Filming Locations Guide: Where was Trust filmed?

Where is Trust filmed
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Trust is a fiction based in the real kidnapping in 1973 of John Paul Getty III by the Italian mafia, heir to the Getty oil empire. The young boy was wrongly convinced that his family would pay a substantial ransom for his release.

The renowned director of Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire Danny Boyle is telling the same story that Ridley Scott did for the cinema last year in 2017 drama All the money in the world, each with different points of view. Leads the cast Donald Sutherland as the tycoon J. Paul Getty, Harris Dickinson stars as his nephew, Hilary Swank is the mother Gail Getty, and private investigator James Fletcher is performed by Brendan Fraser.

Trust was filmed in England, Rome and in some of the less visited regions of Italy, the forgotten Calabria and Basilicata in the south. Here is a spoiler-free list of some of the most relevant and magnificent filming locations of the series:

Trust series house
The Getty mansion was filmed in the 17th-century Audley End House near Saffron Walden, Essex. The stately home should be located near the fictional town of Bly, England.
Image courtesy of FX Networks - Map

Getty mansion Trust
The Great Hall plays a major role representing the core of the English countryside manor, where J. Paul Getty lived escorted by his five lovers and a pet lion. Image courtesy of FX

Interiors of the manor rooms
The golden-roofted Long Gallery of Hatfield House in Hertfordshire was also used to film one of the most sumptuous lodges of the mansion. Hatfield's Marble Hall served as Getty’s dining room. This location was also featured in Taboo series and in the 2017 superhero blockbuster Wonder Woman; but where was Wonder Woman filmed? Image courtesy of FX and Esther Westerveld - Map

Trust drehorte
In England, additional scenes were filmed in London, like this one pictured shot in a corner of Fitzroy Square Garden. Image courtesy of FX and Google Maps

Filming Locations in Italy

John Paul Getty flat in Rome
In Italy, a lot of action takes place in the historical heart of Rome. In the image, the exteriors of the house where Paul's troupe were living in Via Margana, located in the Jewish Neighborhood near Piazza Venezia.
Image courtesy of FX and Google Maps

Shoot in Rome
If you've been walking around the picturesque Trastevere neighborhood, you might have seen that Paul's friends Trattoria is located at Santa Maria square. Image courtesy of FX - Map

Trust Luoghi di ripresa
The courtyard with huge old Roman sculptures is the Palazzo dei Conservatori in the Capitoline Hill. The scene below was also shot at the Capitoline Hill, the gate is facing the Roman Forum. A short sequence was filmed in the Appian Way Aqueducts Park (Parco degli Acquedotti) in the outskirts of Rome. There is also a scene from episode 2 with Paul and Martine in front of the Colosseum, filmed in from the same terrace as the acclaimed 2013 film The Great Beauty. Image courtesy of FX - Map

Trust series cinema
The creepy Cinema Ambasciatori it does exist: It's an adult movie cinema located at 101 Via Montebello.
Image courtesy of FX and Google Maps

Roman ruins scene
Negotiation scenes from episode 6 were filmed on location in the roman ruins of Villa Adriana in Tivoli.
Image courtesy of Giampaolo Macorig - Map

Wo wir Trust gedreht
The temple from episode 7, where you can spy on the people talking in the central nave is the Santi Luca e Martina church, also located in the Roman Forum. The white bank from episode 9 is the Salone delle Fontane (the hall of the fountains) in Eur district. Images courtesy FX - Map church - Map Eur

Mafia village south of italy
In Calabria, the village of Orsomarso served to represent the scenes of the mafia town in the south of Italy. The sequence in the train was shot at Camigliatello Silano station. Image courtesy of Alby3 - Map

Trust série lieux de tournage
Also was used for filming the little hamlet of Civita and the gorges of the river Raganello within the Pollino National Park. Image courtesy of Don Gatley - Map

Scenery in Calabria
One section of the road to the hill of San Biagio in Maratea was filled with artificial snow to film a key scene - Map

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