Filming Locations Guide: Where was Knightfall filmed?

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Knightfall is a production of A+E Studios for History Channel, arriving after the great success of Vikings.

The series takes place between the 13th and 14th centuries, following the real events that led to the persecution and fall of the Knights Templar.

Part of the plot is set in Paris, after the loss of Jerusalem and Acre during the Crusades wars in the Holy Land.

Where was Knightfall filmed

This epic drama stars Tom Cullen as Landry, leader of the Order, Simon Merrells as the knight Tancrede, Pádraic Delaney as Gawain, Ed Stoppard as Philip IV of France, and Sabrina Barlett as Princess Isabella.

Knightfall was filmed in the Czech Republic and in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The show was headquartered at Barrandov Studios in Pruhonice near Prague.

A large set recreating medieval Paris was built in the exterior backlot of the studios. Here is a spoiler-free guide to the series filming locations:

The wallet town set
The huge village set was almost completely destroyed by a fire, but filming continued after producers decided to rebuild the site.

The elaborate interiors of the chapel were also recreated in a soundstage here in Barrandov.
Images courtesy of History - Map

Knightfall location
Švihov Castle in the Plzen Region got a new look to host the shooting of the series.
Image courtesy of History and Peti Stenzelova - Map

The abbey set
Doksany Monastery, which had been used before to film BBC's The Musketeers, served again as a medieval set.
Image by János Korom Dr. and Horakvlado

Castle and landscape
Some more filming took place at Točník Castle in Central Bohemia
Image by Lukáš Kalista - Map

Knightfall castle
Doing some research we found our Holy Grail. We discovered that the sequence above was filmed at Kost Castle, a Gothic fortress near Libošovice (Bohemian Paradise).

This stronghold is also a The Letter for the King location, the 2020 Netflix series.
Image courtesy of History and JardaTravnicek - Map

The show in Navarre
The magnificent Zvíkov Castle plays the town where Queen Joan arrives in Navarre.
Image courtesy of History and Karel J - Map

Hamlet huts set
The Czech Film Commission reported that the Medieval Open-Air Řepora museum was also the setting for some more scenes of the show.
Image by SJu - Map

Knightfall shooting in Dubrovnik
A spectacular scene of the Siege of Acre was filmed in Dubrovnik (Croatia).
Image courtesy of History and Jennifer Boyer

Knightfall drehort
The crew spent three days shooting in the West Harbour and Fort Lovrijenac.
Image courtesy of History and Justin Tockey - Google Maps

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