Where was The Wheel of Time filmed? Guide to ALL the Filming Locations

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In the first season, The Wheel of Time was filmed in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, and Spain.

In addition to the Eastern European countries, the second season was also shot in Italy, the Canary Islands (Spain), and Morocco.

The Wheel of Time cast

The story, set in a world where only the Aes Sedai women are allowed to control the power of magic, is based on Robert Jordan's fantasy novels, the second best-seller series after The Lord of the Rings.

Showrunner Rafe Judkins revealed that a total of eight seasons have already been planned, with a budget of over $10 million per episode.

Welcome to our spoiler-free guide to all the filming locations of The Wheel of Time. You'll find the new season 2 updates below in the report.

The Wheel of Time Filming Locations

The Wheel of Time Locations
Many of the landscapes that appear in the series were created by incorporating additional elements to the scene via CGI.

In the pilot episode, a pack of Aes Sedai led by Liandrin Guirale (played by Kate Fleetwood), are chasing two Jason Momoa-looking men.

The sequence was filmed somewhere in the Czech or Slovenian countryside, but what catches our attention are the huge stone pillars in the background.

This pinnacle scenery is the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China, as you can check out in the screenshot pictured on top, compared to a real photograph of this stunning place, which inspired James Cameron's Avatar.
(You can open all the locations on Google Maps by clicking on the links below in the captions ↴)
Image courtesy of Amazon Studios and Carlos Adampol - Map

Mountains of Mist
In the next scene with a group of women of the first episode, “Leavetaking”, the small stone bridge over a stream is located in the Rakov Škocjan Valley in Slovenia.

This beautiful karst caves area is situated near the town of Cerknica, approximately 27 miles (44 km) south of the capital city, Ljubljana.
Image courtesy of Sony Pictures Television - Map

Egwene jumps to the river
The local Wisdom, Nynaeve (played by Zoë Robins), pushes Egwene (Madeleine Madden) off a cliff into the river.

Egwene has to let the river guide her into the wild waters of the Great Soča Gorge (Velika Korita Soče), in the municipality of Bovec in northwestern Slovenia.

You can also experience the Soca River by taking a rafting tour, although for the less hard core there is a wonderful hike following the emerald green stream.
Image courtesy of Amazon Studios - Map

Two Rivers
Two Rivers, the remote village in the mountains where the four candidates to The Dragon reincarnation come from, was built in a quarry 40 kilometers outside of Prague.

The houses on this large set were built to be burned down after the Trolloc attack.

According to the Czech Film Commission, the first season, which has been in production since 2019, required a total of 145 days of filming.

Mangart Saddle in Slovenia
The scene where Rand and Egwene are sitting together on a rock, overlooking the mountains around the town, was filmed at Mangart Saddle in Slovenia.

This impressive mountain pass with spectacular views is located near the Italian border in the Julian Alps, at a height of 2,070 meters (about 6800 feet).
Image courtesy of Amazon - Map

Leavetaking episode
The other stone bridge, featured in a couple of scenes of the first episode, is Napoleon’s bridge across the Nadiža river in Slovenia, built in 1812 during the Napoleonic Wars.
Image courtesy of Amazon Studios - Map

Followed by Trollocs
The company escapes from the Dark's One Army, the Servers of the Dark, also known as the Riders of Fade, or simply, the Trollocs, through the Julian Alps and the Soca River.

It looks like New Zealand, Lord of the Landscapes, doesn't it?

Many scenes with the characters riding on horses have the Slovenian Alps mountain range as a backdrop.
Image courtesy of Sony Pictures Television - Map

The Wheel of Time house
In episode two, "Shadow's Waiting", the group headed by Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) and Lan Mandragoran (Daniel Henney) spends the first night at Jeskyně Rozbořenka, and the second at Dolský mlýn (pictured).

Jeskyně Rozbořenka is an 18th-century excavated house, located in the Kokořínsko landscape protected area in the Central Bohemia region of the Czech Republic.

The picturesque ruins of Dolský mlýn comprise a mill house and a bridge, located at the Bohemian Switzerland National Park in the north of the Czech Republic.
Image courtesy of Amazon Studios - Maps: Jeskyně Rozbořenka - Dolský mlýn

Abandoned city of Shadar Logoth
The waiting list for production space in Prague was so long that the showrunners decided to create their own studio from scratch, the Jordan Studios.

These studios, named after the writer of The Wheel of Time books, Robert Jordan, were set up in an old massive complex previously occupied by the Avia Motors company on the outskirts of Prague, in the Letňany district.

