinged city featured in the 2020 Russell Crowe movie.
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Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

The Perfect Date movie mansion
We found Celia's house at 76 Audubon Boulevard, an exclusive and fancy tree-lined street of New Orleans.

The Dangerous Lies house from the new Netflix movie with Camila Mendes is also a beautiful mansion located in an exclusive area of Vancouver.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Ball scene room
The exteriors for the first formal dance were shot in the Academy of the Sacred Heart at 4521 St Charles Avenue.

This Colonial Revival-style building, designed in 1900, hosts an all-girls Roman Catholic high school.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Noah Centineo and Laura Marano scene
However, the dance room was filmed in the Audubon Zoo Tea Room, a popular wedding venue situated in Audubon Park.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Mike Bonnett Jr. - Map

Brooks goes to college
Brooks hopes to make enough money to get into his dream college, Yale - there's an establishing shot with the skyline of the town with the iconic Harkness Tower.

However, when the guys walk around the campus, they are actually in the Tulane University of New Orleans.

Pictured, the Norman Mayer building from Gibson Quad.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Wally Gobetz - Map

The Perfect Date drehort
The scene of the meeting at Yale with the wooden staircase was set at the Round Table Club building on St. Charles Avenue.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Infrogmation of New Orleans - Map

La cita perfecta ciudad
Tino's Pizza, near the graffiti of the old man with a gas mask, is the Live Oak Café at 8140 Oak Street.

The costume shop is Glue Clothing Exchange, located just across the street.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

New Orleans columns lions and lake park
The venue of the 'split up' party was set in the City Park Peristyle Pavilion, a platform for dancing looking like a Greek-Roman temple.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Bar sequence end movie
The place with the cat neon sign is the Bearcat Cafe at 2521 Jena Street, in the Freret neighborhood.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

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