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Everything Sucks where filmed
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Everything Sucks is a new high school tragicomedy from Netflix. This time the action is taking place in 1996. Packed in a light 10 half-hour episodes format, the show gives some mercy to binge-watching addicts.

The story revolves around the rivalry between members of the geeky A.V. club and the outsiders of the drama club. There is a ton of websites commenting on the plot, so we will focus on what we are good at, finding the filming locations for the series.

Everything Sucks was filmed in Oregon City, Portland and Boring. As usual, we will be updating this report with new information as new details are revealed. No contains spoilers!

Everything Sucks Boring
Everything Sucks is set in the real town of Boring, Oregon (Clackamas County). The production was filming a few exterior shots there. However, the town sign featured in the series is not like the ones that you will find in Boring.
Image courtesy of Netflix, Jeff Hitchcock and Pviel

Where does Everything Sucks takes place
In Oregon City, the Jackson Campus Building A from Oregon City School District became the high school. If you look at Google Maps street view from August 2017, it still shows the sign Boring High School - Home of the Beavers. Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Is Boring a real town
The Willamette Falls Media Center (at 1101 Jackson St, Oregon City), hosted the AV club facilities in its basement. The production used the'90s-era equipment from the center, and WFMC got in exchange the latest high-end green screen. Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Everything Sucks Oregon City
Some other locations were filmed around McLoughlin neighborhood, also in Oregon City.
Image courtesy of Netflix

Everything Sucks Location
The Barton Bridge over the Clackamas River (near Eagle Creek), was used for filming in the first episode.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Everything Sucks Film Location
According to an interview to creator and director Michael Mohan, they filmed in one of the last surviving Blockbuster stores in the world. We find out that it is the one located in Sandy, Oregon.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Google Maps

Everything Sucks Dominguez Rocks
At first we couldn't find the Dominguez Rocks anywhere - A reader suggested that they were the Vasquez Rocks in California, featured as filming location in Westworld series. Image courtesy of Netflix and Brx0

Everything Sucks Dominguez Rocks
But definitely, thanks to the help of Kaspar Howe, we can confirm that the crew filmed at Fort Rock. This is a beautiful a volcanic ring resembling the walls of a castle, located in Oregon. Image courtesy of Netflix and Noël - Map

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