The sets of the White Tower, the city of Tar Valon, and the fallen city of Shadar Logoth, featured in the second episode, were also hosted here.
Image courtesy of Amazon Studios - Map

The Wheel of Time city
The abandoned city of Shadar Logoth is a CGI composition loosely based on the traditional architecture of Rajasthan, capital Jaipur, India’s northern state.

The interior of the temple is a real location filmed at the former German Church of St. Wenceslas in Výsluní, in Czechia's Chomutov District.

The front of the altar, the gates, and some other sections of the church were modified with Indian-esque film props.

The run-down aspect of the structure has attracted other productions to film here, including The Borgias series and a video clip of Rammstein, "Feuer Frei!".
Image courtesy of Sony Pictures Television - Map

Velebit Nature Park
In the third episode, "A Place of Safety", Rand (played by Josha Stradowski) and Mat (Barney Harris) are hiking the Velebit Nature Park mountains in the Balkans, situated on the Adriatic coast of Croatia.
Image courtesy of Amazon Studios - Map

Breen's Spring
After the trek, Rand and Mat arrive at the mining village of Breen's Spring.

The town was filmed at Quarry Great America (Velká Amerika), also known as the Czech Grand Canyon.

Atlas of Wonders tracked down this spectacular former quarry near Mořinka when it was featured in the Sky Atlantic series Britannia. In fact, the set with the wooden bridge and some cottages resembles it.
Image courtesy of Amazon Studios - Map

Das Rad der Zeit drehorte
Pictured, a scene with Lan Mandragoran filmed at Pravčická brána, the famous archway formation in the Bohemian Switzerland area, also in the Czech Republic.

This location was also featured in Britannia and Carnival Row.
Image courtesy of Sony Pictures Television - Map

The city of Ghealdan from episode four, "The Dragon Reborn", is actually Segovia in Spain.

The castle in this scene with Logain Ablar (played by Álvaro Morte, 'The Professor' from Money Heist) is the Alcázar of Segovia, a fortress and palace of medieval origin, turned into a military museum.
Image courtesy of Amazon and Santiago Lopez-Pastor - Map

Tar Valon Volcano
The fifth episode, "Blood Calls Blood", is the introduction to Tar Valon and the White Tower, a CGI creation that recalls Game of Thrones' King's Landing.

The graphic designers inserted the almost perfect silhouette of the Concepción Volcano on the island of Ometepe Lake in Nicaragua as the Dragonmount mountain in the background.

How do we know this? Because of the smaller cone of Maderas volcano, on the right of the image, and because I've been there.
Image courtesy of Amazon and Bluesy Pete - Map

The White Tower
The White Tower seems inspired by the Bahá'í House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois.

This intricate, nine-sided structure and lush gardens were built to create a welcoming space for people of all faiths to come together in reflection and unity.
Image courtesy of Amazon and Michael D Photos / Map

Streets of Tar Valon
Some more findings: Is the fallen city of Shadar Logoth the dark version of Tar Valon?

Looking at the streets of both cities, you can see that the showrunners used the same movie sets in the studio, changing a bit some sections.

Compare the square window on the left in the upper picture with the building in the center of the lower image.

The spot where the Whitecloacks find the Tinkers and capture Egwene and Perrin (played by Marcus Rutherford) is the area of the caves and rock reliefs of Harfenice near Želízy in the Czech Republic.

All these sandstone sculptures were carved by a guy called Václav Levý just for fun from 1840 to 1845.
Image courtesy of Amazon Studios - Map

Fal Dara
In episode seven, "The Dark Along the Ways", the company arrives at the fortress city of Fal Dara after crossing The Ways.

The exterior scenes in the last bastion against the Blight were filmed in Terezín, a 18th-century military walled town in Czechia.
Image courtesy of Amazon Studios - Map

The Eye of the World
In episode eight, Moiraine and Rand arrive at a circular pit - The Eye of the World.

This spot and the back of the wall in Tarwin's Gap were inspired by the awesome stepwells from western India.

These monumental structures, built to ensure water during periods of drought, were accessed by a series of descending sets of steps.
Image courtesy of Amazon and Adam Cohn - Map

Seanchan fleet
The last scene on the far western shore of the continent was filmed at Benijo Beach in Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain).
Image courtesy of Amazon Studios - Map

The New Second Season Locations

Adeleas and Verin house
As the local press reported, Adeleas and Verin's home in the countryside is a historic masseria called Lo Spagnulo, located near Ostuni in Puglia, Italy.

