Filming Locations Guide: Where was Britannia filmed?

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Britannia is a historical drama, produced by Sky Atlantic and Amazon, following the trail of ambitious productions like Vikings or Game of Thrones.

The story of the Sky Atlantic series, now coming back for the third season, is set in the year 43 AD when the Roman army returned to British lands to crush the centre of the Celtic Kingdom of Britannia.

This wild territory was then dominated by warrior women and mystical druids, who allegedly had the power to invoke the forces of the underworld.

Where is Britannia filmed

Britannia was primarily filmed in the Czech Republic, Wales, and also in several locations in England in season 3.

Although a lot of Britannia was filmed outdoors on location, the interiors were shot at Barrandov Studios in Prague. 10 large sets were built and more than 20 locations are featuring in the series.

Stonehenge set
A monumental copy of the world-famous Stonehenge complex, including some dwellings, was constructed in a meadow near the small town of Mořinka (Central Bohemian Region of Czech Republic).
(You can open most of the locations on Google Maps by clicking on the links below in the captions ↴)
Image courtesy of Sky/Amazon and Google Maps

Britannia town set location
Velká Amerika -Great America, also known as the Czech Grand Canyon- is a spectacular abandoned quarry near Mořinka.

The former quarry was also a featured filming location of The Wheel of Time series.
Image courtesy of Sky/Amazon and Jana Schlitzová

Citadel of the Cantii
A large set for Crugdunon, the citadel of the Cantii with footbridges, stalls, carts, and boats was ready for filming on the shore of the lake.
Image courtesy of Jana Schlitzová

Season one scene
Also the old quarry of Alkazar and its system of underground tunnels, in the valley of the river Berounka, served as a filming location.
Image courtesy of Sky/Amazon and Sju - Map

Britannia natáčení
A Celtic village blended in the woods was recreated near Cesky Brod (east of Prague), at Sembeře River in Doubravčice.
Image courtesy of Sky/Amazon - Map

The druids rocks
Several scenes were filmed at the beautiful Prachov Rocks area near Hrubá Skála.
Image courtesy of Sky/Amazon - Map

Battle scene and forest
Some more filming took place in the forests and meadows around the towns of Týřovice, Stará Huť, and Mořice.
Image courtesy of Sky/Amazon

Ocean Shore shoot in Wales
The next few locations are based in Wales. A primitive settlement was built near the Nash Point cliffs in the south of the country.
Image courtesy of Sky/Amazon and Sally Davies Orchid Films - Map

On horse on the beach
Several scenes were filmed at Rhossili Bay (with Worms Head in the background), a fabulous sandy beach in Gower Peninsula (15 miles west of Swansea).
Image by Visit Swansea Bay- Map

Waterfall and lagoon
The series also features the awesome landscapes of Sgwd Henrhyd (Henrhyd Waterfall) in Powys and the lake Llyn y Fan Fach, located behind Black Mountain in Carmarthenshire.
Image by Gareth Lovering and Angel Ganev - Map 1 - Map 2

Britannia Season 3 Filming Locations

Circle of Lebanon Highgate Cemetery
The temple from the first episode of the season is the monumental Highgate Cemetery in north London. Many notable Victorian people are buried here, including Karl Marx, but also this is the final resting place of celebrities like George Michael.

Pictured, the famous Circle of Lebanon in the West Cemetery, featured in the series.

Established in 1839, this large historical graveyard has been used as a filming location in several productions including Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.
Image courtesy of Sky Atlantic - Map

Uffington White Horse
Also, there are a few scenes filmed at the Uffington White Horse in Oxfordshire.

This prehistoric figure, made about 3,000 years ago, was cut into the chalk hill up to three feet deep (one metre).
Image courtesy of Sky Atlantic - Map

High Rocks National Monument
The scene pictured was filmed at the Ashridge Forest in Hertfordshire.

The Kent Film Office reported that the series was filming scenes at High Rocks National Monument in Tunbridge Wells.

This scenic sandstone and woodland area served as the perfect backdrop for the show.
Image courtesy of Sky Atlantic - Maps: Ashridge Forest / High Rocks

Chiltern Open Air Museum house
The tavern inside a hut at the beginning of the third episode, where Cait (played by Eleanor Worthington Cox) meets Queen Antedia (Zoë Wanamaker) was filmed at the Chiltern Open Air Museum in Buckinghamshire.

This is a collection of rebuilt and historic vernacular buildings that are slowly disappearing from the modern landscapes.
Image courtesy of Sky Atlantic - Map

Britannia drehort
Kelly Reilly (also starring in the Yellowstone series) is heading up the cast in the role of Celtic princess Kerra.

David Morrissey (The Walking Dead) as Roman general Aulus, an unrecognisable Mackenzie Crook (Pirates of the Caribbean) as Druid leader Veran, Zoë Wanamaker (Harry Potter) as Queen Antedia, and Stanley Weber (Outlander) as Lindon among others.

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  1. They were filming near Buttermere in the Lake District on 18/10/18.

  2. Episode 3 season 3: the arbour field barn at the Chiltern Open Air Museum.

  3. Isn’t there enough rural locations on the main British isle to handle all the required filming?

  4. The photo above the comment about Tunbridge Wells is the Ashridge Forest in Hertfordshire, I was one of the Druids who populated that encampment, a lot of leaves decomposing on the floor and a lot of surface water made for an interesting time walking about clad in two sacks and a pair of sandals! Great fun though, an excellent way to spend ten cold winter days.

  5. Scenes in episode 3 where the actress playing Kate + Zoe Wanamaker sit by a lake counting money were filmed on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall. The lake is actually a disused quarry called the Gold Diggings near the village of Minions. Other scenes in the same episode (Roman camp etc) appear to have been filmed further into the moor near Rough Tor or Kilmar(?)

  6. Yes, the lake Cait camped by late in season 2 was Buttermere. On the walk there they were by Wastwater in Wasdale, and also what looked like a few other western lakes locations.

  7. Where is the Roman arch in Season 3 Episode 2 situated?

  8. They filmed underground and cave scenes at Clearwell Caves in the Forest of Dean (Gloucestershire). :)

  9. The Valley of Rocks near Lyndon and Porlock Marsh in Exmoor look like they were used for where three sea folk are taken by Peleonor’s son.


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