Where was The Huntsman Winter's War filmed? Filming Locations Guide

Where was The Huntsman Winters War filmed
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Winter's War was originally planned to be the second part of Snow White and the Huntsman (2012). But due to the scandal involving lead actress Kristen Stewart having an affair with director Rupert Sanders (who was cheating on his wife), the script was adapted to create this spin-off focused on the Huntsman. This way Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron are again in the cast, whilst Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain are joining the story.

The Huntsman Winter's War was primarily filmed in England, although in many instances, a lot of CGI (Computer-generated imagery) was used extensively. In this report we include the few real filming locations where the movie was shot.
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The queen Charlize Theron
For many the real beauty of the saga is still the evil Charlize Theron. In the background, the Bishop's Palace gate house in Wells, (Somerset) in the southwest of England. Image courtesy of Universal Pictures

The castle walls in Wells
Many scenes have been filmed in the grounds at Wells ecclesiastical quarter, the smallest city in the country.
Image by Damian Entwistle

Cathedral of Wells scene
The interior of the magnificent Gothic cathedral of Wells in a scene of the movie.
Image courtesy of Universal Pictures

The Huntsman & The Ice Queen Drehorte
One of the most remarkable features of this building are the scissor arches in the transept. Its design, out of the ordinary, fits perfectly in a fantasy universe like this. Image by Somersetman

Waverley Abbey Shooting Location
In this picture, the ruins of the refectory at Waverley Abbey (Surrey), with fake plants and rubble added for use as a film set. Image by BabelStone

The abbey ruins
The romantic remains of Waverley Abbey, abandoned since the 16th-century, are the perfect location for productions set in a medieval world like this one. Image by Antony

Frensham Little Pond
The Huntsman Winter's War was shot in Frensham Little Pond (Surrey), a location that was also used in the previous film. The shooting locations of the movie have the bonus of being very close to London, like the filming headquarters in Pinewood Studios. Image by Phil Balchin

The Huntsman Winter's War Forest
Some scenes have been filmed in Puzzlewood, in the Forest of Dean (Gloucestershire). The Cursed filming locations also include this awesome magical place. Image courtesy of Universal Pictures

Forest of Dean
Puzzlewood has set the scene for another recent popular blockbuster, Star Wars - The Force Awakens.
Image by Deadman Jones

Il cacciatore e la regina di ghiaccio Location
They have also shot scenes in several areas at Windsor Great Park, including South Forest, Johnson's Pond and the Deer Park. Image by Cristian Bortes

The Huntsman Winter's War Castle
But where are the castle and the icy mountains located? On a hard disk I'm afraid... all those spectacular and whimsical landscapes have been entirely created by CGI.
Image courtesy of Universal Pictures

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