Where was Red Sparrow filmed?

Red Sparrow where filmed

The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence developed a funny accent to get into the skin of Dominika Egorova, a former Bolshoi theater ballerina. She is forced to become a seductive and glamorous spy, working for the Russian secret service. The CIA secret agent is played by The Great Gatsby actor Joel Edgerton. Oscar winner Jeremy Irons has a prominent role as General Vladimir.

Most of Red Sparrow was filmed in Budapest and Hungary, but also Bratislava, Vienna and London appear in the movie. Here are some of the most relevant spoiler-free filming locations for this thriller, based on the 2013 book by Jason Matthews:

Red Sparrow Budapest
The opening sequence was filmed at the magnificent Hungarian State Opera House in Budapest.
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Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox - Map

Red Sparrow location
The secret intelligence service Sparrow School was set at the 19th century Festetics Palace in Dég.
Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Egresij - Map

Red Sparrow filmed in Hungary
Some interiors were shot in another Festetics Palace, this one located in the city of Keszthely, west of Lake Balaton.
Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Balla Béla - Map

Red Sparrow Hotel
The Boscolo Budapest Hotel served as a luxurious and dazzing backdrop for the lethal activities of Dominika.
Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Simon Q - Map

Red Sparrow shooting locations
A key scene was filmed on location at The New York Café, also part of the vintage Boscolo complex.
Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Mispahn

Red Sparrow nude scene
Some more filming took place at the legendary Danubius Hotel Gellért.
Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Jorge Franganillo

Red Sparrow film location
This scene was shot at the stained glass mosaic hall from Semmelweis University tower, built in 1976 (Nagyvarad Ter, Budapest). Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Google Maps

Red Sparrow filmed
The Fabó Éva Swimming Pool is located in the industrial city of Dunaújváros.
Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Illustratedjc - Map

Where is Red Sparrow set
The inverted pyramid of the Slovak Radio Building in Bratislava was also used for filming.
Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Miroslav Petrasko - Map

Wo wir Red Sparrow gedreht
There is a scene taking place in Michaelerplatz, one of the most elegant squares in Vienna.
Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Jacob Surland - Map

Red Sparrow behind the scenes
The crew was also filming in london, around Whitehall Place in Westminster and at Heathrow Terminal 2.
Images courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Red Sparrow drehort
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  1. The Last picture was from the Semmelweiss University building located at Nagyvarad Ter,Budapest

    1. Thanks a lot for your help, updated!

  2. it was also shooted in Bratislava in Istropolis. It was outdoor in front of the building of Istropolis. https://sk.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dom_odborov_Istropolis

  3. The scene were she enters a striptease bar is budapest's famous Halo Bar....