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Suspiria 2018 Location

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With the original Suspiria, Dario Argento created a visually powerful film of dancers and witches, that soon became a cult horror movie. Set in the town of Freiburg in Germany, dark secrets awaited hidden behind the walls of a creepy Neo-Gothic school of saturated colors.

The new remake by director Luca Guadagnino is an art film, also populated almost completely by a female ensemble. Dakota Johnson (the star of Fifty Shades movie series) plays Susie, a young American dancer who joins the renowned Helena Markos Dance Company, in the grey and divided Berlin of 1977.

Location is also a crucial part of this new Suspiria, filmed in Berlin and in a semi-abandoned hotel on a mountaintop in the north of Italy. We tried to keep spoliers out in this report about the most relevant filming locations:

Suspiria Location
Cast and crew took over the forgotten Grand Hotel Campo dei Fiori (Field of Flowers), over the city of Varese in Lombardy, doubling as the sinister dancing school.
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Image courtesy of Amazon Studios and Walking Trek - Map

Where is Suspiria set
Most of the film was shot on location inside the hotel. Some of the original Art Nouveau style decorations of the ballroom were covered up to give it a more austere appearance. Image courtesy of Amazon Studios and Google Maps

Suspiria Film Location
On the top, a vintage postcard of the glamorous hotel from the side facing the valley. The dancing room is located in the small central wing of the resort. Below, an image from Google Earth with the current state of the edifice. Since its closure on 1968, the only use of the building was as a support for antennas in the rooftop. This somehow saved the structure from abandonment and vandalism, as the facilities required some maintenance and the presence of a guard.

Suspiria school location
The entrance hall of the hotel, with marble decorations, facing a fake portion of the Berlin Wall built for the movie. The building was a colossal project designed in 1908 by Giuseppe Sommaruga, connected to the city of Varese by a funicular. Image courtesy of Amazon Studios

Suspiria shooting locations
The production was filming in the Second World War air-raid shelter under the Estensi Gardens, located also in Varese. Image courtesy of Wild Therapy - Google Maps

Filming Locations of Suspiria in Berlin, Germany

Where was Suspiria filmed in Berlin
This scene in the restaurant was filmed in the Paris Bar in Berlin.
Image courtesy of Pmonaghan and Amazon Studios - Map

Suspiria filming Berlin
Some more scenes in Berlin include this one, featuring an iconic green public toliet (nicknamed Café Achteck), although we couldn't find its location. Image courtesy of Amazon Studios

Suspiria drehort

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