Where was Unhinged filmed? The 'Unhinged' City Filming Location

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The city of New Orleans and the surrounding area provided the backdrop for this road rage thriller with a simple premise: Rachel (Caren Pistorius) is a single mother who crosses paths with Tom (Russell Crowe), a psychopath stranger who goes into berserk mode after a minor incident at a traffic light.

Unhinged is set and was filmed primarily in and around Crescent City, particularly in the quiet western suburb of Kenner.

Russell Crowe as Tom Cooper

This is pretty much the first post-lockdown major new movie to be theatrically released this year.

Here is our spoiler-free guide to the filming locations of Unhinged:

The bridges of New Orleans
The Crescent City Connection bridge (the two twin bridges pictured), is one of the most remarkable landmarks of the beautiful city of New Orleans featured in the movie.

According to NOLA.com, the filmmakers got permission to use the HOV lane (high-occupancy vehicle lane) to film a key car chase scene. Shutting down even only one side of this heavily traveled bridge was impossible, as it could paralyze the entire town center.
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Road raging day
The scene where Cooper catches up to Rachel after the traffic light incident was shot in Edwards Avenue in Elmwood. The Louisiana Film Studios are located here on this street.
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The Unhinged house
Kyle (Gabriel Bateman) attends the Wesley Oaks Elementary School, filmed in the Ursuline Academy in New Orleans.

Founded in 1727, this is the oldest all-girls continuously operating school and the oldest Catholic school in the United States. The center was also the first to offer lessons for female African-American slaves.
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The petrol station scene
The Freemod gas station scene was set near the bridge. This is a Shell station, located across the street from the historical Boland Marine and Industrial factory in Tchoupitoulas Street (Lower Garden District).
Image courtesy of Solstice Studios and Google Maps

Darrow's diner
The filming in Kenner took place in private houses at Chateau Estates and Woodlake Estates areas. Some street scenes were recorded on Chateau Boulevard.

The Darrow's diner, where Tom meets Rachel's friend Andy (Jimmi Simpson, known for Westworld and House of Cards), is Franny's Place Family, a restaurant at 2619 Williams Blvd.
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Unhinged Ausser Kontrolle drehort
The production also disposed of sections of Hayne Boulevard in the Little Woods neighborhood, doubling as a highway.

New Orleans is also a featured location in Project Power, the Netflix movie starring Jamie Foxx. The town is earning a new reputation as 'Hollywood South'; recent productions like The Lovebirds, Capone, Troop Zero, or The Perfect Date were set and filmed in NOLA.
Image courtesy of Solstice Studios - Map

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  1. OMG ... one of the BEST psychological thrillers out!!!! Russell Crowe is a real nut case in this movie .... What an adrenaline rush!!! Needs to be an academy award selection!!

  2. Rachel makes her biggest mistake at the intersection of Calliope St & Tchoupitoulas St, just after getting off the Crescent City Connection back into downtown NOLA.

    Scene continues on Tchoupitoulas St heading south toward I10, after she makes a left onto that street. Cooper then rolls down his window and asks for an apology, where she refuses.

  3. Rachel goes the wrong way on Kerlerec St after crossing the intersection of N Claiborne Ave. You can see the Hank’s Bar sign to the left after she comes to a stop and the lady yells at her.


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