Where was The Letter for the King filmed? Guide to ALL the Locations

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Looking for the real location of The Letter for the King Kingdoms? Where is this awesome scenery actually located? The filming locations of the latest Netflix story of knights and knighthood may ring a bell, actually a very powerful ring.

Both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogies brought to the big screen the epic great outdoors of New Zealand, Lord of the landscapes.

The Letter for the King Location

The vast lands of the Northern Kingdoms of Dagonaut and Unawen, along with the land to the south of Eviellan, were shot in New Zealand's South Island. The castles and villages featured in The Letter for the King were filmed in the Czech Republic.

The series is based on Tonke Dragt' 1962 classic novel De Brief Voor de Koning, considered the best Dutch youth book of the period. The six-part episode show is starring Amir Wilson as Tiuri, the 16-year-old aspiring knight who embarked on an adventure of magic and dangers to save the kingdom.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the filming locations of The Letter for the King, selected in order of appearance in the series:

Dagonaut Castle
The Dagonaut Castle where the Tiuri family lives is the Kost Castle near Libošovice in Northern Bohemia (Czechia).

As you can check out in the image, the exteriors of the fortress were created via special effects and inserted into a New Zealander landscape, located on the other side of the world.

The scenes taking place in the courtyard were also filmed in this Gothic stronghold.
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Image courtesy of Netflix and Jakub Ruzicka - Kost Castle Map

The Letter for the King castle
The Dagonaut capital city citadel was inspired by the Bouzov Castle.

Located between Hvozdek and Bouzov in the Moravia region, Bouzov is an early 14th-century fortress rebuilt in Neo-Gothic style.

The original reddish color of the roofs and the imposing eight-story watchtower were changed into a blue-grey hue.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Anthony Levchenko - Dagonaut Location

Balcony Scene
The balcony where Queen Alienor (played by Emilie Cocquerel) makes her speech in the first episode, is the inner courtyard of Bouzov Castle.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Bjalek Michal

Sepulchre of the Lost location
The entrance to Sepulchre of the Lost, where the novice's final challenge takes place, was shot in the Prachov Rocks (Prachovské skály).

The original look of this forest of stones was also combined with some CGI trickery to craft the location.

This famous spot in the Bohemian Paradise was also a featured location in The Wheel of Time series.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Petra Hromádková - Map

Medieval knights with New Zealand mountains and lake
This is not confirmed, but several scenes in the camp and some establishing shots with actors riding horses look very much like Braemar Station.

Located on the shore of beautiful Lake Pukaki near Mount Cook, this is a popular shooting location also featured in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Prince Viridian's troops (played by Gijs Blom) seem to be passing through the stunning valleys in Mount Aspiring National Park near Wanaka.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Braemar Station Map / Mount Aspiring Map

New Zealand river scenery
In the second episode, named 'Isn't She a Sweetheart?', Tiuri wakes up next to the black knight horse, Ardanwen, after escaping from the Red Riders.

We are now in New Zealand's South Island, on the white shores of the Whataroa River.

This spectacular river flowing from the Southern Alps to the West Coast is part of the large South Westland World Heritage Area, one of the great natural areas of the world.
Image courtesy of Brekas - Whataroa River Location

The scenes from episode two in Mistrinaut, home of Lavinia (played by Ruby Ashbourne Serkis), were filmed in the Pernštejn Castle.

Nestled on a rock above the town of Nedvědice in the South Moravian Region, this Gothic-Renaissance stronghold is known as the marble castle because of the stones used to decorate its doors and windows.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps - Der Brief für den König Drehort

Traditional village near Prague
The village featured in episode 5 is the Repora Open-Air Museum near Prague.

This is a replica of a 14th-century medieval town, built using only techniques of that period.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

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