Where was The Haunting of Hill House filmed? Guide to ALL the Filming Locations

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The Haunting of Hill House is considered one of the finest horror novels ever written. Published by Shirley Jackson in 1959, the Netflix series is a loose adaptation of this book.

Set somewhere in Massachusetts, the house essentially becomes another character in the show. The Haunting of Hill House was filmed in and around Atlanta, Georgia.

Where was The Haunting of Hill House filmed

The plot revolves around the supernatural phenomena that faced a group of siblings who lived their childhood in a famous haunted house.

The book was already adapted into a film in 1963 and 1999 (both called The Haunting). This new version was directed by Mike Flanagan, the filmmaker behind good scary movies like Absentia, Oculus, or Gerald's Game, and the superb Doctor Sleep.

The mansion staircase hall night scene with the girl
The ten-episode production, fairly well-received by the public and critics alike, is starring Timothy Hutton, Carla Gugino, Michel Huisman, and Elizabeth Reaser.

Here is the best guide to the filming locations of The Haunting of Hill House. Following this link, you can also find The Haunting of Bly Manor house report, about the non-narratively connected second season of the series, released in 2020.

The Haunting of Hill House Location

The Haunting of Hill House Location
The exteriors of the Hill House were shot in a mansion in LaGrange (Troup County, Georgia).

This property is a magnificent 1920's English Tudor-style mansion situated in a large estate surrounded by enchanting gardens, bordering West Point Lake.

Until recently, it was used as a venue for weddings and functions and named Bisham Manor by the event operators.
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Image courtesy of Netflix and Bisham Manor - Map

Bisham Manor
The real Hill House is no longer called Bisham Manor. The new owners contacted us to clarify that the house returned to its original 1920’s name, Alta Vista, and now has become a private residence again.

This old stately home was also a featured location in Lovecraft Country, the 2020 HBO horror series.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Bisham Manor

The mansion staircase hall night scene with the girl
The interiors of the house and Shirley's Crain mortuary were filmed at the large EUE / Screen Gems Studios on Lakewood Way, Atlanta.

In every episode are hidden ghosts appearing and disappearing in the background of the Netflix series.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Shirley's Crain mortuary
In the studios was created the most acclaimed episode of the season, No. 6 called 'Two Storms', being praised for its one-shot takes.

The longest lasts 17 minutes, and the action is switching from the present in the funeral parlor to the events that occurred on a stormy night in Hill House.

Director Mike Flanagan said in a behind the scenes video featurette that the set had to be constructed with this episode in mind.

Harris Funeral Home exteriors
The historic bed and breakfast and wedding venue The Whitlock Inn in Marietta was used to shoot the exteriors of Harris Funeral Home.

Curiously, Nellie's wedding reception was filmed in a funeral home, at Hunter-Allen-Myhand in LaGrange.

Filming episode six was a big challenge for everyone involved in the shoot. It took six weeks of rehearsals, as the cast and crew had to be in perfect sync.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Steven home in Atlanta
Steven and Leigh's home is located at 696 Sherwood Road in the Morningside neighborhood in Atlanta.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

The hotel near the haunted state
In episode five, The Bent-Neck Lady, the family spends the night in a motel.

Also, Nelly goes back there in the present. The location is the Discover Inn Hotel on Candler Road in Decatur.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Nightclub Ghost
A short scene with Theo in the first episode, Steven Sees a Ghost, was filmed in the popular Tongue and Groove Nightclub off Piedmont Road in Atlanta.

The producers were casting 'the hottest bodies in town' for this shoot.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Rehabilitation facility in the city
The rehab center of Luke and Joey, featured in episode 4 The Twin Thing, is the Atlanta Recovery Center on 169 Trinity Avenue SW.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Petrol service station near the spectral manor
The short scene in the gas station near the mansion with Steven and Hugh from episode eight, Witness Marks, is located on Post Road in Douglasville.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Graveyard funeral scene with the family
The burial ground from episode seven, Eulogy, was filmed at the Greenwood Cemetery in Atlanta.

There's even a patch where the grave would have been (you can see it in the satellite image of Google Maps. Buildings, trees, and graves nearby seem to fit pretty much exactly (Thanks Mj for finding this out!).

The Haunting of Hill House cast
The excellent cinematography of the production has much in common with the witch from the village of Elden, France (Marianne Netflix series). The Locke and Key house is also an awesome haunted manor.

If you are not scared enough, you may be considering getting your hands on the source material of the series. Here is a link to The Haunting of Hill House (HHH) novel, considered one of the top ghost stories of the 20th Century.

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  1. Discover Inn Hotel on Candler Road in Decatur, Georgia was a filming location as well.

  2. Sanderson recovery center is the Atlanta recovery center on 169 Trinity Ave SW, Atlanta, GA 30303.

  3. Nellie's wedding reception was at Hunter-Allen-Myhand funeral home in LaGrange, Georgia.

  4. Cumberland Circle, where the taxi drops off Luke and Joey in Episode 4, is in the Morningside neighborhood of Atlanta.

  5. The Hill House location is no longer called Bisham Manor nor is it a venue for events. It was briefly named Bisham Manor by the event operators. The home has returned to its original 1920’s name of Alta Vista and is a private residence.

    1. Thanks a lot, we updated the post with this info. How does it feel living there after watching the series?

  6. My family & I lived in the original house back in the mid to late 70's. What you see know is nothing like the original.

    1. Can I ask if the story is true if the events were true or if you really lived in the house is it really haunted??

  7. Anonymous House OwnerSeptember 7, 2021 at 11:22 AM

    The service station on Post road is next door to my house. You can use my house for any movie you want to make using it. I would love to have a house that is in a movie. A horror movie, thriller, or comedy, any type, let me know.

  8. I am from and live in LaGrange. The Hill House isn't from the 1920s. It was built in the late 1990s. I used to drive past it every day as it was being built.


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