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Where is Sex Education filmed
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Sex Education was one of the most popular Netflix series in 2019. The high school dramedy features cool filming locations, including the house and the town of Moordale where the confused teenagers have their first carnal knowledge experience. The production uses a formula that mixes an American style college, British accents and a look and a soundtrack set in the Eighties (although everybody has got last-generation mobile phones).

The plot revolves around two kids who decide to set up a sex-therapy clinic to make some cash. They help and give advice to their fellow students with sexual problems at Moordale Secondary. Asa Butterfield (who also starred in Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and The Space Between Us) plays insecure Otis, who lives in a cute house with Jean Milburn (Gillian Anderson, known for her role as Scully in The X-Files), who happens to be a professional sex therapist and an extremely open-minded mom. The main cast is completed with rebel badass Maeve (Emma MacKey) and Otis' best friend Eric, performed by Ncuti Gatwa.

Sex Education was filmed in England and Wales, in the beautiful Wye Valley; The series is set in the fictional town of Moordale. Here are the spoiler-free filming locations of this perv Netflix's hit show:

The Moordale Secondary High School

Sex Education school
The high school Moordale Secondary was filmed in the old University of South Wales Caerleon Campus (Newport). This center is now closed, but there are plans to transform it into a large housing estate.
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Image courtesy of University of South Wales - Moordale Secondary location

Moordale Secondary location
Moordale Secondary main hall is the historic theatre The Paget Rooms, filmed on location in the small city of Penarth (Vale of Glamorgan). Image courtesy of Netflix - Location

The Sex Education house location

Sex Education house
Otis and his mum live in a Norwegian-style house in Moordale overlooking a spectacular gorge. The Chalet is hanging on a slope at the Symonds Yat East area in Goodrich, over the in the river Wye. This location is near Ross-on-Wye and the Forest of Dean (Herefordshire, England). You can book this property, available as a 'luxury self-catering accommodation'. Image courtesy of Netflix - Sex Education house location

The Sex Education Moordale town

In the second episode of season one, Maeve goes shopping to Browns Village Stores, a Londis convenience shop in Llandogo. This is the same shop from the scene in season 1 episode 5. Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Where is Sex Education set
Otis and Eric go to school crossing the Old Railway Bridge at Tintern, part of the scenic Wye Valley Walk following the course of the river. The footpath -and most of Sex Education's locations- are right in the border of Wales and England. The metallic white bridge from episode 5 is Brockweir Bridge.
Image courtesy of Jonbgem - Map Tintern / Map Brockweir

Sex Education film locations
Maeve's house is a mobile home in a Caravan Park, filmed on location near Cobrey Farms (Coughton, Ross-on-Wye). Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Aimee house location
Aimee Gibbs’s home (played by Aimee Lou Wood), is Bigsweir House, located near Bigsweir Bridge in St. Briavels, Forest of Dean. The property is part of a large estate on the Gloucestershire side of the Wye river, which marks the boundary between Wales and England. Image courtesy of Netflix - Location

Sex Education Season 2 Filming Locations

Sex Education Season 2 location
In Sex Education season 2 Adam (Connor Swindells) gets shipped off to a military academy. This large Victorian country house is Margam Castle in Port Talbot. This 19th Century Tudor Gothic Mansion is open to visitors and features a gorgeous Entrance Hallway and Staircase Hall. Image courtesy of Netflix - Location

Sex Education drehort
According to Visit Wales, the Moordale swimming pool is located in the Newport International Sports Village. The secondary school stadium was filmed in the Cwmbran Stadium complex in Henllys Way, Cwmbran. The fairground was set at Vauxhall Fields in Monmouth. By the way that the Moordale fabric has nothing to do with the town where the series takes place. Image courtesy of Netflix - Swimming pool ocation / Stadium location

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