Where was A Quiet Place 2 filmed? The Island and ALL the Filming Locations

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Silence is not enough in the sequel to the acclaimed movie directed by John Krasinski. The world of sonically sensitive creatures picks up where part one left off.

The surviving family members are forced to leave the farm after the barn was burned down, with a newborn baby. Evelyn Abbott (played by real-life Krasinski's wife, Emily Blunt) must now take her children to the outside world, facing new unexpected monsters: People.

A Quiet Place Part II was primarily filmed at several locations throughout Western New York. The production also returned to a couple of the original locations in Dutchess County (the house) and in Ulster County (the bridge), where the movie begins.

The movie cast

If the first film was focused on how you avoid getting caught, the second part feels like a runaway train. The new movie also answers all those questions about day one, and the origin of this invasion.

We will also see how this affected other people beyond the Abbott family, including Emmett (played by Cillian Murphy), an old friend of Lee (Krasinski).

The movie was originally scheduled for release in March 2020, then delayed until September 2020 before it was postponed again until May 2021. Here is our soundless, spoiler-free guide to all the filming locations of A Quiet Place 2:

A Quiet Place house
The farmhouse where the Abbott family lived before the events that took place in the first installment of A Quiet Place is a house located in the village of Pawling, off a trail at 623 W Dover Road.

According to the Pawling public records in Realtor, the house was built in 1880 and has approximately 5,732 square feet, nine beds with four full bathrooms. The film crew built a new metal silo and doubled the size of the barn to host the production.
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Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Google Maps

The old bridge with the cross
The rusty metallic bridge with the hand-made cross has become one of the icons of the movie.

The Wallkill Valley Rail Trail bridge in New Paltz is part of a 15-mile long park that follows an old railroad line that ceased service in 1997.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Map

A Quiet Place island
The spectacular South Grand Island Bridge crossing the Niagara River between Tonawanda (near the city of Buffalo) and Grand Island is featured in one of the great post-apocalyptic scenes of the movie.

To film this sequence, in August 2019 the production shut down the northbound lanes of the bridge for 13 hours.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Map

Bethlehem Steel property Lackawanna
In one of the scenes, the Abbotts arrive at the former Bethlehem Steel property in Lackawanna. The plant was abandoned after steelmaking ceased on this site in 1983, leaving a rusting 489 contaminated acres of land.

The Bethlehem Steel company was once one of the world's largest steel-producing and warship-building companies, employing upward of 25,000 people only in this steel mill.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Map

A Quiet Place city
Film crews transformed Main Street in Akron, NY, adding new facades and repainting storefronts to film several flashback scenes.

In the shocking inside-a-car scene with Emily Blunt driving in reverse, she had a real bus coming at her at 40 miles per hour. The bus stunt, featured in the official trailer, was done all in one shot, and the final footage is from the first (and only) take.

This sequence reminds me a bit of the impossible Children of Men car scene, the Alfonso CuarĂ³n 2006 masterpiece.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Google Maps

The A Quiet Place Island Colony

Island Colony
The Island Colony was filmed at the Dunkirk Camp and Conference Center, 110 acres of land overlooking Lake Erie in Dunkirk, NY.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Map

A Quiet Place island
Local press reported that the production filmed a night scene with a boat at Barcelona Harbor along Lake Erie in Westfield.

Djimon Hounsou (Aquaman, Guardians of the Galaxy) plays the Man on Island, one of the civilians on the island colony.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Map

Filming in Olcott
Set dressers strewn Ontario Street in Olcott with wreckage and debris, the closest street to Lake Ontario, for one day of filming.

The residents were paid $500 each by the production team to not cut their grass for three weeks.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Map

The train wreckage
According to The Buffalo News, the filmmakers also recorded scenes in Dunkirk, in the Stenzel Street Field baseball park in North Tonawanda, and in and around the Orchard Park village railroad depot.

The movie was headquartered at the sound stages at Buffalo FilmWorks in South Buffalo.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Map

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The Island Colony was filmed at the Dunkirk Conference Center on Rte. 5 in Dunkirk, NY.


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