The real Yellowstone Ranch: Where is Yellowstone filmed? Filming Locations Guide

Kevin Costner with the chopper
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Yellowstone is a modern-day TV western from Paramount Network. The cowboy drama tells the story of a family led by their patriarch John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner. The Dutton clan will have to defend the largest ranch in the United States, bordering Yellowstone National Park, from land developers, an Indian Reservation, and the park itself.

This ambitious project was created by Taylor Sheridan, who started his career in acting (Sons of Anarchy) before writing acclaimed movies like Sicario or Hell or High Water. Kevin Costner is joined by an impressive cast, including Wes Bentley (American Beauty, Interstellar), Kelly Reilly (Britannia, Flight), and Luke Grimes (from Fifty Shades film series).

Yellowstone was filmed in Utah and Montana. We'll update very soon this spoiler-free report with new season 3 filming locations of the show:

Yellowstone ranch
The Chief Joseph Ranch in Darby (Montana) doubles as the fictional Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Built between 1914 and 1917, this historic landmark is the perfect, quintessential western backdrop for the series.
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Image courtesy of Paramount Network and Mel Pervais - Map

Yellowstone house
The scenic Chief Joseph Ranch is actually located very far from the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming: The estate is situated just one mile south of the tiny town of Darby in Ravalli County.

The TV show city
The office of the governor is the Montana State Capitol in Helena. The court scenes were also filmed here, at the Old Supreme Court chamber. Image courtesy of Paramount Network - Map

Crow Indian Reservation
Cast and crew filmed some scenes at the Crow Indian Reservation in southern Montana. Established in 1868, the reservation lands include Big Horn, Treasure and Yellowstone counties. Image courtesy of Paramount Network - Map

Big Hole River road
Local newspaper Montana Standard reported that the production was filming near the Big Hole River on the I-15 road between Butte and Melrose. Image courtesy of Paramount Network - Map

Where is Yellowstone set
Some more filming in Montana also took place in the beautiful small town of Darby and in the Bitterroot Valley.
Image courtesy of Paramount Network - Map

Filming Locations in Utah
Filmed in Utah
Ranch house scenes and other interiors were filmed in the soundstages at the Utah Film Studio in Park City.
Image courtesy of Paramount Network - Map

Yellowstone drehort
Some scenes downtown were recorded in the historic 25th Street in Ogden, a three-block district with great restaurants, art galleries, and shops. Located almost 40 miles north of Salt Lake City, Ogden is a railroad town surrounded by magnificent mountains with awesome hiking and mountain biking trails.
Image courtesy of Thomas Wozniak - Map

TV show filming Ogden
Scenes in a nightclub were filmed at The Outlaw Saloon also in Ogden. The Endless Indulgence bar in season 3 episode 5 is a clothing store specialized in retro and vintage wear. The city boasts a remarkable nightlife. Kevin Costner was spotted filming at Stevens-Henager College (Ogden Campus) in West Haven.
Image courtesy of Paramount Network - Maps: Outlaw Saloon / Endless Indulgence

Bull ride arena
The Spanish Fork Fairgrounds and the animal shelter were chosen as a filming location for the rodeo scenes.
Image courtesy of Paramount Network and Google Maps

Nicklaus Clubhouse
Dan Jenkins lodge is the luxurious and modern Nicklaus Clubhouse at Promontory Club in Park City, Utah. If you can afford it, there are all year long activities available to visitors, like skiing in the Rocky Mountains, the Painted Valley Jack Nicklaus Golf Course or the world-class equestrian center. Map

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  1. Loving this series! Kelly Reilly is awesome.

    1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Yellowstone !!! Can't wait until tomorrow night's 3rd season episode begins.

  2. I love Yellowstone I can't get enough of the show. I lived in Salmon Idaho for years always went to Darby. I have been at Cheif Josephs ranch many times.

  3. Amazing to see Rip and Beth's relationship grow stronger and it's the smaller details in their characters that are being revealed like their dancing together at the Whiskey Bar and, of course, the roof scene where both of their personalities soften and become more tender to each other. Beth is on point when she senses that Rip is going to say it but asks that he reserve for a later time when she needs it. All I can say about the attack scene at Beth's office is that she is one formidable woman to reckon with and,of course, I absolutely LOVED when Rip says it at the time when she needs it most and she is at her worst! Taylor Sheridan's attention to detail is absolutely amazing and he gets it and nails it as far as I am concerned. Oh, and I love that Jimmy's character is getting more extended play in the future. I admire the dedication to their craft and the willingness to perfect their new western skills to make it very authentic. I knew Kelly Reilly was from England and with the help of her dialect coach most people are totally surprised about this. More Kudos to Kelly on that!

  4. gripping drama, but in the old days of westerns is was the good guys against the bad guys, sadly in this you have to pick the BAD guy you root for. I guess there is no one good in corrupt society anymore.

  5. Love the show... can't get enough of it. Does anyone know where the location of Dan Jenkin's lodge is? It's not mentioned in the article...

    1. It’s a place called promontory Utah. There are two jack Nicklaus signature golf courses 5here and 5hats the restaurant and pro shop. Very very nice and top of the line all the way.

  6. My wife and I Love Yellowstone, always liked Kevin Costner, we have a cabin near Darby and visit it as often as possible. It's hard because we live near Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, far far away. This Summer we saw activity at the "Dutton Homesite" which had a Yellowstone sign over the Main entrance, our friends who live there told us the series was being partially filmed there...Really cool...Montana is an Awesome state, we love it.... Durhams

  7. This series is absolutely fantastic love it but there is one small detail at the beginning when you see the big dredging wheel that is supposed to be digging out dirt it is turning backwards, its supposed to be turning in the opposite direction just thought you mite want to know, besides that can't wait for season three you go John Dutton

    1. Glad to know that I wasn't the only one that noticed that too! Come on season 3!!

  8. So I'm wondering if the second Beck brother died ...or will he return next season ...angrier and meaner than ever …? Just wondering. I'm also glad John Dutton gave Rip the house; no one in that family is more dedicated to him than Rip. Really getting into this fictitious story. And it has been mocked by the critics as a "cheap western soap."

    1. Those who can do , do it well . Those who can't sit around and moan and groan . Also who appointed you as God of the series ??? You know nothing about what is good and what is not !!! It is a wonderful series and I hope it goes on for years !!!!

  9. Love, Love, Love this show, just wish they would have a few more shows per season.

  10. Best show on TV, where are the Emmy noms?

  11. BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!

    Exceptionally well done, true to life. I grew up in similar circumstances.
    It was hard but fun, looking back

  13. A friend told me it was his favorite show and, just for the heck of it, I recorded it. Now I'm hooked !

  14. I agree about Scott Eastwood.. Yes, please add him to the bunkhouse..!! Fantastic series with lots of great things to look at.....both scenic and actors.. I really love Rip..

  15. does anyone know how big is the ranch in the serie ( i think i've heard about 200 000 acres maybe i've dreamed that)

  16. Does anyone know where they film the scenes for Rip’s house? I know they were filming up Brown’s Canyon near Park City and swear I saw it, even had the big rock on the left corner of the house, it was at the entrance to Thousand Peaks Ranch. So love this series!

  17. Is the Buckin Rail Saloon a real Dillon MT tavern?

  18. Season 1, Ep 2: Can you tell me what church was used? It looks very similar to church used in a Longmire episode. thank you.


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