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Something mysterious called The Shimmer has arrived on Earth, expanding in a big area of the American southeast. A team of four volunteer military researchers will be the latest expedition to venture into Area X. Inside the sealed off zone, strange phenomena distorts the laws of physics, re-composing animal and plant life within it.

This is the promising plot of this new project by writer and director Alex Garland, nominated for his first Academy Award for Ex Machina. The movie, starring Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez and Tessa Thompson, shares many elements with Andrei Tarkovsky’s masterpiece, Stalker.

Annihilation was filmed in England, around London and East Anglia. The film was hosted in the soundstages, location gardens and the paddock tank at Pinewood Studios. Here are the spoiler-free filming locations for this long-awaited movie:

Annihilation where filmed
The parts of the movie filmed in a wet marshland, looking like the swamps of Louisiana or Mississippi, are actually right next to London: it's Windsor Great Park.
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Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures / Netflix - Map

Annihilation filming locations
The crew was shooting in the depths of Windsor Great Park, in an area known as Wood Pond.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures / Netflix

Annihilation filmed
The shots from the military base were filmed at the old Bomb-stores of the former Bentwaters Royal Air Force station (Woodbridge, Suffolk). The area is now part of Bentwaters Parks, a new film studio project with a massive 2500 acre production space. Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures / Netflix and Bentwaters Parks - Map

Annihilation film locations
The scene of the swimming-pool was shot at the abandoned Carmel College in Oxfordshire. The previous Southern Reach base, engulfed by the Shimmer, was filmed at the former USAF-RAF Upper Heyford facility (Bicester, Oxfordshire). Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures / Netflix and Stuart Thomas - Map

Annihilation movie locations
The John Hopkins University scenes from the beginning of the movie are located at the offices of the Sun Park campus in Camberley (Surrey). Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures / Netflix - Map

Annihilation beach
Further filming took place at Holkham Beach and Pinewoods in North Norfolk.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures / Netflix - Map

Annihilation behind the scenes
A set of the base of the lighthouse was built on location, and the interiors were filmed in the studios.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures / Netflix and Pear Tree Cottage B&B

Annihilation drehort
Did you notice that? On the top, Lena's house in a screenshot from the beginning of the film...

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If you enjoyed the film, immerse yourself in the mysterious world of Area X. Annihilation is the first novel in Jeff VanderMeer's The Southern Reach Trilogy (Authority is the second, and Acceptance is the third).

Stalker is one of my favorite movies of all times. If you are not scared of long subtitled Russian films from the Soviet era, Criterion Collection has released a beautiful edition of this classic Sci-Fi film in Blu Ray:



  1. I think the bunker scenes might be the Bentwaters abandoned US air base in Suffolk

    1. Definitely it is Bentwaters, thanks a lot for you help!

  2. Pretty certain the John Hopkins University scenes are filmed at the Sun Park campus near Camberley. I used to work in those buildings.

    1. We checked it, definitely the movie was filmed there. Thanks for your help!

  3. Looked like Florida in some scenes lol

  4. Interior shots from the military base appear to have been shot in the dining hall and sports hall/pool of the former Carmel College school in Oxfordshire; previously a shooting location for Kylie Minigue and for the Kaiser Chiefs.


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