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It's time for Africa in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The solo movie of Black Panther, after his debut in Captain America: Civil War, follows T’Challa coming back home to claim the throne of the high-tech kingdom of Wakanda. However, an old adversary will challenge his reign.

The cast stars Chadwick Boseman (Get on Up), Michael B. Jordan (The Wire, Creed), Lupita Nyong'o (12 Years a Slave, The last Jedi), Danai Gurira (The Walking Dead's Michonne) and The Hobbit Martin Freeman.

The film is set in Africa, although basically only establishing shots were filmed there; Much of the principal photography of Black Panther was shot in Atlanta and South Korea. On the other hand, Beyoncé's new visual movie features incredible South African landmarks, and many are wondering where Black Is King was filmed. Here is our spoiler-free filming locations report:

United Nations set
We start at the end (ok, we said no spoilers!): The United Nations post-credits scene at Vienna International Centre was shot in Atlanta's City Hall. Image courtesy of Marvel Studios and Sanjay Parekh

Museum robbery scene
Atlanta's High Museum of Art doubled as the Museum of Great Britain. This building may be familiar if you watched Fox's medical drama The resident. The entrance of the casino and some areas of the Korean fish market were shot at the Metropolitan Art and Business District. Image courtesy of Marvel Studios and LeahAndMark & Co - Map

Building and stores
The Wheat Street Towers, situated in the historic African-American Sweet Auburn neighborhood, doubled as a building in Oakland, California (upper photo). Here takes place the flashback scene set in 1992 and also a short one at the end of the movie. The Secret CIA site in South Korea is located in a shop specialized in large sizes called Friedman’s Shoes in Downtown Atlanta (209 Mitchell St SW, image below). Images courtesy of Google Maps - Shop

Fighting sequence
The scene of the battle between T'Challa and Erik Killmonger, with an African landscape in the background, was filmed not far from Atlanta: at Bouckaert Farms in Chattahoochee Hill country. This is exactly the same location where Avengers: Infinity War battle was shot, as both movies were filmed at the same time. The Vulcan Materials Quarry in Stockbridge was also used for some scenes to depict the snowy mountains of Wakanda.
Image by Marvel Studios - Map

Waterfalls in the movie inspired by Iguazu
Footage for the Warrior Falls was recorded in Iguazu. This is the most spectacular waterfall system in the world, placed in the border of Argentina and Brazil in South America. To see the waterfalls from both sides and to walk the most beautiful trails, it is recommended to visit Iguazu for at least three days.
Image courtesy of Marvel Studios and Atlas of Wonders

Panthers fight set in studio
Close-ups and medium shots of the combat challenge were filmed in a soundstage at Pinewood Studios, the blockbuster's home base.

Exotic casino scene
Sets for the casino, the Great Mound, the Throne Room or the City of the Dead (inspired by the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia), were also built in the studios. Some more scenes from the fictional land of Wakanda and its capital, Birnin Zana, were completed using images created digitally. Image courtesy of Marvel Studios

Landscape and scenery establishing shots
Actually very little of Black Panther was filmed in Africa; Marzano Films revealed that aerial shots took place in South Africa, Zambia and Uganda (Rwenzori Mountains, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the Lake Bunyonyi, pictured). You may also wonder where The Kissing Booth 2 was filmed, as the Netflix movie was really shot in Cape Town. Find all the details following this link. Images courtesy of Marvel Studios and Edirisa

Korean streets featured in the movie
The city of Busan in South Korea served as location for all the Black Panther’s scenes in the country. Pictured, the streets around Jagalchi Market, where the car chase sequence begins. But don't look for the underground casino (or any vibranium) here! This local fish market is a famous spot to eat raw seafood. Definitely a must visit for tourists. Image by Doo Ho Kim

Black Panther Drehort
The car chase scene was shot at several spots, including Gwangan Diamond Bridge (pictured) and the shores of Gwangalli Beach. Some more sections of the sequence were filmed on location in the dock areas of Yeongdo Island, near the Namhang Bridge, in Dongseo University and in the north area around Sajik Baseball Stadium. Image courtesy of Marvel Studios and Laurie Nevay - Map

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For further information, have a look to the complete new volume Marvel's Black Panther: The Art of the Movie. Also to go behind the scenes, the Official Movie Special book is a beautifully illustrated complete guide to the secret nation of Wakanda, including movie sets, concept art, etc:

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