Today, this 18th century fortified farmhouse is a 3-star hotel where you can stay for about 260 euros ($280) per night.
Image courtesy of Amazon - Map

A Taste of Solitude
Also in the first episode, "A Taste of Solitude", Perrin and Loial search for the Horn with the Shieneriens.

The scene pictured was filmed in the Calanchi Di Aliano, a lunar-like area located near Matera in Basilicata, Italy.
Image courtesy of Amazon - Map

The Foregate Cairhien
The scenes in The Foregate, Cairhien, were all filmed at the Barrandov Studio, located outside of Prague in the Czech Republic.
Image courtesy of Amazon - Map

Strangers and Friends
The estate of the dead Fade in the second episode, "Strangers and Friends", is the Kestřany Fortress, a 14th-century Gothic structure also located in the Czech Republic.
Image courtesy of Amazon - Map

Chotesov Abbey
WoTSeries reported that these scenes with Rand and Logain in a medical facility were filmed at the Chotěšov Abbey near Pilsen in the Czech Republic.
Image courtesy of Amazon - Map

The Wheel of Time village
This village was a large set built somewhere in the Mělník District of Czequia.

Daughter of the Night
The first scene with Ishamael in the fourth episode "Daughter of the Night", was filmed at the Adršpach Rocks.

Located near the border with Poland in the Czech Republic, this stunning natural wonder is characterized by towering sandstone formations and deep canyons.
Image courtesy of Amazon - Map

Masseria Borzone
The Masseria Borzone near Montalbano in Apulia (Italy) is featured in the scenes with Lan, Alanna and her warders.
Image courtesy of Amazon - Map

City of Falme
In the fifth episode, "Damane," the city of Falme appears for the first time, partially filmed on a set located at Atlas Studios in Ouarzazate, Morocco.

The lower scene is a screenshot from the 7th episode of the third season of Game of Thrones, where Daenerys arrives in the desert city of Yunkai.
Image courtesy of Amazon and HBO - Map

Gara Medouar crater
The establishing shot for the scene in Tel'aran'rhiod with Lanfear and Rand is the circular rock formation Gara Medouar near Rissani in Morocco.

From the 11th century, defensive walls were erected and this round mountain became a fortress.
Image courtesy of Amazon - Map

Temple to the Forsaken
Also in the sixth episode, "Eyes Without Pity", the temple to the Forsaken is the Mansion Rock (or Panská skála) in Kamenický Šenov in Czechia.

Like the Giant's Causeway in Ireland, this little wonder is an ancient volcanic formation of basalt columns.
Image courtesy of Amazon and Miloslav Rejha - Map

Dakhla Bay beach
The shallow-water beach and the cliffs far from Falme were filmed in the Dakhla Bay area, located at the southernmost tip of the Moroccan-claimed Western Sahara.

The bay's expansive lagoon, framed by windswept dunes and dramatic cliffs, is the perfect destination for windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts.
Image courtesy of Amazon - Map

Essaouira The Wheel of Time
Several scenes in city of Falme from the season finale, "What Was Meant to Be," were filmed in Essaouira, on Morocco's Atlantic coast.

The tower was created by casting digital magic over the city's walls and ramparts.

Essaouira has been featured in other big productions including Game of Thrones, Jack Ryan, and John Wick 3.
Image courtesy of Amazon - Map

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1- Anonymous - Nov 21, 2021, 9:22 AM
I believe that rock formation is not in Prachov Rocks. It is Pravčická brána in Bohemian Switzerland.

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Episode 3 - filmed at the Croatian Natural Park of Dinara.

   3- Ra Moon - Nov 24, 2021, 5:20 PM
   In which scenes? In the ones with Egwene and Perrin?

4- Anonymous - Dec 5, 2021, 9:55 PM
Where is the sacred pool from the 1st episode, was it CGI?

   5- Ra Moon - Dec 6, 2021, 15:35 PM
   I would say it's a set built in the studios.

6- LLLD - Dec 22, 2021, 3:33 AM
Where is the throne room where the Aes Sedai meet located?

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   It's part of the set built at the studios near Prague.

8- Cedric - Dec 25, 2021, 3:17 PM
Good work, thanks.

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The scene with Rand and Egwene sitting together on a mountain overlooking the town was shot at Mangart Saddle in Slovenia.

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Does anyone know the location of three huts with Rand and Egwene in between those huge cliffs in the last episode? (Or if it was a set?) Thank you!

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Much of the interior pillars and such were like those of Indian temples and step wells. Looks up BAPS temples and Rani Ki Vav.

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A perfect cone-shaped volcano. Must be in Albay, Philippines, and not in Nicaragua.


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