Magdalena Island: Dancing with Penguins

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Feel like you’re in a National Geographic documentary, surrounded by thousands of fearless penguins and seagulls shitting on you on the Patagonian Magdalena Island, at the southern tip of Chile.

After a beach landing D-Day style, you only have an hour to conquer the top of the hill where the lighthouse is standing, trying to snap as many penguins as you can. Maybe it won't be as glamorous as the Joker stairs dance, but on your way, strong blasts of wind will slow your progress, while you avoid the birds bombing and remember to close your mouth.

Cute Penguins
I'm a photographer warrior who got the best images out of Los Pingüinos Natural Monument.

Los Pingüinos Natural Monument
Penguins are flightless birds that swim like fish, walk like a drunk, and enjoy gathering to perform a concert of squawking.

Penguin island
Like a shelled battlefield, this devastated land is riddled with craters, dug out by the penguins to set their nests.

Patagonia Penguin
Yes, confirmed. Penguins look cute and you'll feel the urge to adopt one as a mascot.

Magellanic Penguin
According to various sources, nearly 60,000 pairs of the Magellanic Penguin come here for a breeding holiday during the Austral summer, as opposed to just 9000 homosapien singles, who I suppose visit the island for a different reason.

Southern Patagonia
Do not disturb: quiet seagulls.

Patagonia Chile
The penguin at the bottom right corner seems as amazed as I was, watching these birds floating in the sky. Like a comet, instead of flying from A to B, they were simply suspended in the air, playing with the strong wind.

Penguin colony
Another fun source of entertainment here is to go fishing without getting fished by killer whales.

Strait of Magellan
Periscope view of the target, just before landing.

Magdalena Island
You can usually get to the island after two hours of a sleepily slow boat trip, or on board a zodiac, if the sea permits.

Punta Arenas
Sunset in Punta Arenas, the regional capital where is possible to embark to Magdalena Island.


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