Filming Locations: Where was Ready Player One filmed?

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In 2045, pollution and overpopulation ruined life on Earth. As a way out of their lives in decaying cities, people immerse themselves in the virtual world of OASIS.

When the creator of this platform dies, fierce competition begins to find an object that he hid in a game. Who finds it, will control OASIS and the billionaire legacy left by his owner.

Where was Ready Player One filmed

Steven Spielberg is behind one of the most anticipated projects this year. Ready Player One was filmed in England, and is not a movie of great locations, as 60% of the film takes place in the virtual world.

Still, here are some of the most relevant filming locations of this critically acclaimed blockbuster:

Where is Ready Player One set
Most of the real world was filmed in Birmingham (England), although the movie is set in Columbus, Ohio.

You can spend the night at the Hatters Backpack Hostel (pictured), which appears in several sequences of the film.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros - Map

Ready Player One locations
A car chase scene was filmed at Livery Street, located in the trendy Jewellery Quarter.

Ready Player One also filmed some footage around Floodgate Street in Digbeth, both areas with a strong industrial history.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros and Google Maps

Ready Player One film locations
The Georgian houses in St Pauls Square also helped to transform Birmingham into a metropolis from the American Midwest.
Image courtesy of Elliott Brown - Map

Ready Player One drehorte
The crew built the homeless camp under the Spaghetti Junction motorway interchange in Gravelly Hill.
Image courtesy of Highways Agency and Diamond Geezer - Map

Innovative Online Industries
The Innovative Online Industries (IOI) headquarters exterior is the entrance of the CityPoint skyscraper located in the City of London financial district.
Image courtesy of Google Maps

Ready Player One filming
The production was hosted at the Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden (Hertfordshire).

The set of the towering city of mobile homes was built here. Ready Player One is based on Ernest Cline's 2011 worldwide bestseller of the same name.

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  1. Citypoint, 1 ropemaker street, moorgate. London.


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